Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Fishy

My dd's pet goldfish died a few days ago, she came out of her room and had tears in her eyes. Poor fishy, poor dd, she said "mom I think my fish died". I was like umm is it floating at the top? She said "no" at the bottom.... Ok so I thought fish died and then floated at the top of the water? Not hers, kinda tilted on the side and gone.

So hubby came home and they buried him out in the back yard, she didn't want to flush him. LOL She is already talking about getting another goldfish. After all this one lived for a year and half! That's along time in fish years. .....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am officially an AC contributor!

I sent in 2 articles last week and the first has been accepted and an offer made! So excited, and can't wait to get paid LOL. Granted it's not a huge amount of money BUT it's more than I had a few minutes ago.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

So Flipping Mad!

OMG so mad so mad! I ordered a Dell laptop on June 6, the estimated ship date was June 16th. Sounds good right? Yeah to good to be true more like it. So the 16th arrives and I log on to see if it has shipped yet. Nope, nada, no updates, nothing. Then the next day I log on again, oh great it's been delayed til the 22nd of June. Hmmm ok as long as it ships I tell myself. So guess what?? Today is the 22nd, I log on and do you know what I find???

There has been a delay in the processing of your order, you need to consent for this delay, consent for this delay and any other delays or cancel this order. If you do NOT consent by the previous ship date we will be forced to cancel the order.

Why the hell did they not send me an email? What if I had checked the order tomorrow the 23rd and it said cancelled? Lack of customer service right there. I am furious, beyond furious. I would NOT have ordered a new computer if I didn't need one. My damn backspace button is broke and not fixable and you know you can't live without that damn button. Had it been the Q button, the CTRL button sure I could have dealt, but NOOOOOOOOO.

They ought to give me some damn discount for all this trouble!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Always a nice surprise

When you wake up and check your website to see if you have any orders come in. I was pleasantly surprised this morning with 2 orders that equaled over $150.00. I just wish that people would leave their contact info, just email address so I could send a thank you note. I guess this day and age everyone is worried they will sign up for something or get bombarded with emails. Can't say I blame them though I have had that happen as well.

I am finishing up my first quarter with Tupperware late July and I am already at $1000 in personal sales. Not to bad I must say, much better than I did with any other business I have been in over the last few years. I also must let you know that I only held 1 home party and the rest of the sales have been from Internet sales. :)

I hope that everyone is achieving their goals this year, I hope to double my sales next quarter!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rain Sweet Rain!

Oh yeah I woke up this morning and looked outside and down came the rain! We here in Alabama are experiencing a severe drought. So bad in fact they have pretty much banned all fireworks and cancelled the public showings. Not going to be a typical 4th of July for sure.

Though now it looks like the rain has stopped, so I am sure the sun will come out and heat up everything....why can't we have some normal weather? It was nice while it lasted I suppose!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Knocked Up!

Nope I am not Pregnant! I saw that movie a few weeks ago and LOVED it! I can't say enough good things about it! It's funny, laugh out loud funny and hope you aren't the loudest person laughing! Katherine Heigl will make you love her all over again! She's so funny and brings such a light to her character in the movie!

If you watched and loved 40 yr old Virgin you must see Knocked Up! Sure it has some crude humor, drug use and uses the F word ALOT, but I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off! I saw this movie with a bunch of friends and even the more conservative ones loved the movie!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trying to do better

At posting on my blog! I was doing really great in May but June came, schools out and alot of play dates going on! So here I am almost the middle of the month and not many post for June, sorry!

Hmm let's see what has been going on? Not much really, been trying to get the girls outside on a daily basis when the weather cooperates. They are enjoying the pool and slip n slide though Hailey makes me nervous in the pool. She has done really well so far and really just stands and splashes or sits and plays with the toys. She hates water in her face so immediately freaks out. LOL I find it kinda funny because it can be 1 speck and she screams "mommy towel, please mommy". hehe.

Jess doesn't really like water on her face either but she deals with it since she wants to be in the pool and on the slip n slide. If you have ever been on a slip n slide you know you can't avoid water on your face! Lots of fun takes me back to my childhood.

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Outdoor Fun

Why exactly do they call it fun? Who exactly is it fun for? Not for me the parent thats for sure. We ok well I decided that we needed to buy another pool for the girls since the one we had was rather small and round and all they could do was sit in it. So I went to Target this past weekend and got new pool, has a slide, basketball goal, ring toss on it. Sounds neat, looks kinda cool but isn't as big as you think it'll be. I think the size is just fine for them though the slide is to small for Jess and to large for Hailey. Oh well I tried! The slide is removable though, so we can have more roaming room which will work out.

While at Target I ok not really me but Jess decided we needed a slip n slide and a water mat as well, and of course a pump to blow up all this stuff! Gee I spent to much money but I figure I'll need as much activity as I can get for them this summer so they do not drive me crazy. Oh yah and I bought a bubble blower lol. FUN FUN FUN did I mention fun?

So this morning as soon as Hailey got up (6:30 ) she says outside, play outside mama. hmm ok yah but not now, later. Whew saved a few hours for waking up. So she and Jess both proceed to look out the door for the next few hours, outside mama outside. After Calliou I tell Hailey, she seemed ok with this at 9 am, though Calliou doesn't come on til 10 lol guess it's good to not have the concept of time yet.

We did manage to make it outside at 10:30 and both kids played in the pool, splashed each other, cried because the other splashed them and generally didn't listen. I kept telling Hailey to stay in the pool, do you think she listened? NO of course not, she's 2. Ah well they had fun, we stayed out for about an hour and half and then had lunch. Inside playtime and then nap time yippeee! Love nap time NOW that's FUN!. :)

So we'll see what FUN tomorrow brings, hope it's much better than today!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

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