Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping Done!

Yes I am happy to say that I am pretty much done for the girls! I am excited I never get done so early, and I was actually done about a week and half ago now!! Whohooo go me! I feel we didn't overspend on the girls this year, which we couldn't afford to anyway with my hearing aids needing to be paid for.

I won a Rose Petal Cottage off of Ebay for Hailey, and I know she'll love it. It was supposed to be a Santa Gift BUT Jessica was home when I won it and I was so excited I got now it's just from us LOL dang it! So now Hailey will get something much smaller from Santa. Jessica is getting a Mio Pup from Santa, they are cute but for $50.00 I was like umm no. I tried to win one off of Ebay but I refused to pay that much for shipping when I could get it at the store unlike the Rose Petal Cottage.

We were back at Walmart the other day grocery shopping and we always just browse toys so the girls will be good. They had marked the Mio Pups on sale to $29.98 or something of that nature....which was $16 less than we had paid the week before! So hubby goes and gets a price adjustment for it so yay I didn't have to spend $50!

I have 2 Rose Petal Cottages right now, the one I got off ebay and then one that I got from because I got notified it was back in stock online. So now I am trying to get rid of one on Ebay but not having such goodluck. I just really want to get what I paid for it, not overpricing it like so many others are doing. Hopefully it'll sell very soon!

Hubby and I aren't exchanging gifts this year, really no money to do so. It's sad not to have anything to open on Christmas but you get used to it as an adult. Our Christmas present together will be getting my hearing aids and hopefully him finding out he gets his promotion in Jan. instead of March. Fingers crossed but not banking on it til he signs the papers.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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Alexandria said...

Ok seriously, I want that cottage. If you don't have any luck ... send me a price yeah?