Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

It's come and gone but we had a great time visiting my mom and sister last week.  The girls were excited to go see Nana and their Aunt and of course to eat the good foods. We headed out Tuesday afternoon last week for our trip and made good time for once! We did hit about 45 minutes of stand still traffic at one point but other than that it was a pretty uneventful drive down, thankfully.  The week went by way to fast and of course as soon as it's time to go, we get one sick kid.  It seems every time we go over to GA something happens, argh!

Well H woke up Sunday morning sick, she was pretty miserable. We were supposed to leave that day but decided another day of rest before being stuck int he car for 7 to 8 hours would be good.  So we woke up early, 6 am on Monday and were prepared to leave...but no.  H got up and had so much gunk coming out of her eyes she could not open them because it had dried up over night.  It took about 10 minutes to get it all off so she could open them. 

Then we decided it would be best to try to get her into an urgent care clinic before leaving, so after finding one, and she and dh getting there only to find out they did not take our insurance.  Why we didn't think about asking BEFORE they left, I am not sure.  The visit would have cost at minimum $100 plus any testing etc and then meds, at home it would have been just the meds.  So we opted to wait and try to get home early enough and get her in on Monday.  Of course that did not happen either, we didn't get home until 6pm due to a terrible traffic accident on the interstate. 

Tuesday we finally got her in to get seen and what we thought was pink eye, was a sinus infection.  However the gunk is coming from her eyes :( Poor kid, her eyes are terribly blood shot and shes congested etc.  The doctor prescribed her some antibiotics so hopefully in a couple days she'll be much better.  Though I hate shes got a sinus infection, I am glad it's not something like pink eye that's really contagious.

Overall we had a great week, could have done with out the sick kid but if that was the minimal downside, I can't complain! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and/or friends!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not Good Enough?

Ever feel like no matter how much you try or do for others it is just not good enough?  I've felt this way off and on probably all my life but lately the part about doing things for others is getting to me. A LOT.  I am tired of feeling this way.  I try really hard to do things for myself, my family, friends and in general other people but yet feel unappreciated most of the time. Like what I did do for them, was just not good enough.  I hate feeling like that.  I hate that people can make me feel like that.  The question is how do I change it?  I obviously can not change their opinions (or what I think is their opinions) but I can change my way of thinking.  That goes back to my how question, so how do you handle that?

I imagine most of us feel this way at some point or another in our lives. I just think it's time for a change and need to focus on me.  Why do we care what others think so much? Is it ingrained in our minds as we're growing up, that if we can't do something "right", we are going to disappoint our parents, family and/or friends? I try really hard to not do that to my kids, but I am sure I've slipped. I am not perfect.  I just want my kids to grow up and know they tried and it's OK if they didn't do something perfect or the way someone else wanted it. 

I guess it's time for some soul searching to see if I can figure out how to not let myself get down when I think others are looking down on me or my actions.  If you have any suggestions I am all ears... well eyes ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The time is near, it's getting cooler day by day and that means cold weather wear comes out from the deep dark depths of the closet or from my crochet hooks! :) I've been on a crochet kick every since I learned the basic stitch and self taught myself the rest using youtube and various online tutorials.  I've posted some of the stuff I've made, but here are the rest of my projects. :)

Kaitlyn's Hat

Hailey's Hat
Jessica's Hat    

The snowflakes still need to be starched and stretched out to the right portions, but I think they are pretty cute. 


I can't seem to blog on time these days, but I am trying to catch up! Jessica had her makeup on etc and was pleased with how it turned out.  Hubby and my dad took the big girls out trick or treating while K and I stayed home in the warm, she napped and I got caught up on some emails.  I am forever behind!

I have posted pictures like these for a previous post, but wanted to post the ones from actual Halloween. Enjoy!