Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Year Another Day

That pretty much sums up today, my 31st birthday. You know as you get older you expect your birthdays to just come and go as any other day would or maybe that's just what I have always thought. I haven't had a decent birthday celebration since I was a kid and honestly I can't remember any fun times. My 16th and 18th birthdays (the milestones ya know) sucked and my 21st birthday I was in Germany. The only thing I did was legally go out (but was already legal in Germany) and have a drink.

What is it that we expect as we turn a year older when we are adults? Do you we expect our family and friends to remember? Do we expect an unexpected gift or surprise of going out and celebrating? Perhaps but maybe it would just be nice to be remembered and get an email or a phone call from a good friend to just say Happy Birthday. I got 4 phone calls today from family and that does not include my so called husband or any friends.

It's been a pretty crappy day, fighting with the kids all day and nothing remotely exciting happening. Oh well again just another day and another year come and gone.

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Alexandria said...

Big hugs darlin'

Id be FURIOUS if my friends and family forgot about my birthday. I don't care how old I am.