Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby P's Ultrasound Results

Dh and I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning bright and early for my 20 week ultrasound.  I was still quite nervous, because I was worried something would be wrong with the baby.  We knew we would be happy no matter if it was a boy or girl, but we  were both leaning towards wanting another girl.

We were called back pretty promptly, which was good, since all the water I drank in preparation was urging me to run to the restroom LOL. The tech explained there were things she couldn't tell us and what she could, she would.  She pointed out body parts as we went along, and it was so cool to see the baby's heart actually beating.

She took a lot of pictures and here's one of the baby's face.

After 20 minutes or so, she began trying to find out Baby P's gender and it wasn't an easy task! The baby was moving around like a little Frog! Finally she got a picture, paused and turned to us and said calmly:

It' a Girl!

We were of course happy and came home with quite a few pictures of  baby girl, but now it's on to the name game!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas & Baby Updates

Christmas has come and gone but it was wonderful. :) Stress free, enjoyable and spent quality time with our family. It really doesn't get any better than that. My favorite gift this year was definitely the time spent with family I had not seen in over a year. They arrived on Tues. night very late and we spent four days with them. They were good to the girls, Santa was good to the girls and we are just very blessed.

The girls love all their presents and can't make up their minds which ones to play with more often. Some of them still have not been opened up yet....we still have the rest of this week before school starts back. I told them to spread it out, enjoy what you have now and play with something new later this week. The house is a disaster with toys all over, but I don't care.. today anyways!

Went to my 20 week appointment today, so far so good. I have lost a couple pounds since my last visit, which actually makes me not have gained anything since I got pregnant. Good I suppose, since I am still wearing my same clothes. I think I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant actually. I am sure it will show up and will probably be overnight! I was like that with J, didn't really start gaining until about 6 to 7 months. Thankfully the doctor gave me some antibiotics for this cold I can't seem to get rid of. I've had it for over a month now, so once I start the meds, I hope to feel better soon.

Tomorrow is the big ultrasound at 9 am. Still nervous and anxious, but so far everything is good. The heartbeat is strong, my blood screenings all came back normal, and I think I am starting to feel the baby move around occasionally. I will feel alot better when I feel him/her move constantly.

Stay tuned for the big announcement tomorrow....or I hope to anyways! Let's pray baby cooperates :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time, Christmas Time

It's almost Christmas time! Hard to believe in 4 days it will all over, well the presents opened and the kids begging to open up all the boxes so they can play with said toys. Christmas dinner will be cooking and hopefully we'll be able to relax and enjoy! This year has flown by and soon it'll be the New Year.

I am done shopping for the kids and hubby but still have a few more gifts I need to buy and soon! I am dreading going to the store, I know it'll be insanely busy. I have went the last two weekends and it's not been bad.... but we now in the week of Christmas. Hubby and I bought each other new cell phones, Blackberry Curves. They were on sale at Best Buy and he knew I had been wanting one for almost a year now. I love it, it's violet and pretty! He's pretty in love with his too. :)

I love the holiday season, getting Christmas cards in the mail and sometimes the kids get unexpected gifts, like today. I have a dear friend, and she knows who she is, who sent my girls a package for Christmas. They opened it today when J got home and they are so excited to read about your home state. :) It brought some tears to my eyes, because I miss you bunches and because across the miles you are wonderful to us all. Thank you for brightening their day! Loved the Christmas card too. :)

Family will be arriving on Wednesday, to say we are excited is not enough lol. The girls can't wait to see their Nana, Papa and Aunt L. It's been a year and half, since we were in Hawaii, so it'll be a nice visit . Also, as long as things go well and as planned my mom will be back in the mainland by March. Super excited about that, she'll be here for the baby to be born!

On the baby front, I seem to be feeling better most days. Still having a few issues in the evening but not nearly as bad as before. Our big ultrasound is scheduled for the 29th of this month. I am ready... but nervous as well. Just praying that everything is good with the little bean!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

14 days and counting

Until the "big" ultrasound....that's right two weeks from today, hopefully we'll know that we are having a healthy boy or girl. It doesn't seem possible I am 18 weeks pregnant and almost halfway there. As much as I hate to admit it, I have not really enjoyed this pregnancy thus far. There has been alot of issues off and on, being sick the entire time, and dead tired, not exactly the picture perfect final pregnancy I was hoping for.

In most recent news, I came down with a stomach bug, that lasted 12 hours last Thursday. Oh I was soo very sick, and could not keep anything down. Hubby was worried so he called the dr and they sent me straight to labor & delivery. I was very dehydrated, so much they had trouble finding a vein to give me the IV. After several unsuccessful attempts they finally got it in, my arm is now bruised in several places and it hurts. My dr decided I needed to stay overnight, so I was admitted. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I know it was for the best. Thankfully once I was admitted I no longer was sick, but wasn't allowed anything but ice chips that night and clear liquids the next morning. I was able to progress to jello and soup by mid morning and finally a real lunch and was released around 3.

The rest of the weekend I spent at home trying to recoup and feel better for work this week. I did manage to get a little Christmas shopping done on Sunday, but was exhausted and not feeling well by the time we were done. I am 95% done shopping, just need to get the stockings done for the girls and buy something for some family members. However I still need to wrap it ALL. Well I have 10 days left lol :)

Not much else is going on, just getting ready for the holiday and the last 2 days of work. Then I will be off for two weeks and enjoy some family time. Thankfully when I return to work in Jan, I will only be working two days a week. I am looking forward to it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well not exactly but close enough! We had our first "snow day" of the season, I know in Alabama!! I even took pics to prove it did happen! :) See below!

Isn't it pretty? We got approximately half an inch and some areas got a whole one lol. Ok moving on, now that we have established it DOES snow in Alabama. :)

I went to the dr last Monday for my 16 week check up, and I can't believe how the time is flying by. They were a little concerned I was a bit dehydrated and I just knew I would end up at L&D getting fluids, but bless their hearts, I got to stay home. I just had to drink alot of water and rest, so I have been.

They scheduled my next appointment and my ultrasound appointment! WOOT, I go back Dec 28 & Dec 29- U/S appt. So excited, and hopefully we'll find out what this little bean is! I was only slightly disappointed it wasn't before Christmas, since I was hoping to tell my family while there were here.

So my dad has guessed what gender everyone is going to have and so far he's been right on all accounts...scary eh! So I asked him what his prediction was, he said " I would like for you to have a little boy now, but I think it's a girl". So we'll see if he's on a winning streak lol.

No other news to report, just waiting to drop down some days at work, so I can relax more and get caught up on stuff. I could vent about the bank that we had to deal with but I am not going to bother, it'll just make me mad again!

Until next time...