Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Pumpkin Patch Trip

We took our annual trip to Tate Farms "Pumpkin Patch" earlier this month, and yes I am just getting around to uploading pictures. It's been a busy month you know, moving, exterminating rodents and other stuff LOL

Here is a few pictures from the trip below, the girls always love it and I just wish it was cheaper lol.

Hailey and Jess standing beside the barn/slide/playhouse

Picking out their pumpkins

Old Firetruck and Playing in the Cotton Bin
Jess and Hailey jumping out of the barn into a huge pile of hay. I was really surprised that Hailey did this....though she only did it once! lol I took tons more pictures but only chose a few to show off today, they played in the corn cribs, visited the petting zoo and went into the hay maze. I did too which I will never do again! It's not made for adults lol at least not those with knee or back problems or that aren't skinny!
We had a good day and the girls keep talking about going back....and of course I say we can! Next yr!

My hubby the exterminator

SO let me tell you what happened last week. Hubby went out to the garage to get the dog food and it's in the big bag ya know. I am sitting here in the kitchen trying to get some emails and what not done and hubby goes to pour the food into the dish and out runs a damn field mouse!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHH

He says calmly, Frances get up. I am like huh thinking it was just a bug ya know, so I lift my feet up and put in the chair. He's like no its a rat and omg it's a good thing my back was feeling better because I moved like lightening! Thank god we were able to corner it in the kitchen by the dogs dish and he smashed it. I know awww and I was like awww too cause it squealed and squealed but you know what I don't want a rat in my house!!

So before the extermination lol he threw the bag outside and just a min ago he went to go check it out and there was another one in there!!! It ran out across the yard and hopefully that's all! We figure they came in since they cut the fields across the rd last week but man I about had a heart attack!

Oh yes today Terminex is coming out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time in A Bottle?

Anyone have it for sale? I seem to need it because I can't find time to get on here and blog! That's not good, I know I don't have a lot of readers but it feels good to get here and write. So I'll make this another Update on everything going on in life lol and hopefully soon I'll get back to posting several times a week.

Let's see since my last entry, we are slowly unpacking the boxes that are stacked in the garage. It's been quite slow because about 2 weeks ago or so I hurt my back somehow. I couldn't bend over to put on shoes or socks! It was crazy insane, and I went to the Dr and the idiot didn't give me any pain meds! She gave me some steroids and muscle relaxers and set an appt for evaluation and treatment at a spine care place. I was in soo much pain that night we called the Dr and she's like tough to bad, call during business hours and hung up on my husband! OMG I was pissed and he called the next day and got my pain meds and the appt moved up for Physical Therapy. I couldn't believe what a biotch she was being, it's not like I am there every week for pain and have a history of using pain meds. Geesh louise, get a grip and do your job lady! What the difference in calling in something for me at 10 pm Monday night and 10 am Tues morning I do not know or understand. So I am on the hunt for a new doctor needless to say!

So I have been going to Physical Therapy several times a week and have an appt tomorrow and then two more next week. They seemed to help a lot since they do some laser treatment, then heat/electric treatment and some exercise/stretches for my lower back. Luckily the insurance pays 100% up to 20 visits in a calendar yr. I finally drove today for the first time in 2 weeks, and it wasn't to bad. My back still hurts but I can function now and haven't taken a pain pill but last night in the last couple days. I hope that I am on the mend from whatever I did!

Business wise things are going well, Tupperware and DiamondCreek Candles are picking up for the holiday season. I have placed an order today for myself and for a customer with Tupperware and hope that the lady I take a catalog to next week orders as well. I am focused more on team building with DiamondCreek Candles right now and it's going pretty well. I am working with my team so they can build as well.

I am sure I have more news to share but I'll save that for another post, ya know so it makes me look like I am posting more! Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy October~ House & Life Updates

Well September has come and gone and I didn't do so great on blogging, but I believe my excuse is legit lol. So the big news update is......... we have moved into our new house! We closed on it and officially became the owners Sept 30th! So excited to be done with this part of our lives because it was a very stressful last week or so of September.

Let me start off by saying that everything with our house was fine, the inspection went well there were a few minor things to fix and the things we could in the time frame we had we did. The buyers realtor sucked big time, he had the report in hand at the very latest Wed Morning and did not send us a list of requested repairs until late late Friday night which we didn't see until Sat morning and closing was to be Monday. He was a jerk to say the least and I will be sure to tell everyone not to use him and to watch out because he tries to back you into the corner.

Whatever the case was we closed on the old house on Monday the 29th and handed over the keys. We have to stop by and pick up our mail since we couldn't get it forwarded fast enough. The lady who bought it seems nice so hopefully she held it like she said!

The house we purchased was a whole other ball game. We put an offer in on Sat the 20th and it got accepted that day. Then began the process of trying to get it ready to be closed on the 30th of the month. Well on Monday when the inspector came out all hell broke loose! There was no way the mort. company we were using could close until about the 15th of Oct. That wouldn't work we would have been homeless until then. So we get inspectors set up on Wed I think it was and they get there and there is NO power to the house. After many phone calls and what not the house was set to be auctioned off that day!!! UGH when they say Murphy's Law they really meant it in this situation. The "selling" realtor claimed to not know this but who knows if he was telling the truth. Thankfully were bought some time because the offer/earnest money had already been done and the contracts drawn up and signed and was just waiting on inspection and closing.

Everything did work out, we moved in a few days before closing since we had to move out from the other house by the 29th. That was crazy we were in there Monday morning still packing and cleaning and closed at 2pm that day. Anyway after all was said and done we have a new house and love it so far. We do have a few repairs to make and hopefully will get a fence soon so the dog can get some more outside time.

Family update: Everyone is doing pretty well. Hubby is starting a new job at work, though it didn't come with a pay raise it will be better for him to move up. Plus he got a huge promotion in Jan this yr already which allowed us to sell and move into a nicer and bigger house. Jess has fall break this week from school so we are trying to get some activities in that both kids will enjoy and still unpack the rest of our stuff. The garage is overflowing with boxes right now. We have a new fridge which I love now. Then if all goes well we hope to head to Disney this winter.

I will try to upload pics soon of the house but have to get more boxes unpacked first!