Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy, Busy All The Time

Well that is how it seems for me lately, I barely get time to blog about anything fun lol because you know I do FUN stuff all the time. Ok probably not all the time, but I do try to keep the girls busy so they aren't driving each other crazy with school out. One month down one to go for Summer vacation and I am still trying to plan the rest of July out.

We were planning on going to the Tennessee Aquarium at the end of July but I quickly realized that is not going to happen with our car tags due this month. EEK, and I know mine will be high, the other 2 cars I am not to worried about. I think it would be better to go in Sept anyways, it'll be a little cooler and not as crowded since school will be back in.

Speaking of school, I can't believe J will be going into 4th grade! How did that happen? Wasn't she just born like yesterday? LOL apparently not, her 9th birthday is quickly approaching. I already have the bulk of her presents done, as I did after Christmas shopping for that. So I will basically just need cake and decorations and a party! H will also be starting preschool 2 days a week this fall. I will get a much needed break and she'll start learning even more things she needs for Kindergarten, in the fall 2010. Though I am not sure what I'll do during my free eight hours a week lol but I am sure that it'll go by quickly! I for sure see a couple coffee mornings in here and there :)

We are also trying to pick a day to have a yard sale and try to purge all the junk, I mean awesome stuff we have in the garage OUT. I would love to be able to park my car in there, esp come this winter! We'll see how it goes, as it is pretty hot right now but we have alot of summer stuff that needs to go! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Time Has Arrived

Holy cow it's hot outside! It has been hot for quite some time but not it's gotten to the high 90's and 100's some days and don't forget to add that big ol' heat index in. Sigh, makes me wish we had a pool here at the house, but of course we would need a fence first. I think that is on the agenda for next year after we pay off my hearing aids. It would be nice to have the backyard fenced in for the kids and the dog to run around.

We have been trying to keep cool by doing mostly indoor things but even that gets old pretty fast. The girls and I have been attending playdates when we can, indoor and outdoor ones, because they are driving me batty when we are inside to long. :) This past Monday we did Fireworks Tshirts, they were alot of fun. The girls will look cute wearing them on the 4th of July at the playgroup picnic. I will be sure to post pictures of them!

Not much else going on, I started Weight Watchers last week, and lost 3.5 lbs! WOOT, so on to week 2 and hopefully more weight loss. I have done WW in the past so I know it works, I just need to stay motivated and work at it. Hubby also joined with me and he has lost 3lbs so far, and he's doing well on the plan too. I will keep everyone posted how it goes and hopefully have weight loss results each week!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Disney

We are back from Disney and had a wonderful time! Sure it rained, as we expected it too, every day in fact! However we did not let this stop us from going to the parks and having a blast. If anything the rain helped with the crowds :)

We spent 7 nights at Coronado Springs Resort, beautiful resort. Great new renovated rooms, queen size beds, flat screen TVs and an awesome pool with slide! The kids couldn't quit talking about it and begging to go back everyday. Other than the rain it was beautiful blue skies the rest of the time and in the high 80's most days.
We had reservations for several character meals, so the girls got to meet several princesses, pooh, tigger, Eeyore, Mickey, Lilo & Stitch as well. They both have an autograph book and a half filled with signatures from all the characters they met. I can't wait to get all the photos printed and put in for them. It's definitely a great keep sake of their trip.
Here are a few pics to enjoy, I took over 300 myself and that doesn't include the photopass ones as well. I still need to order the cd and get all of them! :) I will be posting the rest of the pics to facebook this week, I am still sorting and organizing :)