Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Months Later

I realize right now I suck as a blogger, but you know my life is kinda sucky a lot of days, so it's hard to want to sit down and write anything.  The last time I wrote was 2 months ago and my life was on hold, well basically it still is, though I am trying to get unstuck. My mom has made tremendous progress since her stroke at the end of March, she doesn't realize it, but she has. I've put most of my life on hold since then, but I am realizing that I am not making anyone happy by doing that.  So I am trying, I can't promise it'll be better tomorrow, the next day or the next, but I am trying. If I continue to let this get me down all the time, I'll self destruct.  I am unhappy and I know it, so I want to try to change it.  So really this post will be just a random list rather than bore you with all the drama of life.

*I am super stressed these days, so I am trying to get out for a mom night out at least once a week for coffee, if not, then just out by myself, shopping, coffee, something. I need this.

*J & H both love, love their new schools, when this all came about 2 weeks before school started I was unhappy, but now I think it was for the best.  J is excelling in her classes, she got all A's on her progress report and couldn't be happier.  H loves her teacher and new school and is doing just as well.

*K is growing like a weed (though on the small side for her age) and getting stronger.  She does well with her braces and I really think it's improving her leg/ankle strength.  I am glad we got her signed up for physical therapy.

*I quit work at the end of Aug, it was to stressful dealing with the crappy manager, working times that just were not working for my family etc.  I love the job, hate the boss, if he leaves, I may go back.....but we'll see. So in the meantime I am trying to find something I can do with a flexible schedule, work around my family, after school activities, moms dr appts, K's dr appts and so on.  It's kinda hard.  I did apply to a couple office type jobs, both part time, but not heard anything yet.

*In light of not working, I am trying to get my crochet stuff in order and work on selling on etsy.  I created a store months and months ago but just finally actually listed things.  I have someone working on a logo for it to replace the generic I have now.  So check it out: and like me on facebook too! I am in the process of making more items to add soon :)

*The holidays are coming! I am ready for the pumpkin patch, scarecrow trail, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Galaxy of Lights & Christmas!

So there you have it, randomness.