Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Spilled The Beans?

Did someone put a bird in my hubbys ear?  On Saturday he says, so I got a surprise for you, but I need your help, so it sorta ruins the "surprise" lol.  I was a bit confused, but then he proceeds to tell me he has a babysitter lined up so we can go out on a date for Valentine's Day, but needs to know what day I want to go.  We only had a couple to pick from, so Sunday night it was.  He made reservations for PF Changs, yum! and we went and did a little shopping and came home and watched a movie.  We had planned to go see a movie, but they all started at a time we couldn't make due to dinner and/or really late times.  We have tons of movies on the DVR from last year (yes we're that behind lol) so we watched What Happens In Vegas. Oh my, what a funny movie. We laughed so much!

Our sitter even offered to let us go away for the night, but Sat night I had plans, so we had to skip that, but boy that would have been nice.  I think we'll take her up on the offer in May for our 12 year anniversary though :) Now perhaps my dh picked up on my hints, when I had mentioned a lot of people were posting on facebook about their great dates, maybe I should start dropping hints more often! ;)

Not sure if we'll do anything special Tuesday, since we had our night, but I will probably let the girls choose dinner and dessert at home. Last year we fed the girls and ordered Steak Out, but not sure I want to spend that much.  I need to figure it out soon!

Friday, February 10, 2012


So it seems all my blogger friends are making lists, I can't seem to find my mojo and blog anymore, as you can see it's been a little over  2 months since I blogged here. What can I say, we've had a busy Dec, as that post was probably made right before Kaitlyn's surgery and it's been crazy since then.  So today you're getting a list.

Ha, no bullets, or numbers, I am going letters ;)

A. Kaitlyn's surgery went well! She's just about back to where she was before the surgery.

B. Post op MRI was supposed to be this past Monday, but she had a fever, we had to cancel, so now we have to wait until March.

C. K had speech eval last week, she qualifies, so now we're adding speech twice a month to our 2-3 times pt a month.

D. I want to get K into out patient therapy, insurance covers a very minimal amount, so now to come up with the extra money out of pocket to get her what she needs.

E. Taxes- filed-check, money in bank-check, paying off a few bills- in process

F. Basketball season is over, the girls had a great season, and we're getting a small break right now.

G. Softball season starts later this month

H. Having behavior issues still with H.... never ending these days. At.end.of.rope.

I. My dad is having health problems, has a rupture in his stomach or upper intestine, however doctors are falling down and will not do the test required to see if he's really OK. They seem to "think" he's over the worst part, but things could rapidly change and get worse??! >:(

J. Looking at asst. living places for my mom, rather than the nursing home she's in.  So much I could say on this but am going to refrain.

K. My house is a wreck, grrr

L. Love is in the not really but Valentine's Day is next week. Hubby keeps asking what I want and what I really want to say is, I would love for you to just plan something, make arrangements for childcare, and a date for us, I mean really, what happened to you?? You used to do things like, not so much.  However I won't say that, I'll be happy with a card and candy I am sure I'll get.  On the flipside, V-Day is still a little sad for me, since I miscarried 3 years ago.  I guess that'll always be in the back of my head.

M. Birthdays are coming, H's 7th birthday and K's 2nd birthday, must get planning and shopping.

N. Realizing my list could drag on forever, so I'll stop (N)ow. ;)

So the short/long of it is, I have a lot going on, but not finding time to get around to writing about it all, so this will have to do. 

Until next time.