Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

Oh how I am sad to see Harry Potter (the series) come to an end. I ordered the newest and last book thru Amazon and it came in on Saturday late in the day. I started reading it on Sunday and got done in about 6 hours or less and this is a book over 700 pages!

I loved the book and the ending was quite surprising and the story did wrap up the story lines that's been going since Day 1. I would really recommend going back and reading at least the Order of the Phoenix before the latest book so you remember who people are. It's been over 2.5 yrs since I read the last one and it took me awhile to catch up.

I just read how there were at least 100 copies of the book that were missing pages, I would have totally freaked out to be reading along and then find missing pages! I think I would have just cried lol.

I really enjoyed the book and am getting together with some other Harry fans this week to discuss the last book and interested to find other's opinion on Harry and friends!

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