Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping Done!

Yes I am happy to say that I am pretty much done for the girls! I am excited I never get done so early, and I was actually done about a week and half ago now!! Whohooo go me! I feel we didn't overspend on the girls this year, which we couldn't afford to anyway with my hearing aids needing to be paid for.

I won a Rose Petal Cottage off of Ebay for Hailey, and I know she'll love it. It was supposed to be a Santa Gift BUT Jessica was home when I won it and I was so excited I got now it's just from us LOL dang it! So now Hailey will get something much smaller from Santa. Jessica is getting a Mio Pup from Santa, they are cute but for $50.00 I was like umm no. I tried to win one off of Ebay but I refused to pay that much for shipping when I could get it at the store unlike the Rose Petal Cottage.

We were back at Walmart the other day grocery shopping and we always just browse toys so the girls will be good. They had marked the Mio Pups on sale to $29.98 or something of that nature....which was $16 less than we had paid the week before! So hubby goes and gets a price adjustment for it so yay I didn't have to spend $50!

I have 2 Rose Petal Cottages right now, the one I got off ebay and then one that I got from because I got notified it was back in stock online. So now I am trying to get rid of one on Ebay but not having such goodluck. I just really want to get what I paid for it, not overpricing it like so many others are doing. Hopefully it'll sell very soon!

Hubby and I aren't exchanging gifts this year, really no money to do so. It's sad not to have anything to open on Christmas but you get used to it as an adult. Our Christmas present together will be getting my hearing aids and hopefully him finding out he gets his promotion in Jan. instead of March. Fingers crossed but not banking on it til he signs the papers.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

My New Blog

Well I finally got my new Hearing Loss Blog set up and the post from here copied over to the new one. If you are interested in checking it out and maybe bookmarking it you can see it at
Hear Today Gone Tomorrow . I thought the name was fitting since I feel that way of hearing one day and then nothing the next day, though I just didn't realize it.

I hope to update that blog once a week, though we know I procrastinate alot on blogging lol but I do try. Sometimes there isn't anything interesting to post lol but I guess I will try to do better.

So check out my blog feel free to link me or even consider exchanging links if you have a blog of similar interest.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Dear Santa Letter and Wish

All I want for Christmas this year is my 2 Hearing Aids so I can hear my children, family and friends when they speak to me instead of having to ask them to speak up so I can hear them. Is that to much to ask for? I guess it could be when it'll cost $4300.00 in order to get my hearing aids.

So today was my follow up appointment with the audiologist aka the hearing aid dr. I went to find out what the next step would be, ordering, payments etc so I could see where we stood. After looking at the many different types of h/a's I decided on the over the ear type since I have long hair and almost always wear it down. These were no more expensive than the in the ear kind so I figured why bother paying more.

Granted the price wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined but that's still alot of money at Christmas time especially when you don't have the funding to pay it. I will be visiting the bank fairy as I like to call them and praying we can get a loan to cover them and actually be able to afford the payments. Our credit isn't the best though it's not terrible but ya know how banks are.

This has been a hard road to travel becoming deaf at approx 27 yrs old though I didn't know til I was 30. My first clue should have been when I was pregnant with my youngest because I started noticing that my ears seemed to be stopped up. I had and have been having terrible sinus/allergy problems so I contributed it to that. When I was working in 2004/2005 I did notice my hearing when I was on the phone was starting to be worse but I didn't think anything of it.

Fast forward to after my little one was born, our tv volume has the numbers on it. I used to be able to hear it at 28 to 30 and thought anything over 30 was very loud....right now I have to listen to it at 45 plus in order to hear it. My hearing disorder is progressive meaning it'll continue over time to worsen, but thankfully the hearing aids will be able to be adjusted to that.

I am working on moving all my hearing problem posts over to my blog that I started call, Hear Today Gone Tomorrow...thought it was fitting. So I'll post when that blog is up and there's something to read on it.

Wish me luck on my hearing aid money situation. If you are in the holiday spirit and have a little girl who would love a Rose Petal Cottage I have one on ebay to raise money for my h/a's.
You can check it out here.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello December!

Wow time is sure flying by is all I can say, it seems like just yesterday was the beginning of November. Just about 15 days of school left until Winter Break! I am pretty excited this year right now anyways because my mom, stepdad and sister will be spending Christmas with us here at our house. This will be the first time in over 10 years that I have seen my mom on Christmas Day. The girls are very excited about getting to see Nana and Papa and Auntie Lauren.

We finished up Christmas shopping yesterday and I feel we did pretty good and didn't overspend to bad. Maybe $150 on each one which is way less than last year. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning, going to be exciting! This is also the first time that I have cooked a family holiday dinner! So glad my mom will be here to help LOL.

I was just sitting and daydreaming about the girls and realized that in 10 years Jessica will be graduating from high school and hopefully starting college! Insane and the fact that Hailey would start high school that same year! Arrggh have I mentioned that my baby is going to be 3 in March?? That's really hard for me to believe!

I also think she's at a perfect age (except when being a typical 2 yr old toddler), she loves to learn, sing, dance and have fun! She just makes me heart melt when she runs up and gives me a big hug and says I love you Mom. Awww, makes me a bit misty eyed.

Hailey is also doing very well with her ABC's, stumbles a bit over the L-M-N-O-P but what kid doesn't in the beginning? I have been working on them with her and she can now almost sing it all by herself. She also can count to 13 most times by herself and when she's in trouble and I start to count 1-2- she keeps going 3-4-5- etc lol hard to stay mad when she makes me giggle. She is becoming quite the little girl, loves to play with her babies and play house and still a rough and tumble girl too!

Jessica is doing very well in school, 2nd grade and is going to be tested for the gift program apparently. They sent a form home about a week or so ago asking if we wanted her to participate in that. I am excited to hear back the results. She's been on the honor roll every year and loves to read and learn new things. She's also growing up way to fast! She's so tall and so smart but time is going to fast for me.

Hmm anything else interesting? Just waiting to see if hubby will get his promotion in Jan rather than Mar, and hope to find out mid December. It would be great to know sooner than later! I pray he does so we can pay down the cc's and fix up the house and move into a much bigger house. We have outgrown this one soo much so I am looking fwd to a new one.

Guess thats about it on the home front, and hopefully I can do better at posting.

PS. Yes we finally had a family portrait done for Christmas. They turned out pretty good, I'll post pics tomorrow.