Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Fun

Since I am behind as normal around here, I thought I would come and post about our gingerbread house the girls and I made. We had one of those build it kits, which by the way I bought yrs ago and it was still good! This was no easy task and I did survive with hair still intact, but maybe a few more gray hairs :)
Here are some pics of our fun time.

And now the finished product!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Potty Time! Potty Time! Excellent!

I think it's safe to say that Hailey is now potty trained! She is on day 16 of potty training and has been in big girl panties for 4 days now! WOOT! She has had only 1 accident in them and she was on the way to the bathroom. I am so happy, the thought of saying goodbye to diapers for good, yay! She is doing really well, she knows when she has to go now, so she runs to the potty and goes every time now.

We told her once she was going to the potty all the time and not wearing diapers anymore, she could get a big guess its about time to ante up lol. She has been talking about pony's and pony castles etc so I guess we will just take her to the store and let her pick something out for her congratulations prize.

I'll update again soon on more Potty Training Adventures!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Potty Training Adventures Part 2

Well here it is, Dec 9, Day 10 of Potty Training. We have had a couple of accidents here and there, nothing major though. I feel like she's finally getting the hang of it and realizing when she has to go, as she ran several times today and went. So today we went to Target to buy her some big girl panties, even though we have a ton in the house already lol. I felt it was important for her to go pick some out just for her. So she decided to choose, Elmo/Zoe, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty and Sleeping Beauty. So tomorrow starts Day 1 of trying to wear big girl panties, or so I hope!

She's been doing fairly well waking up dry, not every day by any means but I am impressed. I have been trying to get her to understand when you get up, the first thing you do is go to the bathroom. So we'll see how it goes in the morning. I would love to move past this diaper stage atleast for day time anyways. We do the reward thing for going right now, m&m's (1 for each yr of age) and I do think that helped her get going. I do have to admit though unless she asks for them I do not dole them out. Is that bad? I figure eventually they will stop anyways so why push for her to take them unless she asks.

Stay tuned for more Potty Training Adventures!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potty Training Adventures

Well I needed to add a bragging post in here about Hailey. She is 3 yrs and 9 months old so yes she's essentially 3 months (almost to the day 3/4 is her bday) of turning 4 and we have been struggling with Potty Training.

Well a couple days ago, on Nov 30 she decided she needed to go potty. So we went with it and she managed to stay dry all day and not one time had an accident. She went to bed and wok eup dry yesterday morning. I tried to get her to go potty but she said she didn't have to go, so I figured ok. Well she had breakfast and a whole glass of milk but unfortunately she did wet her diaper. I didn't' fuss, just told her it was ok and got a new one and told her the rest of the day she needed to go potty. No problem, she stayed dry ALL day yesterday and woke up dry this morning. Whhoohooo! So a few mins after she got up I had her go and she did and we've been dry all day today as well. So day 3 and only 1 accident, I am silently saying a prayer that it's finally clicked!

I was going to wait til Jan to really start trying to get her going consistently due to our trip to Disney later this month. However since she's doing so well, I am not going to tell her no and say let's wait. I hope that soon our diaper days will be behind us!

Wish us luck!

Happy December!

Well first Happy Belated Thanksgiving lol. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving here at the Pelletier house. That early morning we went over to my cousins house with the rest of the family and had a fairly early Thanksgiving lunch. It was good but it isn't comfortable like it used to be, so I am thankful we came home and had our own (ie. 1st Thanksgiving in our new house and 1st Thanksgiving meal we cooked completely) meal for dinner. It was great! My biggest complaint about going to other peoples houses is that we don't have left overs. I love love leftover turkey, so we had plenty.

I didn't dare go out shopping on Black Friday but was able to get some deals on some items for the girls. I got both of their Santa gifts online at really good prices, so that is taken care of. Then we have bought a few more things since then plus yesterday (Cyber Monday) the Disney Store had some awesome stuff on sale 50% off. Then on top of the sale, you could save 10%, 15% or 25% on your order depending on how much you spend, PLUS Free shipping on orders over $89!

WOW did I rack up! I bought over $200 worth of stuff for the girls (some Christmas and some bday stuff) for about $95, that was with the sale prices (everything I got was 50% off) and 25% off my order and free shipping! I was soo excited! They will love the stuff I got!

We managed to get our tree up and decorated on Friday last week as well. I just love Christmas time and decorations. We bought some really nice stockings and a matching tree skirt last yr after Christmas at 75% off, so I am excited to use them this yr. This is our 1st Christmas in our new house as well, so it's special!

Christmas Tree
Stockings and my cute stocking holders
It was a nice weekend, watched several football games, including the Iron Bowl, Roll Tide! I am not a big Alabama fan, but it was nice to see them stay undefeated! I'll be looking forward to watching the Florida vs Alabama game though!
More posts coming!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Well I have been sort of Christmas shopping online the last week, trying to get it all done before Thanksgiving but going to hold out for some online Black Friday Sales! I do have a few things for each of the girls as well as their stockings pretty much done. My moms stuff for the girls arrived the last 2 days so I'll just need to wrap them and get them under the tree.

I am still stuck on what to get them both, outside the few things I did get. They seem to both want very expensive things and since we are going to Disney the day after I can't afford the things they want. The Disney trip though is not from us but we'll need the extra spending money for the trip of course. Sigh maybe some of the stuff will be on sale the day after Turkey day though.

I am excited for the holidays since we are in our new house! I need tot find all my Christmas stuff and start getting it out and ready to be on display. Not much else to talk about, hubby has been busy working and the girls are doing well.

Til next time!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

We decided to not go actual trick or treating this yr, the new neighborhood doesn't really have that many kids and it didn't seem there would much candy passed out. So we decided to visit a friends church that was doing Trunk Or Treating instead.
It was alot of fun, there was tons of bouncy houses, trunks decorated and people passing out candy, carnival games inside and free food/drinks! We came home with just the right amount of candy I think and both girls passed out soon after! To bad they were up fairly early this morning begging for candy! lol

In their halloween shirts, before getting dressed up as our Super Heroes!
Hailey insisted I take another picture of her lol
Wonder Woman and Super Girl to save the day!
Can't wait to see what they pick out next yr!

Pumpkin Carving

Happy November! Wow time has flown by and it's already Nov 1 and time for setting our clocks back tonight before bed. I meant to post these pics yesterday but I was lazy lol so I am posting for you to enjoy now. :)

Pumpkin Carving was done a couple days before Halloween, both girls got to work on their pumpkins from Tate Farms a few weeks ago. They had a blast, though neither was interested in touching the pumpkin guts LOL Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Before the carving!

They did have a good time and the pumpkins turned out pretty good too. Hailey drew a face on both sides, one for decoration LOL and the other to carve. I have some seeds I saved to roast, so hopefully they will turn out!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Pumpkin Patch Trip

We took our annual trip to Tate Farms "Pumpkin Patch" earlier this month, and yes I am just getting around to uploading pictures. It's been a busy month you know, moving, exterminating rodents and other stuff LOL

Here is a few pictures from the trip below, the girls always love it and I just wish it was cheaper lol.

Hailey and Jess standing beside the barn/slide/playhouse

Picking out their pumpkins

Old Firetruck and Playing in the Cotton Bin
Jess and Hailey jumping out of the barn into a huge pile of hay. I was really surprised that Hailey did this....though she only did it once! lol I took tons more pictures but only chose a few to show off today, they played in the corn cribs, visited the petting zoo and went into the hay maze. I did too which I will never do again! It's not made for adults lol at least not those with knee or back problems or that aren't skinny!
We had a good day and the girls keep talking about going back....and of course I say we can! Next yr!

My hubby the exterminator

SO let me tell you what happened last week. Hubby went out to the garage to get the dog food and it's in the big bag ya know. I am sitting here in the kitchen trying to get some emails and what not done and hubby goes to pour the food into the dish and out runs a damn field mouse!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHH

He says calmly, Frances get up. I am like huh thinking it was just a bug ya know, so I lift my feet up and put in the chair. He's like no its a rat and omg it's a good thing my back was feeling better because I moved like lightening! Thank god we were able to corner it in the kitchen by the dogs dish and he smashed it. I know awww and I was like awww too cause it squealed and squealed but you know what I don't want a rat in my house!!

So before the extermination lol he threw the bag outside and just a min ago he went to go check it out and there was another one in there!!! It ran out across the yard and hopefully that's all! We figure they came in since they cut the fields across the rd last week but man I about had a heart attack!

Oh yes today Terminex is coming out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time in A Bottle?

Anyone have it for sale? I seem to need it because I can't find time to get on here and blog! That's not good, I know I don't have a lot of readers but it feels good to get here and write. So I'll make this another Update on everything going on in life lol and hopefully soon I'll get back to posting several times a week.

Let's see since my last entry, we are slowly unpacking the boxes that are stacked in the garage. It's been quite slow because about 2 weeks ago or so I hurt my back somehow. I couldn't bend over to put on shoes or socks! It was crazy insane, and I went to the Dr and the idiot didn't give me any pain meds! She gave me some steroids and muscle relaxers and set an appt for evaluation and treatment at a spine care place. I was in soo much pain that night we called the Dr and she's like tough to bad, call during business hours and hung up on my husband! OMG I was pissed and he called the next day and got my pain meds and the appt moved up for Physical Therapy. I couldn't believe what a biotch she was being, it's not like I am there every week for pain and have a history of using pain meds. Geesh louise, get a grip and do your job lady! What the difference in calling in something for me at 10 pm Monday night and 10 am Tues morning I do not know or understand. So I am on the hunt for a new doctor needless to say!

So I have been going to Physical Therapy several times a week and have an appt tomorrow and then two more next week. They seemed to help a lot since they do some laser treatment, then heat/electric treatment and some exercise/stretches for my lower back. Luckily the insurance pays 100% up to 20 visits in a calendar yr. I finally drove today for the first time in 2 weeks, and it wasn't to bad. My back still hurts but I can function now and haven't taken a pain pill but last night in the last couple days. I hope that I am on the mend from whatever I did!

Business wise things are going well, Tupperware and DiamondCreek Candles are picking up for the holiday season. I have placed an order today for myself and for a customer with Tupperware and hope that the lady I take a catalog to next week orders as well. I am focused more on team building with DiamondCreek Candles right now and it's going pretty well. I am working with my team so they can build as well.

I am sure I have more news to share but I'll save that for another post, ya know so it makes me look like I am posting more! Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy October~ House & Life Updates

Well September has come and gone and I didn't do so great on blogging, but I believe my excuse is legit lol. So the big news update is......... we have moved into our new house! We closed on it and officially became the owners Sept 30th! So excited to be done with this part of our lives because it was a very stressful last week or so of September.

Let me start off by saying that everything with our house was fine, the inspection went well there were a few minor things to fix and the things we could in the time frame we had we did. The buyers realtor sucked big time, he had the report in hand at the very latest Wed Morning and did not send us a list of requested repairs until late late Friday night which we didn't see until Sat morning and closing was to be Monday. He was a jerk to say the least and I will be sure to tell everyone not to use him and to watch out because he tries to back you into the corner.

Whatever the case was we closed on the old house on Monday the 29th and handed over the keys. We have to stop by and pick up our mail since we couldn't get it forwarded fast enough. The lady who bought it seems nice so hopefully she held it like she said!

The house we purchased was a whole other ball game. We put an offer in on Sat the 20th and it got accepted that day. Then began the process of trying to get it ready to be closed on the 30th of the month. Well on Monday when the inspector came out all hell broke loose! There was no way the mort. company we were using could close until about the 15th of Oct. That wouldn't work we would have been homeless until then. So we get inspectors set up on Wed I think it was and they get there and there is NO power to the house. After many phone calls and what not the house was set to be auctioned off that day!!! UGH when they say Murphy's Law they really meant it in this situation. The "selling" realtor claimed to not know this but who knows if he was telling the truth. Thankfully were bought some time because the offer/earnest money had already been done and the contracts drawn up and signed and was just waiting on inspection and closing.

Everything did work out, we moved in a few days before closing since we had to move out from the other house by the 29th. That was crazy we were in there Monday morning still packing and cleaning and closed at 2pm that day. Anyway after all was said and done we have a new house and love it so far. We do have a few repairs to make and hopefully will get a fence soon so the dog can get some more outside time.

Family update: Everyone is doing pretty well. Hubby is starting a new job at work, though it didn't come with a pay raise it will be better for him to move up. Plus he got a huge promotion in Jan this yr already which allowed us to sell and move into a nicer and bigger house. Jess has fall break this week from school so we are trying to get some activities in that both kids will enjoy and still unpack the rest of our stuff. The garage is overflowing with boxes right now. We have a new fridge which I love now. Then if all goes well we hope to head to Disney this winter.

I will try to upload pics soon of the house but have to get more boxes unpacked first!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

House Updates!

Well we had 3 showings this past week and on Friday we got an offer on the house! YAY!!!!!! Ok I am a little excited, ok more like Overly Excited but I can't help it. We went in on Friday and signed the papers for the offer, the earnest money has been put down so now it all depends on Mondays appraisal and then the house inspection (still waiting to find out when that is). If those goes well we are in the all clear and will close on it on the 29th of this month. Yep that is right just 8 days away we'll have sold our house and be done.

However during this time I think I about hyperventilated lol because we have no where to go! Hotels were soo expensive, and hard to find one to take a dog for a week. We did find a new apartment complex though in case we needed to do that. So Sat morning/afternoon was spent looking at about 7 or so houses and ugh. The ones that were in the school district in our price range needed sooo much work. To much for me considering all the time and money we put into this house. We finally got to the last house and it was a great feeling. It's a newer house (6 to 10 yrs but I think closer to 6) nice colors, no big updates to be done and about 500 sq ft bigger than what we have now. Downfall its not 4 bedrooms but we couldn't find any that were in good shape so we'll deal.
Here are some pics of the house that we'll be getting if all goes well with the selling of ours.

I'll take more pictures when we go for the inspection hopefully later this week! So excited and can't wait!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where has September gone?

I can't believe it's already mid September! Ack and I haven't been blogging lately (wow 10 days!), I am sorry about that. Life has been crazy busy here and we are STILL trying to sell our house. We recently lowered the price a bit to make up for our kitchen that is apparently I don't think so but whatever! Luckily we'll still make enough to pay off the bills, have a down payment and have some left over for a vacation or savings lol. I am thinking Vacation!

So let's catch up real quick, FIL and his wife were in town for Labor Day and thankfully it went pretty fast and I only had to endure a couple days. It's hard for me to be around him and so many reasons that it would take me all day to explain lol so we'll just leave it at that. So we are having dinner and he is like so you guys are coming down for Christmas right? I was kinda dumbstruck and just looked at hubby. So it turns out they wanted us to come down for Christmas (which we will not do since there are to many presents to coordinate and our car is small and PLUS its nice to be home!) and then they want to take us all to Disney. Ok that part is great really the girls would LOVE it and they are footing the bill for the tickets and hotel. We still have provide our way down there and food/gas/souvenirs. Which all in all isn't a bad deal (since they live down in FL) but right now every bit of money we had is tied up in this house.

We have told them we need to sell before it can happen, not to buy any tickets etc until we know for sure that we can fork over the money. I guess they seem to think that food for 4 and gas will be el cheapo? Ugh and it has gone up since Ike came thru, we are holding steady at about $4 a gallon right now. Sigh... we shall see and though I don't care about seeing them I would love to take the girls to Disney, hubby and I have been talking about it for a yr now.

My mom, step dad and sis are flying in this upcoming weekend for 10 days since step dad is getting ready to deploy back to Iraq for at least a year if not more. They'll be here for about 3 days, haven't really told the girls yet just in case. It'll be good to see them, though we did just see them in June for our Hawaii trip.

School is going well for Jess and she is excited about her SPACE class (ie. gifted class) every Friday. Brownies has started back as well so we are getting into the swing of things and she still wants to do something else, such as dance, singing etc. Hailey is enjoying her mommy time again and having fun at play dates (ok mommy too lol). She is still doing pretty good on potty training, not great but we'll get there.

Hubby is still working on when he wants to go back to school for his Masters. He has to take a test prior and is about to miss the cut off so I am not sure what is going to happen. I hope he figures out soon what he wants to do.

As for me, I am still plugging along with my home businesses and trying to decide if I want to find a part time job for a bit until the house sales and we get caught up on a few bills. I think I have about covered everything going on here so until next time!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tupperware Holiday 2008 New Products

Ti's the season to start shopping! Tupperware has released it's Holiday 2008 Catalog! We have now combined our Tupperware Products and TupperLiving Products into 1 catalog, if you would like to receive updates on product releases and sales, please send leave a comment and I'll be sure to add you to the mailing list.

Below is a few pictures of our new holiday products and our TupperLiving Products as well. We have brand new kids products, holiday tumblers and canisters and great gift ideas too!

This is just a few items for you to see be sure to check out our complete line of products at

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That's what atleast 10 mins or so of my life sounded like! So the girls were in Hailey's room playing with one of those punch balls you blow up with the rubber band attached. They have played with them forever and never had an issue

I hear them playing and the next thing I hear is CRASH and Shattering glass... they apparently hit the punch ball up to the ceiling and hit the light fixture and it came down. Hailey was screaming and holding her wrist and Jess was about crying and couldn't calm down. Finally after I got them to explain what happened I was able to get Hailey calmed down enough to see she had got hit on both of her wrist and has bandaids on both now due to scratches/bleeding and a welt on one of them.

I am just thankful that neither were standing directly under it and it hit their heads or in the eyes!

They are going to give me gray hair yet!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Fun Weekend

Well despite the upcoming rainy weather for Tropical Storm Fay we had a family fun weekend! Originally we had planned to go to Chattanooga for the weekend but after looking at the cost and bills we decided to opt out of that and spend the weekend here in town. Started on Friday night took the girls out to Bridgestreet and walked around and of course had dinner. We went to Red Robin and mmm I do love their Banzai burger, takes me back to our Hawaii vacation. The girls had a great time and loved the food and the scenery.

Saturday we planned to head to the park that I just found and let the girls play and then out to lunch and go from there. Well the clouds were looming over and we did go thru a brief shower while on the way to the park but it was dry there. So they got to play for an hour or so before the rain moved in. Then it was off to lunch at Zaxby's and over to the mall for some fun! Much to our disappointment Wacky Bear had closed down so then we had to travel back across town for Build A Bear. Oh the girls were over excited when we got there and they had a blast. Jess picked out a pink cheetah and named her Brownie lol and Hailey a nice bunny which we named Fluffy (rather than Floppy??) but anywho. They got to stuff them, name them, dress them and accessorize them lol

From there we headed out to Walmart for some grocery shopping and to let them spend some of their Birthday/Christmas money (good at saving it lately). They each picked a movie out and was satisfied so we came home to unload the car before heading to dinner. Hailey had cried about going to the Apple place as we passed by earlier so that's where we went for dinner. Applebee's that is, we usually have good service and food and it turned out great. Both girls ate well and we headed home for quick bedtime!

Overall the weekend went well, Sunday we relaxed and just tidied up the house in case anyone decided to stop in and see it. We are 2 weeks listed now and no showings yet, making me nervous. I think we are having an open house the weekend after Labor Day..we'll see.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

House For Sale....Finally!

Yes you read that right! After months of months of hearing me complain our house is officially up for sale as of last Monday. Sure we have a few touch ups and last minute things to do but nothing you can see or notice when you are looking at the house. Whew, I can't even explain how elated I am to be done with this project although I think my husband is far so more than I am.

Here's a great picture of the house:

Isn't it beautiful? It used to be a darkish gray/blue color (I think it was called charcoal) and yah it wasn't very pretty at all! Everyone who knew what the house looked like before says it looks like a totally different house! I only wish we had more time and money and we would have planted flowers in the beds for the final touch but alas almost 10K later we are done with it.

So ready for my next whine right? I am so stressed right now the house will not sell, we have about 20 other houses in my neighborhood for sale. EEEK! The majority of them are higher priced than ours and a few under but they are smaller or need work. It's been on the market a little over a week now and no showings or calls yet.....I think I'll be hyperventilating in a few more weeks.

If you are in the Huntsville area and need an affordable house check it out! Keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale for us because apparently we are going to need all the luck we can get!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Improvement...... Sucks!

As most of you know, well those who sorta follow my blog, we are in the midst of finishing up home improvement projects so our house can go on the market. We have way outgrown our current house, 1070 sq ft and this seems like a good time to sell, at least where we are! I know at least 3 people personally that sold their houses here in less than a month, so wish us luck!

We have been working on the house since oh I don't know, April and are just now getting to the point of done. Insane, but with hubby working so much and our Hawaii trip we just were short on some time. We...well ok hubby has done alot of work himself and we did get a little help from our BIL for FREE, he's in construction. It's nice to have family who'll do that stuff for free, though we plan to pay them something once we sell.

Our house is looking so nice compared to what it did when we bought it 8 yrs ago, if we hadn't outgrown it I would stay lol. We have a brand new roof this year, we installed laminate flooring in the living/dining rooms two years ago, new vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen two years ago as well. We have now painted the outside of the house to a beautiful champagne color (pale yellow) with white trim from a ugly charcoal color. The house now boasts beautiful new light fixtures in every room, new sink faucets, door knobs, and patio doors. I was looking at the cost of all this, we are close to umm 10K in fixing up this house and I felt faint. It needed to be done, esp the roof and flooring in order to sell, so it'll be worth it.

The latest spendy project is the Air Conditioner. So a few months ago our thermostat went out, just quit working, tried new batteries, checking the wires etc. Nothing seemed to work, so I bought a new thermostat. Sounds good right, hubby installed the last one and likely would be able to do so this time too. Umm right it took him hours and hours and still it wasn't right...but we made do. It did cool and that is what we needed since it was near 100 outside but unfortunately it wasn't kicking off when it reached the desired temperature. It would continue to run, which we didn't realize how bad until we came back from our trip to Hawaii. I would have thought our bill went down since we were gone for 2 weeks, sounds right? Um nope, it went up from the normal $180's to $250's EEk almost $100 extra that month.

So then this months bill came and yet again $250 so we called the AC company and had them come out Friday morning. The guy arrives on time, thankfully as we had tons to do and gets to work. Turns out we simply had the wrong thermostat..oh great, so I am a true blonde. The one we had that was for gas not electric....eek again. Well it was $89 for them to come run a diagnostic on the whole system which we needed anyways and all that was wrong was the thermostat. UGH so the guy said he can install a new one for $120 and I ask hubby if that is what he wants to do or just go get one and do it himself. He's like pay for it!! It takes me to long to do it and plus we might not be able to find the right one. Ok so the guy has checked out the whole system and installed a new thermostat in about an hour.... $200 later it's done! Yay for AC guys on time and fast!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why To Choose Big Crumbs ~ Cash Back When You Shop

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I feel like I am doing the skit on Saturday Night Live , here's Frances with your weekend update. Turn and face the camera and start in on some crazy story. Hmm nope not on the agenda today.

So it's been a busy weekend to say the least at our house. Friday night we worked on the house more trying to make sure we get everything done by Sat Aug 9th to put it on the market. Along with staying up way to late wrapping presents for Jessica's birthday on Saturday made for a long and slow weekend.

Her birthday went well though, she woke up surprised with her presents and loved them all. Almost every single item she got was Hannah Montana related or High School Music related, no joke! She is in LOVE with her Hannah Montana electric guitar she got from her Nana. It's pretty cool, it has a headset that has a mic and it does work so she can sing along with Hannah. The only downfall to this is the headset is made for a baby's head. The top part does not expand like normal headsets do so the ear pieces do not meet her ears. So we improvised and she wears it around her neck and bends the mic up to her mouth.

She really wanted a High School Musical party but we couldn't find a store with the cake decorations in stock! UGH I was mad especially since I had already bought some HSM party decor. So she settled for a Hannah Montana meets High School Musical party lol HM cake and HSM decor.

We took her out to dinner at Applebees and it was pretty good, and thankfully Hailey is getting better about eating and being good when we go out! It was dead when we got there at 5 so service was fast and the food hot. The girls had dessert there, though not sure why since we had cake and ice cream at home from the party earlier lol.

Her big finish for the night was to have a movie night complete with popcorn and in the dark lol so we rented Waterhorse and popped up some corn and watched the movie. It was pretty cute, kinda of scary at parts for smaller kids, a couple times Hailey would come hide her eyes. Sad to see my baby turning 8 but she's growing up so fast and it's definitely bittersweet.

Sunday was pretty much same ol same ol, working on the master bedroom now, packed up majority of the stuff and have started painting. Then we'll only have the floors left to finish! Gosh I hope this house sells quickly!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mom Invention Of The Month ~ Baby Dipper®

I have decided to try to spotlight a Mom Invention once a month on my blog to let you know of some really cool items out there that can help you or your children. August's spotlight goes to:

Barbara Schantz, mompreneur and inventor of the Baby Dipper® bowl.

Barbara has her hands full these days, she's a mom to twin 3 yr old girls AND newborn twin boys along with running her Baby Dipper® business. Her vision started when her girls were younger and she found it quite difficult to feed both of her girls successfully with one hand and started to think of ways to achieve this. She tried other bowls on the market but none fit her needs so she designed her own and today it's on the market for everyone! You can read more about her story here.

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You can try this wonderful mom product by visiting Barbara's website and purchasing a Bowl and Spoon Set for just $12.96 plus shipping and tax.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Time! Potty Time! Excellent!

Well over the last week the little one has been telling us she needed to go potty and almost every single time she sits she goes! Not just peeing either! WHOOHOOOO how bad is it to get excited over peeing and pooping?? LOL if you have kids you know all to well that it is Exciting! No bribes yet either, no candy for going, no toys etc. She's so cute, she'll say I gotta go potty and run to the bathroom and wait on you to get the little potty seat ready and she says "ok you go away now'. Privacy already?? lol so I tell her to call me when she's done and she does and as soon as she goes she yells "Mommy I am doing it!" hehe to cute.

Now if we weren't trying to get our house on the market in the next week I would totally go full force with her...but I can't be cleaning up accidents all day long right now! Sooo hopefully the house will sell fast and we get to move soon!

So we will continue to ask her to go and let her go and hopefully soon be diaper free! I am counting the down the days!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh My! My Baby is Turning 8!

My baby is turning 8, not my youngest but my oldest, don't you consider your 1st born your baby? I do lol but I digress! I am just bewildered that 8 years has gone by that fast, where did the time go? Oh yes I remember, I had to work the first 4.5 years of her life but only because I had to. I missed out on alot of things with her and it makes me sad but I have been home with her for the last 4 years and feel it's brought us a bit closer together.

So her birthday is Aug 2 and I still need to go birthday shopping and plan a small party! She's in love er I mean obsessed with Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Camp Rock LOL pretty sure that's typical for her age group these days. I was going to buy her Camp Rock on DVD but it doesn't come out until Aug 29th if I remember correctly. That'll go on her Christmas list.

My mom is sending some Hannah Montana things so I'll just a couple of things from the list to buy and then perhaps some clothes and maybe get her ears pierced. She's been talking about it for a little over a week now. She really wants a HM or HSM party so we'll see how that goes. I have been wanting to redecorate her room but since we are putting our house on the market in a few days (hopefully) I'll wait til we move, maybe that will be Christmas items too!

Well off to get working on the house more to get it ready to sell! We have some solid leads that are interested in the house so I'll be praying for a quick sale!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair Cuts & Potty Training

That's been the fun of my life the couple of days..ok not really fun but that's the life of a mom! So my oldest daughter has had LONG hair forever now, we try to cut it at the beginning of summer so she doesn't get too hot. Well I didn't get to it this yr since we went to Hawaii as soon as school was over and then just been busy, you know excuse after excuse. That's me. She kept begging to have it done before school starts.... so I finally succumbed to the peer pressure LOL I chopped it off a couple nights ago and it's not barely at her shoulders...sigh... it was almost to her waist, I cut at least 8 or so inches off. I was going to go for 10 to donate but it would have required much much shorter and I wasn't ready for that! She's happy with it though she claims it is not as short as she would like. UM hello you are not quite 8 yet, I think you'll be happy with what you have! Argghh can't wait til the teen yrs!

So on to my youngest, who is now 3.5 yrs and has really not shown to much interest in going potty. Oh sure there are kids who are potty trained at 2.5, some at 3 and so on but I learned with the 1st one not to push or rush them. It only backfires and leaves everyone frustrated! She has gone a couple times here and there in the last few months and we are always sure to praise her for going but no real interest on a daily basis. So yesterday I was getting ready to start dinner and hubby was working with Jess on something on the computer, we hear Hailey saying something from the bathroom. I thought for sure she was just washing her hands, so I am yelling at her what did you say?? "Mom, I am going potty" she says. What??? LOL so I go rushing in there to find her butt naked sitting on the big potty (she even put the insert in!) and she had went potty! I was shocked LOL but of course we did the big girl dance and all that fun stuff. Did she ask to go again last night or tell us??? Nope LOL least I know she's starting to get it, now I look forward to diaper free days!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tupperware Products on Sale

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mamma Mia!

A couple of friends and I went to see Mamma Mia! last night after dinner at Red Robin and it was wonderful! If you love musicals and you love ABBA you will love this movie! Who doesn't want to get up and dance and sing when you hear Dancing Queen??? People in the movie were dancing and singing along with the cast, quite interesting lol.

So the premise of the movie without giving to much away: Girl meets boy, falls in love, they are going to get married. Girl doesn't know who her dad is and is determined to find out by inviting 3 guys from her moms life to the wedding. Tons of funny and touching parts, you'll laugh, you might cry but you'll leave the theater smiling!

Cast includes wonderful actors/actresses: Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) Stellan Skarsgard (Bill) , Pierce Brosnan (Sam), Colin Firth (Harry), Meryl Streep (Donna), Julie Walters (Rosie) Christine Baranski (Tanya) and Dominic Cooper (Sky).

Grab your girlfriends and head out to the movie and fall in love with the characters!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Countdown Begins

For back to school that is! My oldest dd starts back on Aug 6th, yes I know that's early but here in the South we like to do that because what fun is summer vacation. I don't mind it actually, they get 2.5 months of summer vacation, a fall week break, Christmas break which is 2 weeks and spring break week. Seems like plenty of time for me to be off and driving the parents crazy!

So here it is the middle of July and still no school supply list has been published for my dd's school. Ok sure I could go buy some paper, pencils, notebooks etc but they would be the wrong kind, brand, size etc. Why is it that we have to get so particular for name brand things? Shouldn't the schools be worried about teaching the children how to read and write and not worry if the kids have Crayola or Rose Art crayons??

We still have all the school supply shopping today, oh I take that back we have the backpack. Then school clothes but I do not plan to buy any winter items yet, not the way my kids grow and plus its to dang hot to even think about it. It doesn't start to get cool here until Oct and sometimes not til Nov! I just need to buy a few more pair of shorts and some of the usual socks/underwear and a couple pair of shoes and she'll be good.

Only 20 days til school starts!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother 10

The addiction starts! I can say though I am not nearly addicted er I mean intensely watching like some people lol since I don't actually subscribe to the live feeds. Doesn't mean I don't read up on them though LOL

Last night was the premiere of this season and yes I was glued to the tv screen waiting to see this years players (though I had already read up on them being the BB fan I am lol). Without seeing the show my favs from the profiles were Jerry and Libra and still are. They seem the most real without being all fake and young like 98% of the house LOL

I do not like Renny though for some reason I thought her name was Remmy LOL oops she's a little to self righteous for me right now. Maybe she'll grow on me like Evil Dick did in Season 8. I wouldn't be upset though if she went home because she just rubs me wrong right now.

Anyone else think that Keesha looks a bit like Dani from season 8? Some of the live shots from last night really reminded me of her.

Up for eviction is Renny and Jessie (body builder boy) but gosh he seems like such a wuss! UGH he's got such a baby face and was sure pouting about not sleeping. Somebody better call the WAHHHHBULLANCE! Maybe he can get in touch with WAHHMBER from season 8 too!

Til the next show!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Surgery Went Well

Just got off the phone a little while ago with my mom and her surgery went great. The specialist did a test of the cancer they took out and they got it all! I am so happy about that because we were really worried about it being spread already. Thankfully she is feeling pretty well right now as well and hopes to not take the pain meds.

Thanks for all the well wishes and I'll be sure to update as needed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on Life in the Family

Where to begin....

The house is still not done with home improvement projects. Well I say that like the house is doing the actual work lol but that's not true. Hubby and I aren't done with the projects though we are getting closer. One would think that since we have been working on this since oh I don't know maybe April we would be done and were supposed to have it on the market before our Hawaii trip late May. It wasn't done but no surprise to me because I knew there was still to much to be done but hubby was insistent we would be done. We have had a coming soon sign in our yard since May, umm and it's July now! How long can you have a coming soon sign before it's not soon anymore? I keep waiting for my realtor to mysteriously show up and take the sign down when I am not looking lol like she put the sign up. I keep praying we'll in the next couple of weekends so we can move on with this.

Our contract on the other house we were trying to build fell though. We were having tons of issues with the builders getting the contract extended and they kept telling us BS and giving us the run around. So we are waiting to get our earnest money back now from the mutual release agreement. So we'll just move into an apt or an existing house once our house sells....if it ever gets on the market!

Onto family news, my mom was told she had skin cancer a few months ago. She had a growth on her ankle and went in and they removed it because it was pretty good size and it came back as cancerous. So then they tell her they need to go in and remove the rest of the cancer to keep it from spreading and/or to make sure it's not spread already. So she was slated for surgery last week with the surgeon. She's in the office, prepped and ready and he comes in and looks and goes out for a minute and then comes back and tells her he's not doing it. She has an appt with the specialist the following week. So her surgery is now on the 10th and I am worried about it because seems off the other guy wouldn't do the surgery and the fact that referrals normally take months with the army and she got in the following week. Will post an update soon as I know.

School Glorious School starts back Aug 6 whoohooo! I can't wait, er I mean I will sure miss my oldest when she goes back. I do love having her home but it's been so hot we haven't done much this summer (outside the Hawaii trip) and a few playdates. Her birthday is coming up on the 2nd of the month as well so we are trying to figure out what do for that as well. I am not sure where the money is going to come from since we are spread thin due to the house stuff and then we need to buy school supplies and clothes.

Well there's the latest and greatest from our end of the world.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Current Favorite Tupperware Product

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Today is the day we celebrate our independence and thank our soldiers fighting for our freedom overseas. Take a moment and say a prayer or a thank you to those fighting for us.

Normally the 4th is an exciting time, celebrate with family, do the cookout thing, watch fireworks ya know the normal all American celebration. Today none for us lol we even had chicken tacos for dinner! We aren't going to see the fireworks either, mostly due to the rain off and on all day today. We'll catch them on tv!

The highlight of my day was going to see my friend that just had her baby last night, they were both doing great and he's such a cutie! I can't wait for them to get home so I can hold him and snuggle with him. Ahh yes baby fever has set in for sure but trying to hold onto those feelings and see if they are real or just wanting to be around the other babies. Only time will tell!

Hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Trying to Catch Up!

I have been utterly sick since last Saturday and really haven't been functioning most of the week. Finally this past Tuesday I went to the dr and found out I had an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection and strep throat! Umm can someone tell me where the hell all that came from? I haven't ever been that sick with that many things at once, luckily only 1 antibiotic was needed.

I finally felt well enough today to sit upright more than 3o mins at a time, so I have been trying to catch up on emails and message boards. Though I don't think I am doing a good job lol. So then I had to go read on some friends blogs and found this neat widget you add to your blog that tells you where people are from that visit your blog. Sooo of course I had to add it so I could see where my wonderful readers are from.

Just wanted to post a quick update hope to post again tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guess What?

Its 2 am and I am wide awake! Great eh? um not so great really especially when I need to be up at 7:30 am to get myself and the girls ready to be somewhere by 10. Sigh, its a never ending battle with my insomnia. I had been doing so well before we went on vacation and while on vacation but its been crappy since. It'll eventually stop right? Please tell me I'll be able to sleep again for more than a few hours.

So basically I am awake tonight due to stress with the house, no surprise there though. So here's the deal, we had a contract on a house I really really loved. It was about 1630 sq ft on half an acre, nice upgrades included and decent price. Unfortunately it was about 30 to 45 mins from hubby's work and with gas prices AND food cost going up there was just no way. I would have had to go back to work in order to make it work. Thankfully we were able to get out of the contract and get our earnest money back. Whew!

So we decided to just work on the house a bit and go from there and see if anything else popped up etc. I drove around one Sun and saw a new subdivision going up and they were having a grand opening event. So I went and checked out their 1641 sq ft house and it was nice and priced great. Just about 5 mins down the road only big downfall was a different school district. Jess is really sad at the thought of leaving her friends but what can I do. The houses in her district are either what we have now or really REALLY expensive houses.

So I like the house and they had a special where you get an extra $2000K to use toward the purchase. We had to sign that weekend though, so I drag hubby up there to check out the house and he liked it and so we called our realtor and she came up and we did the contract etc. Great, picked out all the things for the house, upgrades etc and was happy with the price.

Fast forward we had 30 days to get our house on the market or they would let the contract go or we could try to extend. Our house was supposed to be ready before we went on vacation May 21 but it didn't happen. So during the 2 weeks we were gone our realtor tried to get in touch with home builders to see if they would extend. No response, we'll call you back, we have to talk to the mgr etc. Runaround big time. So when we get back the next day hubby calls and the guys yah sure no problem. Then he tells him we'll lose the extra $2K I don't think so! So we call our realtor again and shes said no that's not right let me call them again. So she calls and talks to them, shes told yes we can still have it they will write up the contract and we just need to come in asap and sign it.

No problem, hubby goes in today to sign and the guy who we and our realtor talked to is like what contract? UM WHAT THE HELL? So needless to say hubby was mad and when I got home from a playdate and found out I was mad too. I made him call our realtor and tell her we are not going to sign an extension. They are giving us to much runaround bs and don't need that right now. We just need to focus on getting our house done and on the market.

So now we are back to square one, working on our house and no house to move into LOL I guess that's fine in some instances and I truly feel if it was meant to be it would have worked out. So now I get to look at existing houses and find something in our price range that we like. Right now I am just browsing online MLS and seeing what is available. We can't make a move until we know the house is on the market and getting some interest.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sleepless in Huntsville

Another long night is coming I foresee. I would have probably went to sleep around midnight had Hailey still not been up screaming her head off about wanting to lay on the couch, lay with daddy, she's hungry and a billion other excuses. Finally she got quiet and I peeked on her and she's asleep at the gate at her door. Finally peace and quiet, not a creature was stirring well except me. I am wide awake yet again, I believe its a bit stress related and the fact I slept for about 12 hours last night and didn't wake up til 11 am. I took a unisom last night at about 11 and was asleep soon after but I guess I was hoping once I got caught up I could sleep again tonight, apparently I was wrong.

So what do I do when I can't sleep? I read other blogs, some are friend blogs, some are random blogs I found online that I find amusing. I wish I could be as witty and a great writer like some of the mom bloggers I have read. I wish alot of things, mostly that I could sleep! I was going to try start another blog just a family blog to update my mom and them on the girls and what was going on in our lives. Then I thought would I really do it? I am getting bad about sending pics ONLINE to my mom lol.

So what do you do when you don't sleep? Have any remedies that work? I was taking melatonin for my issue and it worked for a bit then I quit taking it and am trying the unisom. It works ok but other times I am not so sure.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Return of Insomnia

I had gotten used to sleeping again but apparently our trip to Hawaii is still messing my sleeping schedule up. The last 3 or so nights I haven't been able to sleep til about 4 am and its about 4 am now and I am wide awake. I really think its stress related though, the trip, the house, the house, the house, see a trend?

So this weeks stress is trying to finish our house to sell it. Yes that's right trying to finish our home improvement projects that's been going on for a little over a month now. So ready to be done ready for my dh to finish one project before moving on to the next.

We have put alot of money into this house, brand new roof, new flooring (except bedrooms) in the last 2 yrs, new light fixtures inside and out, new faucets, new doorknobs and painting inside and out. This is another one of those times when talking paint I want to kick myself or hubby rather because the paint has been in the garage for 2 yrs. We are going from this nasty gray/blue color to a pretty champagne (light yellow) color with white trim. I really do like the colors its a shame I'll not get to enjoy them LOL.

I pray we'll finish this up in the next week or so, so we can get the house officially on the market since the coming soon sign has been here for about 3 weeks now EEK! I hate it and I hate telling our realtor we aren't done. We are getting closer daily still have some inside painting to do and work oh yes and more packing. I have been in charge of packing up the junk and sorting and throwing out things. The living/dining/playroom and most of Jessica's room is done. Worked on the kitchen and have a few more things to go there plus the master. I did start in there as well this weekend but I really need to buckle down and get r done!

I am trying not to nag my dh but geesh he acts like he didn't know this was coming. I have told him for about 6 months I wanted to move this year! I am stressing our house will not sell since it'll likely be July before it hits the market...sigh. There are still about 10 or so houses for sale in my n'hood but we had more so thats a good sign. The bad sign is the house 2 doors down dropped their price recently, though I thought it was overpriced by atleast 20K! We'll see how low they go.

We are having some issues with the builder we chose and now I am regretting it. I don't know what's going to happen hope to find out tomorrow. They keep messing around and ignoring our realtor when we needed to know for 2 weeks while in HI if they would extend the contingency contract. They never returned her calls, hubby calls the day after we get back and bam all the sudden can give us an answer. Um ok yah so then they tell him we'll lose the $2K they gave us when we signed the original contract...which was the big reason we signed with them! So frustrated but we'll see what happens.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Terrible Threes

You know as a parent you often hear "watch out for the terrible twos" well I have to disagree two is no where near as bad as three! I often tell my friends that they will find out what I mean and they are like don't say that! I would personally rather someone tell me the truth than sugar coat it and lie.

Hailey is oh so three and oh so bad lately! Let's just talk about her latest incident or crime shall I say. Last night the girls were near impossible to get to sleep (if you read earlier entries you know why). It was near 2 am when Jessica started crying. Hubby ran to the room since it didn't sound like the normal cry it was the Hurt cry. You know as a parent you can tell the difference.

So I go in after coming out of the potty and walked in to see blood gushing out of Jessica's nose on both sides, blood in her mouth, blood all over her legs, bed and clothes. Not something you really want to see at 2 am. I asked what happened and apparently Hailey threw a book at Jessica. Now Jessica was laying in bed trying to go to sleep when Hailey chunked the book. Hubby said he heard something hit the wall (which made he get up) but then he heard the crying. So either the book hit the wall and then Jess or it hit Jess and she hit the wall trying to get up.

Either way it took quite some time to get the bleeding stopped and to see if she had knocked her tooth out (very loose anyways). We deducted the blood was from her nose and thankfully she didn't have a serious problem last night. We were able to get the bleeding to stop, applied an ice pack and off to bed. I was worried she would wake up with a black eye or swollen nose but all seems well. She did say it hurt today but nothing so bad she couldn't function as normal.

So you see three is bad, they know things are wrong and still do it. I just hope this phase ends soon, as Jessica didn't go thru it so I am at a loss on what to do.

Here's hoping to a less eventful night!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Trip To Hawaii

My mom and stepdad were kind enough to pay for our 4 tickets to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks! It was really nice of them and I need to send a thank you card as an extra thought. You never realize how much you need a vacation until you get there and not have the stress you do at home.

Our flight to Hawaii was wonderful! The kids did soo well at the airport considering we had to wait 4 hours between the time my sister landed and our flight left. We got thru security and checked in all in less than 30 mins at the ATL airport! Thankfully it went so well, I was nervous about the rules.

The flight itself went well, the girls loved flying and Hailey napped the first 4 hours of the flight once we took off. Then she woke to eat and slept for another hour or so and didn't get antsy until about the last hour. Jessica slept the last half of the flight lol figures eh? She enjoyed it and got to sit by the window which she loved.

I posted in another post the slideshows with almost all our pics from our sightseeing, I hope you enjoy them. We visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Pali State Park, North Shore, Bellows Beach, Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Beach and went to Paradise Coves Luau. There is so much to do there and see and I wish we had had more money to do more! I really wanted to go to Pearl Harbor, see Cirque Hawaii and go on a dinner cruise and to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It worked out though because I think we did just enough activities and not wear ourselves completely out.

We spent our 8th wedding anniversary in Waikiki, that was really nice. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate and Oh My the food was sooo yummy! They give so much food we only got 1 slice of chocolate mousse cheesecake to share. That was delicious, I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

The kids had a great time visiting with my mom (nana) and stepdad (papa) and my sister (Lauren). Oahu is such a beautiful island and if you ever get a chance to visit its an experience you'll not forget.

Our trip back was a little more eventful than I cared for lol. The airport was fine, got thru security again within 30 mins and only had about 45 mins before we left. We left at 4:15 pm and due to arrive in ATL att 7 am which we did on the dot. Unfortunately the flight was all night and Hailey did NOT sleep until the last hour and Jess stayed awake the whole time. Hailey was in a mood and would scream, cry, fuss at every single thing. No matter what we did she was miserable, overtired for sure. I felt bad since so many were trying to sleep but everyone was pretty understanding. Other than that the flight wasn't to bad, except for a couple of rude flight attendants. I am sure they were tired too but come on, its your job get over it.

Once we arrived in ATL we got our luggage and was off to the car in about 30 mins, seeing a trend there. So off we go to IHOP for breakfast (they served umm yogurt and a fruit cup for breakfast) and then home bound. We got about 30 mins or so from IHOP and Hailey threw up all over herself, the car and carseat and the duffel bag. So here we are on 20 and I had to pull thru 3 lanes of traffic to the side of the road. Unpack the entire trunk to get to clothing and the other carseat. Change the clothes, change the carseat out, clean up clean up and FINALLY get back on the rd. I was worried about driving to far though since we didn't know what was wrong with her. We opted to stay at hotel in Douglasville for the day/night. We all ended up napping for about 5 hours when we got there and then Hailey only slept 4 hours that night. Essentially were were up all night she woke up at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep. On top of that the couple next door to us was getting it on Very Loudly. We heard it all thru the walls over a loud tv. Jess heard it and was like what is that mom? UGH!

I was soo glad to arrive home on Sat morning around 10 am. To bad our bodies/time clocks are so messed up. None of us have slept at night since we got home. I am working hard today to keep the girls and myself up and moving so we sleep tonight.

We were glad to go on vacation but so glad to be home as well!

Aloha for now

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hawaii Vacation Pictures

We just got back from a wonderful 2 weeks in Oahu Hawaii. We spent some wonderful time with family and saw some great places. Below are some slideshows from the trip.

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

Nuuanu Pali State Park

Paradise Cove Luau

Paradise Cove Luau

Paradise Cove Luau

Paradise Cove Luau

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach