Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Picture post for now, will be back later with an in depth post.

Christmas Eve 2010

Putting out the reindeer food

Santa Came
Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010





White Christmas 2010- Alabama

White Christmas 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010


It is another time of change for us.  I have been looking for a job that would work for our schedule for a few months but haven't really found anything that made me excited.  So a friend of mine posted that she was working for Joann Fabrics & Craft Store, a new one opening in town, I thought this would be a good time to try for a part time night/weekend job.  Great because I know someone who works there and because I have tons of retail experience and hello I like to craft! ;) So she gave my info to the other leaders and they called me to set up an interview, which I went to this past Friday.  I went in expecting to fill out an application and do the two interview deal and then leave with the "we'll call you in a couple weeks" deal.  That is normally what happens when you go to these type of things.  So I did do all of that lol but I left being hired on the spot! :)

I go for orientation in early January and then the store is slated to open in early Feb, so I hope I'll start working soon after orientation. I am excited, I love crafty stuff and I hear Joann's is awesome, so I can't wait to shop too. I will be sad to leave the kids (especially K) but it's not the 1st time or the last I am sure.

So there is the good news post for the day!


Random post today, but things I find really irritating right now.

1. The fact that our school system is 20 MILLION dollars in the red.  How does that happen? How does no one know this but the superintendent acts like it's easy to find out and everyone should know and NOT be surprised? Are you kidding me?  I bet she's enjoying her 6 figure income and car allowance.  So glad her contract did NOT get renewed.

2. School Calendar/Uniforms: I am not for nor against uniforms, if we have to do it, we'll deal.  The only issue if they say you must buy a specific brand that cost $$$$.  Khaki pants/shorts/skirts are all the same IMO, doesn't need to be a certain store.  People who want to wear brand names will continue to wear brand names because that's what mom and dad buy.  There is also current talk about taking away fall break next school year, and starting school about a week or so later.  Again I am not for or against.  I enjoy the fall break, we can do things as a family when it's a bit cooler.  Would I miss it? Sure. Will I throw a fit if it's gone? No.

3. People who can't drive- enough said.

4. Healthcare Issues- currently going on.  I can't imagine forcing someone to buy insurance and then making them pay a penalty if they don't.  GRRR I will not even go into depth on this one.

5. Rude shoppers---again enough said, it's the holiday season and people seem to lose their minds.

6. Incompetent/Un-informed Doctors- mostly dealing with Spina Bifida and the fact they (drs) are still telling people how bad a life their children will have if they choose to continue pregnancy.  Sure there are worse case scenarios, but how about real ones that happen every day? What about these wonderful babies who are thriving, doing everything the drs said they would NOT do? Yep this should be higher on my list, but this list is not in a particular order.

7. Gossip & Rumor Mills and the people who believe every word they hear.  Can't change it but I can not participate in it.

I knew I would have more to add, so I didn't publish yet.

8.  People who complain about EVERYTHING!!!

9. Being on hold for 45 mins during nap time, like I have nothing better to do? On top of it, the wait time was supposed to be 15 mins.

10. COLD mornings and no coffee!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Freezing really, well I guess you could say below freezing since the temps will remain around 21 today, not counting the windchill. Last check was about 6 degrees for the windchill and it's almost 1 pm.  Yes I know there are places that are much colder, but this is Alabama! We're not used to this cold weather. We actually had snow most of yesterday and this morning but it was soo windy that it really didn't stick.  So off to school the kids in our city/county went.  Though I wish they had stayed home since it is so cold.  Tonight is not going to be any better and they are also calling for some freezing rain on Wed I believe. Not looking forward to that.  I hate to see how cold Jan & Feb end up being. 

A couple of "snow" pictures from yesterday:

So while it wasn't a lot, it sure was pretty while it lasted.