Friday, December 2, 2011


I am trying to catch my breath and just breathe, but it's hard.  There is so much going on in my head right now, that I can't seem to focus on just one thing.  We're in the final countdown until surgery day for Kaitlyn, which is this upcoming Tuesday.  This week has been crazy for us, well for me mostly. It started out OK on Monday, but quickly became overwhelming on Tuesday, both good and bad ways. First the good, I have some really really great friends, and I feel like I can't say Thank You enough to them for what they did for my family. They are amazing! 

The day started going down hill though, my mom had a rash, that kept getting worse, come to find out she had something that had some mushrooms in it, which she is allergic too.  Somehow this wasn't on her chart, so they didn't know (GRRR) she was allergic. Thank goodness it isn't a life threatening allergy! They had been trying to treat it, but nothing was helping, so they decided she needed to go to the hospital.  She has been there since Tues afternoon and is scheduled to be released today. The good is they changed the meds and the rash seems to be getting better, the bad, her blood pressure has been crazy high (which she has a problem for and is on meds) so they had a heart dr come in as well.  They put a monitor on (she has issues with AFIB and in general caused the strokes in March) to keep a check, did an Echo etc, came back fine. 

Today she told me last night the monitor went off, because her heart rate kept dropping real low, they had to keep rotating her and making her talk.  This part scares me, in fact yesterday the heart dr told her she could have a stroke within a year if her blood pressure doesn't get under control.  We already knew this since her stroke was so large and affected so much of her brain, that she is more likely to have another one, she has to many risk factors against her. So this is just something else to make me worry more while we are gone next week. 

I am running around like crazy, between the girls basketball practice, team pictures, games and girl scouts, that I can't get anything done, or so it seems. I have a long to do list and haven't crossed anything off yet, since most can't be done until Sunday really (packing etc).  I am dreading leaving the big girls, I know they will be fine, but I hate having to do it again.  I think Hailey is having a hard time with it, she's acting out a lot more right now, so I am hoping to have some quality time with them (somehow) this weekend before we leave on Monday morning.

I am just praying everything goes well next week for Kaitlyn's surgery, that J & H have a good week and that my mom doesn't have to many issues while I am gone.  Since she's been here, I've been to visit just about every day for the last 7 months or so, this is the 1st time she will not have someone come visit for so long, so I am worried.  I know my phone will ring like crazy, because she will forget that I am not here to come see her. I really don't need that extra stress, but I don't see a way to avoid it. 

So if you're inclined, say a prayer for us and/or send some good thoughts our way, they are very much needed and appreciated.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

I have so much to be thankful for these days, it's almost hard to put into words.  So bullet points will have to do for today.

*Family - I am thankful for my family; my husband who is my rock, always by my side and believes in me.  My children, who remind daily to live in the moment. My mom, who I almost lost this year, reminds me that life can be short, so don't take it for granted. It would take me all day to point out each and every family member, but they are each important to me, each provide love, support & encouragement in their own way.

*Friends- I am thankful for my close friends, even though I don't get to see them often enough these days. I am thankful for new friends I've just met but feel like I've known for quite some time.  I have some great friends who have been there through a lot of crazy in my life the last 18 months, so for that I am thankful they are still around.

*Spina Bifida - Yes, a strange one to be thankful for, but if not for the SB, I never would have connected with some great SB mama's and their kiddos in person and online. It's another world, the SB one, but your learn to embrace it, live it, educate about it and change the world. My little K, will change the world one day.

*Doctors/Nurses etc - I am thankful there are wonderful doctors that we've come to know, that will be performing K's surgery on Dec 6th.  They take the time to answer our questions, they call back when we have concerns and they truly seem to love kids.  Though I dread this upcoming surgery, I am thankful we caught the re-tethering early.

I feel extra blessed these days, even with all the craziness in my life, I've got family & friends by my side and that is enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Weeks, 21 Days, 504 Hours

Pick one, that's how much time until K's upcoming surgery. Those who don't follow our SB blog, you may not know but K has another de-tethering surgery coming up on Dec 6.  I am really not looking forward to this, but know it must be done. I have so much to do between now and then, 3 weeks doesn't seem like enough time. Though some days it seems like it's an eternity.

This week is insanely busy, something of the week, and don't forget Thanksgiving is next week, which I am no where close to ready for.  I haven't even started thinking about dinner plans yet, just logistics of getting my mom here for the holiday, so she doesn't have to spend it alone at the nursing home. Of course coming up with the money for the food is another story.

Money, yes that is a hot topic around here on any given day.  Things aren't good right now and it doesn't seem like it will get better any time soon.  I am unable to work now, since I can't just put K into daycare and with all the other things going on in my life, I can't even fit in an evening job. Sigh. This surgery is a huge unexpected cost we were not expecting which means Christmas will be mighty small this year for the kids unless something miraculous happens.

The downward spiral continues. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Whirlwind

Well October has came and gone and now it's really feeling like Fall.  We've done some of the Fall things that were on my list, so we've been busy.  So today is our month in pictures :)



Cute Pigtails

Observe the Moon Night

Observe the Moon Night

Homecoming Dance Oct 2011

Arrr Matey! Getting ready for HMMT Halloween Carnival

Decorating Pumpkins HMMT Halloween Carnival
Ride Em' Cowgirls


Love Swings


Girls favorite thing at Lyons Family Farm

J- October 2011

H - October 2011

K - October 2011

My Pumpkin Patch Loving Girls!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Fall Y'All

It's October! How did that happen? I swear this year is flying by for the most part, but there are days, days like today that make it seem like it's dragging by.  October is the time for Fall, and the weather seems to have arrived in Alabama. It was a cold 39 Monday morning when we got up, hello heater! I love fall, the crisp, cool air, the leaves changing colors, the pumpkin patches, Halloween and basically it is the kick off for holiday festivities.

Life is pretty much the same right now, just trying to make it through each day.  I did post last time about looking for work, and I've had one of the jobs I applied for contact me, had 2 interviews, and now it's the waiting game to see if I get it.  It would be near perfect, M-F, 20 hours, just need decent pay.  I don't feel great about how the second interview went, but I was nervous, I can't recall being nervous like I was this time, strange.   I hope to hear something today, even if its an email saying they hired someone else, because then I can move on.  I am not good at waiting, especially for something like this.

J just finished up her volleyball season, her team came in 4th place in their age group before the tournament, but after it they finished in 3rd.  Way to go Purplicious! It's amazing to see how far their team has come since the beginning of practice.  They were sooo close to beating the 1st place team, which actually ended up 2nd in the tournament, so they were very happy.  

October is also Spina Bifida Awareness month and I hope to help spread the info! I'll be writing a separate post on my SB blog asap, so I will not put tons here.  However, I am excited to say I met in person, in the last couple weeks, 3 great SB mamas and their kiddos! It's really nice to have someone to talk to here, locally and get support and advice. Sometimes I still feel alone in this world, but we're slowing getting out there and meeting others. So be sure to check my other blog later today on how you can help prevent Spina Bifida and how to live life even after the diagnosis.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Months Later

I realize right now I suck as a blogger, but you know my life is kinda sucky a lot of days, so it's hard to want to sit down and write anything.  The last time I wrote was 2 months ago and my life was on hold, well basically it still is, though I am trying to get unstuck. My mom has made tremendous progress since her stroke at the end of March, she doesn't realize it, but she has. I've put most of my life on hold since then, but I am realizing that I am not making anyone happy by doing that.  So I am trying, I can't promise it'll be better tomorrow, the next day or the next, but I am trying. If I continue to let this get me down all the time, I'll self destruct.  I am unhappy and I know it, so I want to try to change it.  So really this post will be just a random list rather than bore you with all the drama of life.

*I am super stressed these days, so I am trying to get out for a mom night out at least once a week for coffee, if not, then just out by myself, shopping, coffee, something. I need this.

*J & H both love, love their new schools, when this all came about 2 weeks before school started I was unhappy, but now I think it was for the best.  J is excelling in her classes, she got all A's on her progress report and couldn't be happier.  H loves her teacher and new school and is doing just as well.

*K is growing like a weed (though on the small side for her age) and getting stronger.  She does well with her braces and I really think it's improving her leg/ankle strength.  I am glad we got her signed up for physical therapy.

*I quit work at the end of Aug, it was to stressful dealing with the crappy manager, working times that just were not working for my family etc.  I love the job, hate the boss, if he leaves, I may go back.....but we'll see. So in the meantime I am trying to find something I can do with a flexible schedule, work around my family, after school activities, moms dr appts, K's dr appts and so on.  It's kinda hard.  I did apply to a couple office type jobs, both part time, but not heard anything yet.

*In light of not working, I am trying to get my crochet stuff in order and work on selling on etsy.  I created a store months and months ago but just finally actually listed things.  I have someone working on a logo for it to replace the generic I have now.  So check it out: and like me on facebook too! I am in the process of making more items to add soon :)

*The holidays are coming! I am ready for the pumpkin patch, scarecrow trail, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Galaxy of Lights & Christmas!

So there you have it, randomness.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life on Hold

My life is on hold, I try to make plans but I end up having to cancel. My kids are bored to tears, I am sure this is the worst Summer vacation ever for them. My life revolves around my mom right now.  I am more than happy to go see her, I am so glad I am able to see her and that she is alive. It's just so hard on me right now, and my family, her family (the rest of them) isn't here. They are able to go live it up day after day, go out to the club, go hike the wonderful Hawaiian island, go to dinner, sleep well at night, see friends etc.  Me? Not a chance. I try to make plans to see friends, and the night before I get a call, she's crying. She wants me to come in the morning. She is having a really really hard time right now and I am the only one who "cares". I get calls all hours of the day and night and it's an inconvience for them when she calls. How you can go without calling/seeing your own mom/wife is beyond me, especially after all of this. 

Strokes suck. They take away the person you knew and replace them with someone who may or may not remember you (thankfully she does know who we are) and it damages their brains and body. I can't even imagine going from 100% independent and living alone to having to be in a long term care/nursing home by myself and unable to function by myself. Having to relearn to swallow, chew, drink, eat, speak and even walk in some cases has to be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting.  I know for me it is and I have the easy side of this. However anyone who has been a caregiver knows, this its not so easy either.

Today my phone has rang over 11 times today since 7 am. She called to find out when I was coming, even though she asked me at 10:30 last night. So I tell her, then 10 minutes later she calls and asks again, what time am I coming.  The she begins to cry.  She hurts, her leg and knee hurts, she wants me to be there now and I can't.  Visiting hours do not start until 10, but time makes no difference.  The part of the brain that understands time, isn't functioning correctly. 

She has come so far since her stroke, but I don't think she truly understands.  She almost died, her body had started shutting down.  It was a matter of time, the doctors and nurses were telling us it's time for hospice. I mean can you imagine sitting there listening to this but praying they are wrong but deep down you feel it's true? She's in a coma, she suffered another (minor this time) stroke while in the coma and the swelling of her brain was to much. She stayed this way for about a week, and we flew my family over to GA because I wanted them to see her before it was over. Then a miracle happened, I have no doubt in my mind it was a miracle. She went from completely non responsive in over a week to responding on a Thurs morning.  She began to open her eyes, squeeze our hands again.  What a joyous occasion, since literally the day before my family had to sit down and discuss funeral arrangements, burial, what to do with the house, her things etc. 

Our lives were on hold that month she was in the ICU following her stroke. The she started getting better, she started trying to talk more and got more responsive. It truly felt surreal. No one quite understands, because it's easy to say, oh you lost faith.  No, we did not. I still prayed she would make it through, but when every doctor that came in to see her, said she was going to die since she did not have the surgery and there was nothing they could do for her you process the information and have to accept what is coming. Unless you've been in this situation, there is no way to understand it, so please don't say something stupid like, well you lost faith. 

So yes my life is on hold right now. I never know what each day will bring, as I try to plan and try to be there for her.  I need a break like you wouldn't believe, but I have no one to take over. My kids need fun, need to feel like they are still important and they are, but I know they feel left out right now. I am isolated, most people will never, ever understand what I am going through, which means I have no one to talk to who "gets it".  Though I truly hope they never have to experience this either. 

Life.....on hold

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picture Fun

Yes it's been awhile since I blogged, no I am not going to get in to why right now. To much on my plate, stress, overwhelming life, isolation etc.  I will be back to post about life soon but right now I live it everyday and no need to post about it as well.

This yr we're tightening the purse strings as much as we can with all the crazy we have going on so I needed something for Father's Day for DH.  I decided I would do the DAD photos that I see so many doing.  Hopefully they turn out OK in print, you just never know. 

I couldn't get the munchkin to look at me and hold the letter right, so this will do and I actually think its quite a cute pic.  So these pics in a frame will be DH Father's Day present.  He wants updated pics of the girls, so I think this will fit the bill nicely.

Oh and yes I made those letters :)

Grr and I just realized I left the time date stamp on the camera when I took them, oh well!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Quite A Month

It's not been quite a month since my last entry, but close.  A lot has gone on since my last post, my mom is now in Rehab/LTC (long term care) here in Alabama.  She was moved the Monday after Easter.  On Easter I got a call from my stepdad that she had passed her swallow test.  That was AMAZING news, as just the day before she failed.  While it's still a long road to go down, this is so very positive. They are still working on this at the LTC/Rehab place and plan to do a swallow test today and hopefully get her on a diet of food, not liquid food thru the tube as currently.  I pray she passes, not only because I want her to regain functions, but because I think it will help her move forward on healing.  I know her body has to be weak, it's been over a month since she had a real meal and she's been complaining of headaches nonstop.

I've seen her several times since she has arrived here, some days are good (like Wed) and some are so so, like today.  I can tell she's down and depressed. I can understand.  She went from having 1 of us there everyday all day with her to me just visiting about every other day.  My stepdad and sis came down this past weekend but weren't able to stay long due to the power outage from the tornadoes.

I plan to take all the kids up to see her on Sunday and bring her some gifts. I hope that will raise her spirits some and I hope she's got to eat by then as well.  Overall I would say she's doing well on adjusting, I just wish things could go back to what they used to be. I know it can't/won't happen but I can pray.

In other news, we had awful tornadoes come through on April 27 here in Alabama, many many tornadoes. It would take me ALL DAY to find links to show you the devastation but you can go to youtube and search for Alabama tornadoes April 27 and find tons of videos and there's groups and such on facebook with photos. I have friends who lost their houses, friends who have damage to their homes and friends who lost family members.  Thankfully and by the grace of God we're all OK as is my house.  It's heart breaking seeing the devastation all over Alabama, but one thing is for sure, the people of Alabama have come together as one.

Last but not least, Kaitlyn turns 1 this Sunday.  I am feeling quite guilty though because I don't have any thing planned, cake picked out or anything. I know she will never know, but it's 1st birthday and that's important.  We have had so much happen in the last month, I just could not find the time to get things done. So I will be working on that tonight and tomorrow and see what I can come up with on Sunday. 

So there is my May random update.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy right now, I feel like I am living in fear.  I fear the phone ringing, especially at odd times of the day, such as this morning at 7 am.  No one ever calls my house that early, unless something is wrong.  My stepdad was calling to tell me my moms heart rate and blood pressure has rocketed back up again.  When I left on Sun it was down to normal and she seemed to be doing better.  However this morning her heart rate was double and blood pressure back up and she is in pain. 

For those who aren't facebook friends or real life friends, short version of what's going on.  My mom had a major stroke on March 29, her left side is paralyzed and it pretty much killed off her entire right side of the brain. She was still alert though that Tues and Wed and we thought OK that's a good sign.  Little did we know that would be the (currently) last time we would see her that alert.  Thurs she started going downhill, and by Friday afternoon she was non responsive and what we know now, basically in a coma.  She stayed that way through the following Tues, which the doctors finally did another CT Scan.  Come to find out she had another stroke over the weekend, this time on the left side of her brain.  Thankfully  it wasn't major.  When you have a stroke, the brain swells, and pushes against the good part of the brain, thus causing it to lose function as well.  She had major swelling on the right side, and slight swelling on the left side.  Tuesday the doctors told  us that she'd most likely only live a few more days.  She was deteriorating rapidly and nothing seemed to be getting better. She spent that entire weekend in AFIB and that is what caused the two strokes.

Wednesday morning it was like someone flipped a switch. She became responsive, opened her eyes, could move her right arm and leg again, she nodded her head she could hear us talking to her etc.  It seemed like a miracle was happening right there in front of us.  Then that Thurs it was like someone flipped the switch again, and she was back to non responsiveness.  Then Fri she came back a little more, and it went on like this for a couple days.  Since she was improving, I decided I would go ahead and leave on Sunday and try to get the kids settled back down at home, hubby had already missed 2 weeks of work, so I felt like it was best. It was so hard to leave the hospital though, knowing it could be the last time I could see her "alive", but I am praying it's not. 

Fast forward to this morning, the phone call. I was scared to answer it, for fear he was going to tell me my mom had died.  Thankfully that isn't what he said, but I am worried today as her heart rate and blood pressure are up.  He said she was in AFIB again.  I thought the drs had found something that was going to control it, but I guess it's not working so well.  The AFIB scares me because that is what caused the strokes, but if her heart doesn't slow down, it keeps going up, it could herniate and ultimately kill her.

I feel like my spirit is broke.  I sit and think...I wonder what the last thing my mom ate was. I hope it was something good.  I stayed at her house, once hubby and the kids arrived.  I thought I would be OK, but I was wrong.  Being in it, was fine...but seeing her coffee cup, bowl of sugar and spoon on the counter, set me off. She always sets it out the night before by the stove and her kettle.  She had made a grocery list, it was sitting on the counter, waiting.  I think I am still in denial that she'll never do these things again....

We are still waiting to see what the next week will bring.  If she continues to improve and can sit up etc they will send her to rehab, where they will work with her on relearning things she can't do right now due to the stroke.  After 1 week in rehab, they will reevaluate and decide if she can continue.  If neither of those things go right, she'll be put into a long term care facility (why they don't say nursing home is beyond me).  It kills me though, she did NOT want to be in a home.  A 24 hour nurse at home is out of the question, per the doctors. She will require to much care they say... It breaks my heart, she's got no choice, we've tried to honor her wishes, she did now want any surgery (which could have prevent the loss of some of the functions) and if she goes into cardiac arrest, she is DNR/DNI.  That part is hard for me to swallow...but we've done what she wanted. 

I am still trying to figure out how to get through I can remotely move on in life, when my mom is in ICU,  most likely be in a home and is suffering.  I wish I was closer than a 7 hour drive, so I could see her more often, so she knows I care.  I don't know if she remembers that I came and was there with her, when she was still alert the day after the stroke. 

How to process this all, has me at a loss....

Monday, March 14, 2011


Life sure seems to be full of... well life.  I find myself wanting to blog but yet not really having time to.  By the time the evening rolls around and the kids are asleep I've got tons of things to catch up on.  So this will be a random post for sure. 

Since my last post, we've celebrated Hailey's 6th Birthday, Kaitlyn turned 10 months old and summer is coming soon! I am in denial that H is 6 and K will soon be 1.  :( I know I say this often but I feel like I missed out on so much the first few months with all the dr appointments, surgery, etc that I can't believe it's almost been a year since she joined the family. I will do a post for birthday pictures etc soon.  I'm behind on downloading pictures and taking them :/

I am still working, mostly about 3 days a week, which is just fine.  There has been scheduling issues for over a month now but miraculously the last 2 have been right.  I know, shocking. Most weeks I haven't been able to get out for a mno due to work, so I was finally off one night this past weekend and got together with some friends for dinner. So glad I did, I really needed that break and as always had a great time. :)

I am also busy trying to plan and keep up with Relay for Life stuff as normal and add the Spina Bifida bowl-a-thon coming up soon, I am spread pretty thin.  Kaitlyn returns to UAB on April 18 for her 6 month check in MRI and Renal Ultrasound.  I am not looking forward to it at all...she'll be more alert, and aware they are trying to put her to sleep. :( I know it has to be done and it'll become quite normal for her later but it still sucks.

So speaking of Spina Bifida and the bowl-a-thon, I need your help! (you didn't think you were gonna get off easy did you?)  :)

My team, Kaitlyn's Kingpins, has to raise at least $125 total, but my personal goal is $100 or more. I've donated $20 myself, and am asking you if you'll help? This is a great cause, and very very dear to me and come on, look at this face and tell me you can resist helping her???

I didn't think so! So go ahead and click on Kaitlyn's Kingpins and make a donation today!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Once again I am behind on blogging, but this is life these days. I used to be really good at time management and for the most part I do get things done but more often than not, I am sometimes late with it.  That's not good.  So I've been contemplating on how to correct it, I found some great charts that I hope to introduce at home that will help with mundane things such as cleaning etc.  Not only for me, but for the kids as well. 

I have several deadlines coming up for various things and I'm running out of time.  Therefore I've decided to take a facebook break for at least a week, starting tomorrow.  I have to work all weekend anyways, I have a craft project I MUST finish by the 2nd (though I am more than halfway done), I have to finish up shopping for H's birthday (mostly done, just need a few items) plus decide on cake/cupcakes and then add in relay for life, meetup and sb bowl-a-thon.  Let's just say I need a secretary to help me keep on top of things.  So I am hoping that the fb break, will help me. I can spend so much time there, playing stupid games, catching up on my friends lives, looking at pictures, and connecting with old friends.  FB has it's pros for sure but of course it is such a time suck though. I just hope the FB break doesn't cause me to spend the time elsewhere online :/ that would defeat the purpose!

I wish I could take a meetup break..but alas that never seems to work out, so I'll just hang low for a bit, attend when I can, though most things now don't interest me as they are for older kids and/or mno are the nights I have to work.  So I've not really been doing much there either. 

I hope my next blog post is about how I got caught up on so much stuff, well as much as one can with a 9 month old home all the time.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A post of randomness

It's been awhile since I last blogged.  I've wanted to but really just haven't had the time. My poor 365 blog, sadly is neglected as well.  I've been taking pictures, but probably not daily and I need to upload them. Maybe this week.  Maybe.

I've been working like crazy, 10 out of 12 days, finally had a day off today. The store opened this past Friday and I worked all weekend plus several more days to go this week.  I miss my family, I miss seeing friends, I miss relaxing.  When I am home, I have been so tired, I've not wanted to do anything but sit around.  I was hoping to spend some fun time with the girls this past Sat since I didn't work til the evening, but nope.  They were in moods and so was I.  I feel guilty for not spending enough time with them. 

On Fri hubby and I had a lunch date at Rosie's. YUM, great food and service this time around.  We also finished up our taxes, so hopefully our refund will hit the bank in the next week.  We will get to pay off these pesky hospital bills. Finally.  I also got paid this past Fri, yay for a nice size check, but boo for the long hours.

Kaitlyn turns 9 months old tomorrow...bittersweet. She's pulling up just about everything.  We're battling eating right now though.  She wants to eat whatever I have, and some stuff I do give her.  However she's also starting to barely take her bottles.  :/ I am not sure what to do about that right now.  I need to start more table foods vs baby foods, but feel lost on what to give her.  I don't recall being this way with the other 2 kids....but maybe I just don't remember. Suggestions?

Jessica got selected to be on the year book staff at school.  She's super excited about that.  Of course it has to be on Thurs afternoons, which is GS day for her.  Thankfully she gets done before GS starts.  She also is now entering some technology event at the VBC via her S.P.A.C.E class at school.  She and a couple girls are building a website, or so I am told. 

Hailey, is rambunctious as ever. She's doing well in school, wants to do everything Jess does, but you know how that goes.  She is also turning 6 soon. EEK, a little less than a month away.  I have got to start planning for her birthday.  She is loving Girl Scouts as well and is excited about upcoming camp this Spring. 

I am worried about my mom and her health.  She's got afib and her Dr recently had her to a heart echo.  We're now waiting on results.  Her blood pressure is extremely high these days due to lots of stress, which in turn makes the heart issue worse.  I hate being so far away, but glad she's not on an island that's an airplane ride away.

I am working on planning a summer vacation for us.  I looked at Disney, Universal and even Gatlinburg but we've decided on Stone Mountain, GA instead.  They have a lot of neat things to do and it's close enough we can take weekend trips.  They have a membership you can get, which as long as you go twice it's more than paid for itself.  My mom is going with us and maybe my sister.  Plus we're already planning on going this winter coming for their Snow Mountain :)

How is that for randomness?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wanted: Vacation

Oh my, today has been a day.  K was nonstop fussy, crying, yelling and me The only time she wasn't, was when she was sleeping, which wasn't much.  She woke up at 4 am was up til 7 am, slept til 8 am and then it was downhill from there.  The two big kids aggravated me today, they need school. I need school. We all need school. What am I going to do this summer? Oh wait, I know.  Summer means nicer weather, can go outside and run them ragged and hope they laze around the rest of the day.  Plus then I will get to escape to work, sad when work is an escape? Nah.  Well OK maybe a little.

I really really need a vacation.  I love my family, I love them I really really do but I need a break. We have had to much togetherness since school ended for winter break in Dec.  The kids only went back to school for 4 days after that before snowmaggedon hit. They have been home for 10 days straight now, I've not been anywhere except work and am desperately  looking forward to moms night out this weekend.  I am glad I am off Sat night so I get to go.  That's the downfall to the job lol have to work nights and weekends, but we need the money so we'll make it work.

I am dreaming of sandy beaches, warm sun beating down and nice fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.  Ahhh, how nice that would be.  I hope I have enough money left after some bills are paid (when we get our taxes) to actually take some kind of trip. I need to start researching and see what I can afford, even if I have to go by myself!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So it's been crazy around here due to our snow, and by snow I mean really a lot of snow for Alabama.  We had over 8 inches all across North Alabama. I know, I know my Northern friends this is not a lot in comparison to what you get, however let me point out again, this is Alabama.  We (as in the state) are not prepared nor equipped for this type of snow.  We have a few snow plows but not enough and when it snows here, it melts and turns into black ice.  Black ice is very very dangerous, especially at night as you might imagine.  Our city & surrounding counties have been closed down since late Sunday night, today is Tuesday.  School has been canceled since Sunday night and is closed at least through tomorrow (Wednesday).  It's quite possible it'll be closed or delayed Thursday due to the amount of snow/ice still on the roads. 

I mentioned before I got a new job at Jo-Ann fabric & craft stores, had orientation last week and was supposed to start work this week.  Actually I was supposed to start last night, but they called at 8 am yesterday morning and said they were not opening due to the weather.  OK makes perfect sense to me. They told me to come in tonight at 5 pm. and so even though the city opened some roads today (they were reclosing them at 5) and my local roads still icy I made the trek into work.  There were plenty of people there, so I thought OK we'll be working no problem.  I go on in and the first shift is leaving and I and only 1 other person show up for the 5 shift.  Um OK. They are like oh yeah we're not working tonight.  Excuse me? They apparently were able to call every single other person  BUT me and this one other guy?? I am pissed, beyond pissed they have such a lack of respect for us.  It kills me because the roads were not clear enough to drive on and they did NOT even apologize for not calling. 

I really am not sure what to do. I am supposed to work Wed, Fri & Sat this week, however we are still under Winter storm warnings, hard freeze warnings and the news keeps talking about the roads being bad.  If they are going to be this way tomorrow, WHY would I drive back to that store? Um I don't think so.  The job is not worth possibly getting into a major wreck, getting hurt or killed.  No thanks.

So now a few pics from this week

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Every once in a while my kids will say something funny, so I thought I would share a couple. 

Not so long ago, if you'll remember Jessica asked me if Alabama was a state when I was little.  Yep that made me feel real good and gave me quite a chuckle.

Last night we had soft tacos for dinner, hubby dropped the last shell on the floor and as he picked it up and shook it off, we were like ummm..  So then Jess says, they are called FLOUR tortillas daddy, not Floor tortillas.  Good one Jess, Good one. 

And eww he was about to eat it! :$

Then he proceeds to tell me how he's always telling Jess that she can't date etc until she's in her 30's or 40's and her retort was, I want to be able to walk down the aisle, not roll.  Um whoa! When did 30 and 40 require a wheelchair? Geesh! I did think it was funny though :)

So there you have it, kids can be funny.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Busy Month Ahead

I think for most people January should be a time of a slow paced life, as the holidays are over and things are back to normal.  Not for me.  January is the start of quite a busy time for me.  First there is all the mom group stuff at the first of the year, Girl Scout Meetings (weekly between both girls), Girl Scout Cookie sales (hey local moms, don't forget to order yours!), Girl Scout Camp, Relay For Life, now add on my new job that starts this month, I just may lose my mind! This week alone, I have orientation for my job, GS meeting with Jess, Cookie Rally with both girls, & hopefully a MNO on Saturday night. It's going to be a busy week.  Thankfully Monday and Tuesday are relatively quiet for me, but the rest of the week will be a blur.

I also got a hair brained idea to make a 365 blog, you know where you take pictures daily and post them. Um yep, we'll see how that goes, as I can't seem to blog here daily. If you wish to visit my 365 blog, you'll have to email me through the contact me, since it's by invite only. I do post pictures here and there of my kids, but since this will be full of pictures I have chosen to keep it private.

I am feeling the need to purge stuff.  Our garage is over run with toys, some good and some not, plus outgrown clothes (though we are using them) but it's time to get rid of the baby stuff that K has outgrown.  The inside of the house needs to be purged, closets cleaned, clutter gone.  I guess the Spring cleaning bug has hit me early.  We got all the Christmas stuff down and put up yesterday, I am glad to have my living room back.

I didn't really make any  resolutions this year, not yet anyways. I have mulled it over and mostly I am just trying to keep  my head above water, so that's it. LOL I do plan to spend more time with the kids, less time online (um we'll see how that goes ;) ) pay down some bills (hence the job) and have some more me time and time alone with hubby.  Those aren't to lofty are they?

I have been looking at buying a Kindle, got some extra Christmas money, and they look really cool. Everyone I know that has one, LOVES it.  I checked out my moms while visiting this past week, and it is COOL. :) So I have it and a case in my shopping cart on Amazon, just waiting for me to click check out.  I am just having a hard time spending that much on myself, mostly because it's just one thing.  I am OK buying a couple things here and there, like a skein of yarn etc.but never purchase something over $100 for myself. Still debating.

Well this turned into quite a rambling post, but it covers several topics :) That has to count for something right?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's

Another year has come and gone and it's hard to believe we're heading into 2011.  This past year has been a roller coaster ride for our family.  Things started out seemingly well and hit a tailspin in May, it didn't really seem to slow down until mid October.  By then the holiday season officially started and boom it's the end of the year.

High Points of 2010

-Family Visits
-Girls Weekend-Nashville
-Successful Relay for Life
-Kaitlyn's Birth
-Girl Scout Camp
-J started 5th Grade
-H started Kindergarten
-Awesome holiday season
-White Christmas

Low Points of 2010

-Kaitlyn's unknown birth defect
-Kaitlyn's major surgery at 6 weeks old
-Constant worry about what our future holds
-Insane amount of hospital & doctor bills

Kaitlyn's diagnosis has opened a whole new world up to us, one that's had many ups and downs.  Looking back, I don't think I would change the fact we did not know about the Spina Bifida.  We've learned a lot about the SB community and life and I've met some awesome, awesome SB families online and hope to meet many in person one day. 

So it really looks like the high points outweigh the low points, but those low points were & are stressful.  During all of this though, I've had great supportive family members & friends and they are the ones that helped me/us get through it all. 

So from our family to yours, Happy New Year!

I've Been Dreaming of a White Christmas

For 33 years, I've dreamed of a white Christmas and never did I think I would see one, especially in Alabama! Then again I think the majority of the people in Alabama thought the same thing. It was simply amazing to wake up to a very white Christmas morning, the area had anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. It was breath taking. 

I not sure I'll see another white Christmas in my lifetime but it was worth the wait.  The snow made the day so much more magical, seeing the kids when they realized there was tons of snow out there, was awesome. They were so happy to be able to go out and play and build a snowgirl.  Of course they made snow angels and threw a few snowballs.  If we had more appropriate clothing, we would have all enjoyed the snow more and stayed out longer.

Our 1st Snow "girl"

Snow Angel in the making

Don't think she quite understood what to do ;)
We had a very laid back Christmas this year, more so since we stayed home rather than try to go out and visit family.  I am very glad, while the roads weren't bad early on, they were later when it iced over. The kids enjoyed all of their presents, Kaitlyn didn't really know what to do or think, but next year should be fun!

A couple days later we headed down to Georgia to visit family and spend a few days there.  It was great, the drive there and back went well.  The last few times we've gone, something has happened.  From the kids being sick, to car issues, but thankfully this time there were none.  The visit always go by to fast, but I am glad we went. 

All in all I would say that we had an awesome Christmas!