Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Got Crafty

I finally did it lol, I got my sewing machine out and made something! It's literally been over 15 years since the last time I actually used a machine to make something. I started off with something fairly easy, a "taggie" blanket for K.  It turned out pretty well and would not have taken long had I pinned the stuff right the 1st or even 2nd time LOL. I kept looking at it as I was pinning the ribbon but could not figure out what was wrong...then dh pointed it out.  OH, light bulb.  Um yes, except when I corrected it, I still didn't pin it correctly, I am blonde, give me a break.:) Now that  I know how to make them the right way the 1st time, next one should NOT take long. 

Some pictures :

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Days

This past Monday the big girls started school, Jessica in 5th grade and Hailey started Kindergarten. My babies are growing up! So far so good, both like their teachers and are excited to go to school, but we'll see how long that lasts.  The homework hasn't started yet lol.

Here are a few pictures of the girls on their 1st day of school

Jessica &  Hailey 1st day of school 8/9/2010
J- 5th Grade
H- Kindergarten

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday J!

Well I'm a few days behind in posting, but I am trying to catch up!

Jessica celebrated her 10th Birthday on Aug 2nd and it still seems unreal to me. How in the world did 10 years go by that fast? How is it, on Monday she'll be starting 5th grade? How can I  be old enough to have a 10 year old? Oy! She had a great birthday, we celebrated by going to a playdate and taking cupcakes for everyone, they even sang happy birthday to her.  We came home and she opened her gifts.  She got tons of art supplies, she's very interested in drawing, painting etc and she got some new DS games and accessories.  My mom bought her an IPOD and she's been playing with it since she got it.  Later that day, we all went to the Chinese buffet for dinner, since it's the birthday girls choice then it was home for Cake!

Tonight is her birthday party with friends.  She's got three other girls coming over for a slumber party/dance party.  We've got the mirror ball hung, the black lights ready, decorations up and food to eat.  I don't foresee much sleep in my future tonight lol. They have some arts and crafts to do, tons of music to choose from and games to play.  She and H are excited and have been practicing their dance moves.

I made her birthday cake for the party, it's a jukebox cake. Umm well that's what it is supposed to be.  I'll post pics later and you can decide! Thankfully I am not a pro and it shouldn't end up on Cakewrecks LOL.