Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Well I have been sort of Christmas shopping online the last week, trying to get it all done before Thanksgiving but going to hold out for some online Black Friday Sales! I do have a few things for each of the girls as well as their stockings pretty much done. My moms stuff for the girls arrived the last 2 days so I'll just need to wrap them and get them under the tree.

I am still stuck on what to get them both, outside the few things I did get. They seem to both want very expensive things and since we are going to Disney the day after I can't afford the things they want. The Disney trip though is not from us but we'll need the extra spending money for the trip of course. Sigh maybe some of the stuff will be on sale the day after Turkey day though.

I am excited for the holidays since we are in our new house! I need tot find all my Christmas stuff and start getting it out and ready to be on display. Not much else to talk about, hubby has been busy working and the girls are doing well.

Til next time!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

We decided to not go actual trick or treating this yr, the new neighborhood doesn't really have that many kids and it didn't seem there would much candy passed out. So we decided to visit a friends church that was doing Trunk Or Treating instead.
It was alot of fun, there was tons of bouncy houses, trunks decorated and people passing out candy, carnival games inside and free food/drinks! We came home with just the right amount of candy I think and both girls passed out soon after! To bad they were up fairly early this morning begging for candy! lol

In their halloween shirts, before getting dressed up as our Super Heroes!
Hailey insisted I take another picture of her lol
Wonder Woman and Super Girl to save the day!
Can't wait to see what they pick out next yr!

Pumpkin Carving

Happy November! Wow time has flown by and it's already Nov 1 and time for setting our clocks back tonight before bed. I meant to post these pics yesterday but I was lazy lol so I am posting for you to enjoy now. :)

Pumpkin Carving was done a couple days before Halloween, both girls got to work on their pumpkins from Tate Farms a few weeks ago. They had a blast, though neither was interested in touching the pumpkin guts LOL Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Before the carving!

They did have a good time and the pumpkins turned out pretty good too. Hailey drew a face on both sides, one for decoration LOL and the other to carve. I have some seeds I saved to roast, so hopefully they will turn out!