Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to School & Sports!

A few days after we got back from the beach, it was time for school to start! How I have an 8th & 3rd grader plus one going to moms day out, is beyond me.  My "baby" is in her last year of middle school.  Sigh.


So far school has been going pretty well for them all :) K hated it as first, she screamed/cried but now she cries if she doesn't get to go!

When school starts back so does sports season.  J played school volleyball and is running cross country with the high school.  H played rec league volleyball & K, she is just lucky she's cute ;)


 Overall the middle school team did much better this year, when they seeded into tournament they were tied for 3rd but was 4th since the other team had beat them.  They finished around 4th I believe.

Pics of H:

10U 2013 Champions!
H's team did well, yes I helped coach (and no orange is not a good color for me lol) and it was her first year playing :) We won 1st place in the 10U tournament, but it was close! They played so well, we had tons of fun, but I am glad it's over!

And finally a couple of cross country pics:

1st place!

7th place

Cross country is finishing up and soon she will be on to indoor track.  H is taking a break this Winter to focus on school and will pick back up in the Spring with softball. 

Summer time?

Well the Summer flew by this year and here we are in mid to late October! Our Summer was quite busy, both the older girls had all kinds of camps for sports and then I babysat all Summer long, add in a few play dates here and there, school started before we knew it!

Though this Summer, we finally took a family vacation, first one since before K was born.  We went to Panama City Beach for a week, it was really nice. Not to terribly hot or crowded, we stayed at a hotel that had tons of kids activities, pools, splash pad & beach, oh let's not forget the wonderful ocean view.  Ahhhh.

This was from laying in our bed!
The room was awesome, had a queen for us that faced the ocean, bunk beds for the kids and a full size fridge & microwave.  They also had nightly movies down at the pool, that was pretty cool.  We went to the zoo while we were there and to Wonder Works on a rainy day.  The older girls really loved WW. 

We didn't tell the girls about the beach until the day before we left, so they were quite surprised to find out we were going :) We are all looking forward to going back again soon.