Monday, April 15, 2013

Catch up!

It's been awhile since my last post, even when I thought I was going to do better this year, I fell off the wagon. Again.  So maybe I am not cut out for this blogging thing, or maybe I am to tired to care, either way, it sucks!

So what's been going on in my world since February? Today you'll get some bullet points with a bit of detailed info.

  • We had H's 8th birthday party in March.  She had a luau themed sleepover. I made almost all the decorations, the cake and had to many 8 yr old girls over for the night. ;) It was crazy but she had a great time, so it was worth it. 
  • Cookie season is over, thank you!
  • Hubby got a new job! It was the one he has been interviewing/talking with since Nov 2012 
  • Softball and soccer season are underway along with school track for J, so we are always busy with something these days. 
  • K had her evaluation for school to see if she qualifies for services.  She does not. 
  • K turns 3 in 23 days.  Not.Ready. 
  • I really need to plan K's birthday party! Perhaps Minnie Mouse theme. 
  • I have been working 4 days a week babysitting and just about every Sunday at church.  In fact I am scheduled 8 in a row right now, not happy.  I purposely scheduled myself off on certain days, like our anniversary weekend and that's gone now.  
  • We got to put in our schedule for June-Aug and I took 3 weeks off in a row in June, but I expect that will change and I will have to work.  We are going to lose 2 workers in July/Aug because they are college kids going off to another city.  They really need to hire some more people and soon.  
  • I am in the midst of trying to plan Summer activities for the kids but some of these camps are outrageously priced. :/  
  • I will be babysitting all Summer, so yay for extra money? I guess that can be camp money.... 
  • I finally had some pictures made of the girls and I can't wait to get them printed.  They turned out so good! 
  • A little bad news, our compressor went out on the a/c unit.  Not good.  We also needed freon, a leak fixed and a new valve that wasn't working properly.  What started out as about $400 in cost, now has gone to about $1300.  
  • The good, hubs new company made a mistake and paid him for 2 full weeks of work instead of prorated but they told him to consider it a welcome bonus, so guess what is paying for the a/c repair?  At least we have the cash to pay for it.  
 I know that's not everything that's gone on the last couple months but that is the gist of it.  I hope to update again soon with pictures too!