Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thirty Five

Hmm how did I get to be 35 already? That's only 5 years away from 40.... not sure how I quite feel about that. So I turned the big 3-5 on Tuesday, didn't have much planned due to softball games and a very cranky baby lol but it turned out fine, hubby brought home a cake, a chocolate cake, so I can't complain to much. 

So last night I went out with some friends to a place called Spirited Art, you know they are pretty awesome if you've never been. You can bring your own drink & munchies if you wish, you learn to paint a painting of  your choice and have some fun! I've only done it once before and that was two years ago when I was super preggo  with K, I was so nervous that time. There isn't anything to be nervous about, but I hadn't painted in years and years.  However it turned out pretty good and last nights painting I like too.

So without further ado, Spring Breeze

Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy and Random

We've been quite busy the last week, we went to my sisters graduation from University of South Carolina the 1st weekend of May, it was great to see her walk across the stage.  While it was a long drive 9.5 there and then back out of a 3 day weekend, we really enjoyed our time there. My mom even got to go, so that was even better. :) Here is a pic of my sister and I (not a great pic of me though).

She is so excited to be done with college (at least for now) and already has a job in NC where she moved to. Ah my sister is all grown up now. We are 12 yrs apart so I watched her grow up into the young lady she is today. Bittersweet!

Kaitlyn celebrated her 2nd birthday Tuesday of this past week, and I am a complete failure as a mom, because I don't think I took any pictures of her except 1 and that was with my phone. UGH.  We were supposed to have her party this past Saturday but the weather was quite iffy and so we rescheduled (and of course it did not really rain until late that day) until this coming Sunday.  It'll probably be 100 degrees and feel like we're dying of heat exhaustion but that's better than stormy weather right? lol

2 Years Old
Last week I made a recipe from Pinterest, Mexican Chicken Ring and it was YUMMY! Here is my version:

We all really enjoyed it, all 3 kids, ate it without a fuss and we really didn't have any left overs. This was enough to feed 5 of us, about 2 servings each, so if you have more people in the family or big eaters, you'll need more than 1. We served it with salad. :)  Next time I am going to leave out the tortilla chips, didn't really think it added much flavor.

Last week we also had an appointment for K for a consult for new braces. We were stuck in between what our PT here was saying and what the doctors down at UAB were saying, both totally different. What is a person to do, ask the brace guy! He was able to make everyone happy! We are getting braces that can be solid (not movable) or hinged (movable) by them having a strap that tightens to allow either way.  YAY. So I can't wait to get them and see them on her so we can see what is best. 

And finally yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a low key thing for us. I worked that morning, spent some time with my mom in the afternoon and came home to a clean house courtesy of hubby and the kids. Then we grilled out hamburgers for dinner in between pop up tornado warnings lol (not really for us but close by) but all in all it was a great day.

How's that for random?

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I feel like we're in a vicious cycle. Just when things go better and we're getting things paid off, BAM something happens and we're back down the hole again. Sigh.

My dear husband is due a promotion at work, which would help A LOT, however they told him no because his family issues the past 2 yrs. Um, sorry, I wish that I could take it all back where my child was not born with SB and need 2 surgeries and multiple dr appointments spread out of the last 2 years requiring more than 3ish plus weeks off of work, and I wish I could take back my mom having her major stroke, making him take more time off, but it's just not possible and he should not be punished for that. He worked from home/hospitals as much as he could so not to get to far behind, but it's not enough. So yes I am thankful he has a job, they didn't let him go or anything like that, but he really needs to get out of there, they are not going to promote him no matter what he does, no matter how many trainings they send him to, so he can come back and train the people there, he's stuck.  GRRR

So now, he's looking for a new job, to move to another company, because after putting in 10 years at the current company, they are no longer a good fit for us in many ways. So any local friends that know of some openings let me know, procurement/buyer, logistics or finance is the type he is looking for. Thanks.

I am sure that some reading this (who do not know me or our situation), say for me to go to work, ha, if only it were that simple. I am working very PT at a local church, I'll be lucky to get around $100 a month (and that's on a good month) so while it's helpful to pay for gas, it's not enough to substantially change things.  We're not able to just put K in a daycare, not with her medical issues and honestly I don't know a job I could do to pay enough to cover the cost of full time care for 3 kids (1 with special needs/med issues) in the summer and still have money left.  No point in working to only pay daycare, so right now me staying home is the best option.  I need to look back into the babysitting world again and check the listings online to see if I can find something that will work with our crazy schedule.

So for now, we're trying to cut back on as much as we can, eat cheaper meals, shop more at Aldis and try to use coupons as much as possible for things at other stores. We're trying to save on gas, making several trips out of one, especially when driving across town for softball games and school pickup/drop off, visiting my mom.  So much of our money each month is spent on gas and food. There's just nothing left and barely enough to get by :( I hate living like this. 

To top it off, besides the crazy outstanding number of medical bills we have, my hearing aids have started messing up and it's really time to replace, been 5 years, but that means coming up with a little over $3000 to cover the cost.  Isn't life grand?

I know God is not punishing us, and the saying he'll only give you what you can handle, well I am questioning my ability these days to handle anything....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catch Up

I set a new record lol I blogged 6 times in April ;) that's pretty impressive, eh? lol Alright moving on, we've been busy since my last blog, so today is catch up. We're still kicking butt with softball games, not that either girls team is winning a lot, but they are out there and play hard, 3 times a week. J had volleyball tryouts last week at school and made the team! WOOT! We're all excited for her. :) I had to get a tooth surgically removed last Thursday, so I've been out of commission a bit this past week but now am doing pretty good, just a little pain left.  We went to a super fun birthday party this past weekend and now we're back to softball and school fun.

Speaking of school, there are only 17 days of school left! Oh my, this year has flown by. Next year I will have a 7th grader and a 2nd does that happen? I only have 3 years left before K goes off to school. ARGH! Other school news, my sister is graduating this weekend, University of South Carolina, and we're going to watch/celebrate with her. So proud of her, it's been a long road with lots of changes, but she's did it :)

K is doing well with speech and physical therapy, we're ready to get her new AFO's, but her consult isn't until the 10th, so still a little ways off. I am trying to figure out to budget in some outpatient pt for her, but our insurance only pays a percentage of the cost and she has to have an evaluation for that too. sigh.

Summer is coming and we've got no big plans, just some day trips, lots of playdates and anything cheap! :) Anyone going on a fun vacation?