Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Spilled The Beans?

Did someone put a bird in my hubbys ear?  On Saturday he says, so I got a surprise for you, but I need your help, so it sorta ruins the "surprise" lol.  I was a bit confused, but then he proceeds to tell me he has a babysitter lined up so we can go out on a date for Valentine's Day, but needs to know what day I want to go.  We only had a couple to pick from, so Sunday night it was.  He made reservations for PF Changs, yum! and we went and did a little shopping and came home and watched a movie.  We had planned to go see a movie, but they all started at a time we couldn't make due to dinner and/or really late times.  We have tons of movies on the DVR from last year (yes we're that behind lol) so we watched What Happens In Vegas. Oh my, what a funny movie. We laughed so much!

Our sitter even offered to let us go away for the night, but Sat night I had plans, so we had to skip that, but boy that would have been nice.  I think we'll take her up on the offer in May for our 12 year anniversary though :) Now perhaps my dh picked up on my hints, when I had mentioned a lot of people were posting on facebook about their great dates, maybe I should start dropping hints more often! ;)

Not sure if we'll do anything special Tuesday, since we had our night, but I will probably let the girls choose dinner and dessert at home. Last year we fed the girls and ordered Steak Out, but not sure I want to spend that much.  I need to figure it out soon!


Nicole said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a nice date night. What a good hubby! You two deserve it. I haven't seen that movie either, so thanks for the recommendation. :)

The Workman Family said...

What a sweet hubby! :)