Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 Years Ago

I married my wonderful hubby! It's amazing how much time can seem to fly by when you're so busy with every day life, kids, work and school.  Some days it feels like we've been married forever, like its hard to remember a time when we weren't married. Other times it feels like it was just yesterday we were standing in the chapel before friends & family saying our vows. Either way, I am blessed to be married to such a wonderful, caring, and loving man and I am grateful to have him in my life.

In our 10 years we've been through some really tough times, some that I wasn't sure we'd make it out of and still be together.  However there's been so many wonderful times they overshadow those tough ones.  The tough ones just made our marriage stronger and better and I know now we can overcome anything.

Here's to many more! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Kid Updates

I've really not blogged much in the last few weeks and since K's birth it's been mostly about her, which is understandable. I do want to update on all the kids though because you know mommy guilt is eating away at me:)

I'll start with Jessica.  She's finishing up 4th grade, and has 2 more days to go and is done for the year.  Last week they had their award ceremony and she got several awards.  3 certificates for being on the A honor roll (3 of the 9 weeks) and 1 for A/B honor roll plus a good citizen award and math Olympiads.  I can't believe she's going into 5th grade next year! She also got asked to participate in the schools safety patrol next year.  Basically she helps with the car line in the morning and afternoons, opening doors etc.  We'll see how long she actually likes doing this ;) A couple of her friends are doing it to, so she'll prob do it as long as they do.

Hailey finished up with preschool last week and I think is already missing it, so am I.  She really enjoyed going and seeing her friends and loved her teacher. She has come along way in learning things this year and her attitude has improved as well.  Though some days you can't tell, but she's a typical 5 yr old! Hailey also starts Kindergarten this fall.  How did this happen? I swear it feels like she was just born but now I have another little one at home. She is very excited though to go to her big sisters school and start Kindergarten.

We have only 12 more days until K's UAB appointment and I am feeling anxious already.  I will probably be a nervous wreck the morning of the appointment, so it's probably a good thing we're going down the night before instead of trying to drive at the butt crack of dawn for an 8:30 appointment. I need to find a hotel and contact my SIL about keeping the big girls overnight for us that Sunday night before the appt. This will make it much easier on us to talk to the doctor, find out info and ask any questions we have.

Overall Kaitlyn is doing well at home, she seems pretty laid back and seems to only cry when hungry or needs changing. I am sure that will change in time but for now we're enjoying it. I just wish she would sleep a little better at night, she does fairly well during the day, so I hope in time she'll start the night time sleep better too.

It seems right now the big girls are OK with Kaitlyn being here, no major jealousy issues have come out...yet.  I think Jess will be fine most likely as she's done this before, but Hailey on the other hand I am not so sure about. Fingers crossed that since she has someone to play with it'll help with that and not want/need my constant attention this summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Living in a Foggy Daze

I have been in a foggy daze since Kaitlyn's birth.  I thought for sure it was because of the pain pills, but I've been off of them for about 5 days or more so I don't think it's related.  I do think know I am way overwhelmed at Kaitlyn's diagnosis, the thoughts of all the things that could go affect her later in life or even in the next few months.  The fact I don't really know much more 9 days after she was born than I did after finding out she had lipomyelomeningocele  (further known as LMC).  I don't think there has been a day since she was born I haven't had a breakdown at some point in the day and my poor husband has no idea what to do for me, other than tell me he loves me and things are going to be OK.  I want to believe they will be OK but until I talk to the neurosurgeon at UAB in June I don't feel I can process this all enough to really believe things will be OK. 

I need to call and make an appointment for a 2 week checkup with my OB and I will talk to her about my feelings and see if she thinks it's PPD related or if I am just having anxiety about the diagnosis etc. I don't know that I am depressed per se, but I am down at times, happy at times, sad at times  and mostly scared of something happening to Kaitlyn. I am in total agreement with the statement, you never think something is going to be "wrong" with your child. I don't feel there is something "wrong" with Kaitlyn in my eyes, just that she has a medical condition that needs more attention.

On the plus side, she's doing well adjusting to being home. I am slowly getting more comfortable handling her, though I am still nervous I could hurt her by sitting her down wrong or putting her diaper on to tight, etc. Her big sisters love her to death and they always want to hold and feed her. Plus they can't wait til she's bigger so they can play with her. We did get a call today from the pediatrician because the levels of her thyroid test came in a little high, so dh took her in this afternoon to get retested.  I hope they were just a fluke high, the nurse did say that it was possible and they could be just fine today.  I really pray they are, because I honestly don't know if I can handle anything else right now.

In the midst of all this I do realize how lucky we are, because I know the diagnosis could have been worse and she could have needed surgery immediately after being born among many other things.  I have wonderful friends who have offered to help in any way they can, babysitting, meals, coming over to just chat etc and knowing I have such tremendous friends, is a god send. I may not need them right this minute, but in the coming months after our trip to UAB, scheduling surgery and such I know they will still be there for me. For that I am very thankful and grateful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Power of Prayer

I believe in it. Kaitlyn was released from the hospital today and is doing great.  We went into visit this morning and to get some answers from the doctor who had not called as promised and I was NOT going to leave the hospital until we had them. The nurse came over and started talking about the Dr coming in this morning and that the surgery would be outpatient so she would be going home.  I was kinda in shock, had tears in my eyes because all along this is what I wanted but only if it was 100% safe to do so. We never saw the Dr in person, but hubby did talk to him on the phone and found out they are going to refer us to another hospital and a pediatric neurosurgeon who is more trained in this particular issue.

So tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with our regular pediatrician and they will get the referral for the other doctors. We have two places to choose from, UAB and Vanderbilt, I've heard good ab out both but want to do my research and figure out which we should choose. The surgery will also not be done until she is a little older, my guess is around the 2 to 4 month stage, but that's just based on what I've read online.  They want her to get stronger and bigger before doing the surgery and since hers is closed it's not a have to be done immediately surgery.  Though I prefer it to be sooner than to much later as I don't want it to affect her everyday life.

Thank you  to everyone who said prayers and kept us in their thoughts during this rough time in our lives and please continue to think of us and baby Kaitlyn for her upcoming appointments and surgery.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to the World- Kaitlyn Nicole

I am happy to announce that Kaitlyn Nicole has arrived!

Stats: 5/8/10 @ 2:22pm via C-Section
7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long

Birth Story:

Friday evening about 11 pm my water broke at home, so we headed to L&D after my dad came over to watch the girls. We arrived around midnight and was admiited right away. I had been having a few contractions but nothing I thought was going to lead to a baby lol I had planned on trying for a vbac, so I did not want to be induced. The dr and staff was fine with it and supported me the entire time. I was 1 cm still when we arrived and after several hours of contractions, some painful, they checked me and I was about 1.5 cm but still only 50% effaced. We decided to keep going and see if I would dilate & efface more.

My contractions did start to pick up enough but not enough for progression. So I went ahead with a low dose of pitocin at 6 am but still was only about 2 cms and 50% effaced. At 10 am I decided to get the epidural since the contractions were becoming more painful and closer together. I was finally at 3 cm and they were upping the pitocin amts every 30 min, which lead to upping every 15 mins because I was starting to stall at 3 cm and only 60% effaced.

By noon the nurse and dr said we might want to start thinking about how long I wanted to continue to labor since I was at 12 hours by this point and not really progressing. We decided to continue for another hour and then check to see if I had any more progress and if not then we would make a decision. The contractions were still coming strong and were about 2 to 3 mins apart but at final check I was still just about 3.5 cm and 60% effaced. At 1, I decided to call it quits and have the c-section before my bp went crazy or Kaitlyn went into distress.

They began prep for my c/s, but the spinal meds were not working and did not numb me at all, so unfortunately they had to put me to sleep to deliver Kaitlyn. She arrived at 2:22 via c/s at 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. As you have seen me mention on facebook, Kaitlyn has a growth on her back/spine area. It's about the size of a small orange. It's called : Lipomyelomeningocele ( a form of Spina Bifida) , basically a rare birth defect that happens in 1-2 of every 10,000 babies born. Short version is that it is a fatty mass that is located under the skin on a childs back and normally located in the middle. The mass goes inward to the spinal canal and covered by skin.

They transported Kaitlyn to HH NICU soon after she was born, I only got to see her for about 2 mins after I woke up in the recovery room. Leon nor I got to hold her before they transported her. That has been the hardest part, not seeing or holding her since being born. Leon was able to go to NICU this morning and visit with her and hold her.

We hope to have some answers about the surgery she is going to have sometime today and what kind of side affects will be possible from this both before and after surgery and how long her recovery will be, when she'll be able to come home. This has been a very difficult time for us so we really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to update as often as I can.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Any Day Now

Dear Bebe G,

Your family is ready to meet you. Please come any day now so that I do not have to be induced in 11 days or end up with a RCS. Don't worry if you're holding out because we don't have a specific name for you yet. We have 3 to pick from (sorry readers no hints) so you will not be nameless forever. :) I do think we'll still call you Bebe G on occassions though, because we've been calling you that for almost 20 weeks now.


Your loving and not so patient mommy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

14 Days

That's the amount of days possibly left in this pregnancy. How did that happen? Where did the time go? I have to say this has been the fastest pregnancy I've had as I can't believe it's almost over. For most people the end seems to drag by but for me it was the beginning, when I was so sick. I didn't think the morning sickness was ever going to go away.  Thankfully it did but not until about 20 weeks.

I went for my 38 week check up yesterday and all is well. My blood pressure is holding steady at a normal rate, bebe g's heartbeat was in the 140's and I was actually dilated to 1 cm. While that's not a lot I am happy to know the contractions I've been having off and on all weekend were doing something. They have continued but aren't getting any closer together or stronger, so let's just hope it's my body preparing for labor.

I feel like bebe g will make her arrival this week before Mother's Day, not sure why but just a gut feeling. It wouldn't be so bad, since I am full term now and overall ready as I'll be.  I need to run to the store and get some bottles, pacifiers and such, which I hope to do today, but other than that I think we're set for the arrival. I also want to get the girls something from their baby sister but haven't even begun to think what yet.  Guess I can add that to my to do list.

I go back to the doctor Monday for the 39 week check up, if I make it. Send some P&PT my way please!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Catch Up

Wow it's been a while since I last blogged, I wanted to earlier this week but was unable to due to no internet. So I'll do a quick catch up, though I can't promise it'll actually be quick as it's been a busy week.

I had my 37 week check up last Monday, my blood pressure good, bebe g's heartbeat was good, but alas there has been no change since my last appointment. I was really hoping for "something" to have changed to feel like my body is working towards its goal.  I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow, fingers crossed for some good news. I have been having some contractions off and on this week and over the weekend.  I don't feel labor is really right away the corner but you never know.  My mom even called this morning to tell me she had a dream that I had the baby. 

Earlier this week a few friends threw me a surprise baby shower, I was very surprised. I had a really bad day earlier so it was a much needed break and just the cheering up I needed.  Got some great baby gifts and can't wait to use them all. :) We're doing bebe g's "corner" of the room in pinks & browns, and some of the gifts match perfectly.  I love my friends. :)

Tuesday we were supposed to get our cable done and internet/phone changed over as well.  That turned into a disaster, and I'll just say that after 3 days with nothing, it was all finally fixed around 6 pm no Thursday evening.  Not a fun week to say the least, I had quite a bit of stuff I needed to do but was unable to and now I am behind and trying to get caught up.

Onward to the weekend, Friday night was Huntsville's Relay For Life event in which HMMT has participated in for the last three years.  This year we were joined by some members of another local moms group and we all had a great time. The last two years has been rained out midway through or canceled and postponed due to severe weather, however this year the weather was perfect! We all had a blast, and our t-shirts even won 2nd place in the competition and we have a little trophy to show off. :) We're still a little short of our goal, so if you have it in your heart to make a small donation, we would appreciate it.  Just click the Relay for Life button to the right and it'll take you to the donation page.

The rest of the weekend has been recovering, watching for weather and playing catch up, hence the title. Hope everyone has a great week!