Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Fun

Since I am behind as normal around here, I thought I would come and post about our gingerbread house the girls and I made. We had one of those build it kits, which by the way I bought yrs ago and it was still good! This was no easy task and I did survive with hair still intact, but maybe a few more gray hairs :)
Here are some pics of our fun time.

And now the finished product!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Potty Time! Potty Time! Excellent!

I think it's safe to say that Hailey is now potty trained! She is on day 16 of potty training and has been in big girl panties for 4 days now! WOOT! She has had only 1 accident in them and she was on the way to the bathroom. I am so happy, the thought of saying goodbye to diapers for good, yay! She is doing really well, she knows when she has to go now, so she runs to the potty and goes every time now.

We told her once she was going to the potty all the time and not wearing diapers anymore, she could get a big guess its about time to ante up lol. She has been talking about pony's and pony castles etc so I guess we will just take her to the store and let her pick something out for her congratulations prize.

I'll update again soon on more Potty Training Adventures!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Potty Training Adventures Part 2

Well here it is, Dec 9, Day 10 of Potty Training. We have had a couple of accidents here and there, nothing major though. I feel like she's finally getting the hang of it and realizing when she has to go, as she ran several times today and went. So today we went to Target to buy her some big girl panties, even though we have a ton in the house already lol. I felt it was important for her to go pick some out just for her. So she decided to choose, Elmo/Zoe, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty and Sleeping Beauty. So tomorrow starts Day 1 of trying to wear big girl panties, or so I hope!

She's been doing fairly well waking up dry, not every day by any means but I am impressed. I have been trying to get her to understand when you get up, the first thing you do is go to the bathroom. So we'll see how it goes in the morning. I would love to move past this diaper stage atleast for day time anyways. We do the reward thing for going right now, m&m's (1 for each yr of age) and I do think that helped her get going. I do have to admit though unless she asks for them I do not dole them out. Is that bad? I figure eventually they will stop anyways so why push for her to take them unless she asks.

Stay tuned for more Potty Training Adventures!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potty Training Adventures

Well I needed to add a bragging post in here about Hailey. She is 3 yrs and 9 months old so yes she's essentially 3 months (almost to the day 3/4 is her bday) of turning 4 and we have been struggling with Potty Training.

Well a couple days ago, on Nov 30 she decided she needed to go potty. So we went with it and she managed to stay dry all day and not one time had an accident. She went to bed and wok eup dry yesterday morning. I tried to get her to go potty but she said she didn't have to go, so I figured ok. Well she had breakfast and a whole glass of milk but unfortunately she did wet her diaper. I didn't' fuss, just told her it was ok and got a new one and told her the rest of the day she needed to go potty. No problem, she stayed dry ALL day yesterday and woke up dry this morning. Whhoohooo! So a few mins after she got up I had her go and she did and we've been dry all day today as well. So day 3 and only 1 accident, I am silently saying a prayer that it's finally clicked!

I was going to wait til Jan to really start trying to get her going consistently due to our trip to Disney later this month. However since she's doing so well, I am not going to tell her no and say let's wait. I hope that soon our diaper days will be behind us!

Wish us luck!

Happy December!

Well first Happy Belated Thanksgiving lol. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving here at the Pelletier house. That early morning we went over to my cousins house with the rest of the family and had a fairly early Thanksgiving lunch. It was good but it isn't comfortable like it used to be, so I am thankful we came home and had our own (ie. 1st Thanksgiving in our new house and 1st Thanksgiving meal we cooked completely) meal for dinner. It was great! My biggest complaint about going to other peoples houses is that we don't have left overs. I love love leftover turkey, so we had plenty.

I didn't dare go out shopping on Black Friday but was able to get some deals on some items for the girls. I got both of their Santa gifts online at really good prices, so that is taken care of. Then we have bought a few more things since then plus yesterday (Cyber Monday) the Disney Store had some awesome stuff on sale 50% off. Then on top of the sale, you could save 10%, 15% or 25% on your order depending on how much you spend, PLUS Free shipping on orders over $89!

WOW did I rack up! I bought over $200 worth of stuff for the girls (some Christmas and some bday stuff) for about $95, that was with the sale prices (everything I got was 50% off) and 25% off my order and free shipping! I was soo excited! They will love the stuff I got!

We managed to get our tree up and decorated on Friday last week as well. I just love Christmas time and decorations. We bought some really nice stockings and a matching tree skirt last yr after Christmas at 75% off, so I am excited to use them this yr. This is our 1st Christmas in our new house as well, so it's special!

Christmas Tree
Stockings and my cute stocking holders
It was a nice weekend, watched several football games, including the Iron Bowl, Roll Tide! I am not a big Alabama fan, but it was nice to see them stay undefeated! I'll be looking forward to watching the Florida vs Alabama game though!
More posts coming!