Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year! Well 2007 came to an end with a bang lol I guess that is a normal thing lol since they generally shoot fireworks for New Years. Alot of things happened in 2007 some good, some bad and some just ok and we have to deal with them.

The good things, seeing my kiddos grow up and learn so much and see they are becoming so independent, hubby finally got notification and an offer for his job promotion that starts this month instead of March and we got to spend Christmas with our families (mom, stepdad, sis and even FIL was around) haven't seen that many for Christmas in along time.

The not so good things, my hearing loss situation, the money needed for hearing aids, $4500 and just the normal stuff. Hubby definitely had our ups and downs this past year but we made it thru and I think we have decided we want to have 1 more kiddo but not til sometime later this year to early 09.

We had a great Christmas and the girls got WAYYY to much and considering we cut back on what we bought them they still made out like bandits. It was great watching Hailey really get into Christmas this year since she is almost 3 and seeing both their faces light up as they opened their gifts. I was so happy to spend Christmas with my mom, stepdad and sis we had not seen them since May and it was my first Christmas Dinner at my house!

Hailey turns 3 yrs old 3 months from Friday! OH me it makes me feel sooo old lol and she's getting so big! I am so glad that I have my moms group so she can interact with so many other kiddos. Jessica really likes it too shes made some friends too. It's been a life saver for me, gets me out of the house and I have made some great friends!

Our goals for 08 include paying down our cc debt, finish up remodeling the house and put it on the market and move into a new house by Christmas of this year. Things are going well for us right now but we know there will be turns and twists as the year goes by.

Just a quick update from our house hope everyone had a great New Years!

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