Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picture Fun

Yes it's been awhile since I blogged, no I am not going to get in to why right now. To much on my plate, stress, overwhelming life, isolation etc.  I will be back to post about life soon but right now I live it everyday and no need to post about it as well.

This yr we're tightening the purse strings as much as we can with all the crazy we have going on so I needed something for Father's Day for DH.  I decided I would do the DAD photos that I see so many doing.  Hopefully they turn out OK in print, you just never know. 

I couldn't get the munchkin to look at me and hold the letter right, so this will do and I actually think its quite a cute pic.  So these pics in a frame will be DH Father's Day present.  He wants updated pics of the girls, so I think this will fit the bill nicely.

Oh and yes I made those letters :)

Grr and I just realized I left the time date stamp on the camera when I took them, oh well!


Nicole said...

So adorable! He will love it!

Tracy said...

you can totally crop those time stamps out! cute!

Kelly said...

Adorable! Love it! And, think of it this way, you may like those date stamps in 20 years :-)

Miss you!