Thursday, March 26, 2009

Relay For Life Fundraiser~ Win A Wii

The Huntsville/Madison Moms & Tots is holding a fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. We are raffling off several items including a Nintendo Wii! This is a great way to donate to Relay For Life and have a chance to win cool prizes!

Here's the details!

Huntsville/Madison Moms & Tots

Relay For Life Team Raffle

Win A Wii!

Item BT1: Wii System Includes: Console, Console Stand, Wii Remote, Remote Jacket, Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, AC Adaptor, AV Cable & Wii Sports Disc. Value $249.00

Also raffling off:

Item BT2 ***T-Mobile Cell Phone - Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Value: $199.99

Item BT3 ***4-Prive Monaco Pictures Passes Value: $52Item

BT4 ***4-Passes to Sci-Quest & 2 Bowling Passes Value $32

Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5 or 6 for $10

Buy your tickets today!!!!

Contact Frances @

***If you are out of the Huntsville/Madison area and want to purchase tickets for the Wii or Cell Phone, we do ask that you pay for shipping with signature confirmation of delivery. We'll just need your mailing address if you win! I come!!!

Oh yes, I am heading to Nashville this weekend for a Girls Weekend Out! Six friends and I are going up early Saturday am (weather permitting) and staying overnight. We have shopping, eating and going out to the clubs planned and ohh sleeping in! Can't beat that! No kids and no husbands! Dinner without having to tell someone to sit down and turn around, please eat, don't stare, get off the floor etc. Well you get the idea lol it'll be NICE!

I am worried the weather that is coming in tomorrow may determine our early start time Sat morning, as it's possible we'll have isolated tornadoes, but I hope not! We hope to leave around 10 and hit Nashville just in time for lunch and head out to Opry Mills for some shopping. Later that night one of the girls in the group who is from that area is taking us to all the cool places :) I am counting down the hours until we leave. It's been a stressful week with the kids along with a few other things as well.

I am sure I'll have some great stories to tell and maybe pics to share when I get back! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break...busy busy!

It never seems to be a relaxing time, we don't do vacations during Spring Break because hubby usually doesn't have enough vacation time saved up at this point. However it seems that we are still super busy during this week! I do try to keep both kids entertained and often find it hard to do because we don't go to the major parks around here during this time due to the overwhelming number of kids there. Plus the weather has been really nice this week, so I can imagine it was more busy than even normal! We have done some play dates with friends, gone to a St. Patty's party, that was tons of fun and we'll have friends over this week to. Later this week we are going to the Botanical Gardens, which is always fun. I am thinking of getting a membership there, since they have alot of fun events for kids during the summer. Saturday will prove to be quite busy as well for me atleast. I have a 2 hour block on Sat that I'll be up at Kroger's taking donations for Relay For Life, then we have a birthday party to attend for a few hours, and finally I'll end the night with a moms night in watching the movie Twilight!

This week started out rough, Jess has been complaining her right ear was hurting her and by Monday it wasn't any better. So off we went to the dr, her ear was red and borderline infected and I am guessing due to her past history of ear infections they went ahead and put her on antibiotics. The dr asked if she wanted the chewables or liquid, she chose the tablets. Hmm I thought to myself lol but I said ok. She has to take 1.5 pills two times a day for 10 days. I thought she was going to die the 1st time lol she was gagging and complaining the entire time. Oh well, guess next time she'll be asking for the liquid!

Tuesday hubby had to go out of town for a business trip back to Philly again. It seems several of their vendors are located there. So he left that morning and should be arriving back in Hsv tonight. I'll be glad when he's home and things are back to the girls the last 2 nights haven't been to bed on time. Oops lol oh well, it's Spring Break after all. ;)

We had friends over today to play and of course there were snacks. Hailey had a plastic bowl and after she was done she says to me " Mom, that sign means recycle." I was like huh??? you know what that means? lol it was quite comical, I had no idea she even knew that. So I quizzed her asking where she learned it, thinking maybe Sid The Science Kid on PBS or Sesame Street. Nope, finally she tells me Wall-E! I am amazed she picked that up from the movie, but she does love it and watch it often. So maybe movies aren't so bad after all? :)

Some of you may have noticed too that I changed the name of my blog. It was called View From A Blonde before, but I think this is more fitting. I was getting some STRANGE searches from the prior title!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feeling Down

Life is hard, sometimes it just sucks and I mean really sucks. This is one of those times. I thought I had been doing better, I went to the baby shower for about 12 moms from my group. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't to bad, there wasn't too much baby talk (surprising I know) and I tried to occupy myself with other talk anyways. However this week has been hard and it's just Wed. However I know the next shower I will not be able to attend, it would have been the one that included me.

Monday night I attended a meet n greet with some ladies who want to join our group. Unfortunately they all have had in the last 6 months a baby or were preg... plus there were 2 other preg mommies there. It wasn't to bad until they started talking babies, being pregnant, birth etc. I really thought I might have to get up and leave. What set this off you ask? Well earlier in the day someone posted in our Monday check in thread, they were pg. I wasn't expecting to come across an ultrasound pic, so it kinda surprised me. We have a expecting moms thread, that people usually use to announce their pregancies....and I have been avoiding it. I noticed it's been bumped up quite a bit.

Monday night as I lay in bed, it finally hit me. I lost it and couldn't quit crying and wishing things had been different. Why couldn't I be the one announcing my pregancy, that we tried for and waited patiently for, for so long? I went through the whole it's not fair, what did I do wrong to cause the miscarriage etc etc. Thankfully hubby is very supportive and though he doesn't fully understand how I feel, he's there for me.

Tuesday I was hoping would be better, but it seemed to be tons of announcements about new pregnancies, babies being born etc... and it just sucks. I want to be happy for them, I really do, but it's so hard when their due dates are around the same as mine would have been. I don't how long this bitterness, sadness and jealouness will last...but I hope not forever.

Today I recieved a phone call from my ob/gyn remind me of my appt for tomorrow afternoon. I would have been 10 weeks and going for a dating ultrasound etc. I don't get to do this and see my little baby's heartbeat.....I told them of course I needed to cancel since I had miscarried a couple weeks ago. Of course she said she was sorry and hung up. I had meant to cancel the appt, however that slipped my mind.

I am trying to not think about these things, do things with the kids, go to playdates etc. It's so hard though, when it seems everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby. I guess I still need more time to heal.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring errr I mean Summer Weather

This past weekend was beautiful! I mean temps in the 60s-70's and a nice breeze the entire time. We went to the park and played and the kids had a great time on Saturday and then Sunday we had a small family party for Hailey's birthday. Since the weather was so nice we decided to grill out, had steak, baked potatoes and salad. YUM! It really felt like Spring was here, then today, the temp is 80 plus outside!!! Umm where did Spring go? If its getting this warm already in early March I can't imagine what this summer will be like.

I am more worried about the actual weather not temperature.... If we will have tons of thunderstorms that could likely become tornadic or if we'll be lucky this year. We know it will rain, in the last 11 yrs that I have lived here, we always get a brief shower almost every day in the summer. Normally around 2-3 pm, and then it heats back up and gets humid and HOT! We did have a drought a couple years ago and it was miserable and hot, every day in August that year, it was over 100 degrees not including the heat index.

In the meantime I am counting down the days until we go back to Disney World! Hubby and I are excited and cant' wait.... the girls, well they don't know yet! Our secret until closer to time atleast if we tell them at all before we leave! We have our ADR, that is advanced dining reservations for those not current on WDW talk lol We are going for 8/7 and decided to stay at Coronado Springs again rather than a value hotel. They were nice and looked fun, but for just $200 more we get a "nice" hotel with dedicated bus service, recent upgrades and more!

Stay tuned for more posts related to WDW, because I am sure there will be more to come! Have a great Monday afternoon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey

March 4, 2009~Today we celebrated Hailey's 4th Birthday! I can't believe she's 4 already, it seems like just yesterday she was born. She will start Moms Morning Out in the fall, 2 days a week for 4 hours each day. While I am sad to think she'll be going off to school, I know its a step in the right direction for her to start kindergarten in 2010.

Here are some pics to enjoy!

Hailey 1 Day Old~March 5, 2005

Hailey~ 1 Yr Old ~ March 4, 2006

Hailey~2 Yrs Old~March 4, 2007

Hailey~3 Yrs Old~ March 4, 2008

Hailey~4 Yrs Old~March 4, 2009
She decided she needed another Tinkerbell party this yr, so we had a Tinkerbell Cake along with some of her good friends from our playgroup. It was a lot of fun, the kids had a blast and she got some nice presents from them.
Happy Birthday Hailey!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello March & Snow

Welcome to March!

Here in North Alabama and across much of the SE USA, we welcomed in March with snow. It rarely snows here in Al and when it does the kids get excited and the weather men go crazy! I really didn't think we would get any as normally it dies off before it reaches the area, but we awoke Sunday morning to about an inch of snow on the ground. This will probably be it for us this winter and I am really looking forward to Spring!

I figured the kids would beg to go out and play but they did not, I was even feeling bad since it seemed practically everyone else had pics posted of their kids int he snow on facebook. Turns out I wasn't the only one that had kids that didn't get/want to play out in it. Whew, still in the running for Mommy of the Year.....oh who am I kidding, I was probably never in that running.

Hope everyone has a wonderful March!