Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

We decided to not go actual trick or treating this yr, the new neighborhood doesn't really have that many kids and it didn't seem there would much candy passed out. So we decided to visit a friends church that was doing Trunk Or Treating instead.
It was alot of fun, there was tons of bouncy houses, trunks decorated and people passing out candy, carnival games inside and free food/drinks! We came home with just the right amount of candy I think and both girls passed out soon after! To bad they were up fairly early this morning begging for candy! lol

In their halloween shirts, before getting dressed up as our Super Heroes!
Hailey insisted I take another picture of her lol
Wonder Woman and Super Girl to save the day!
Can't wait to see what they pick out next yr!


Alexandria said...

Super cute! I actually like that idea MUCH better than going around door-to-door.

We don't shell out candy. We did it the first year I lived here and that was it. We didn't have a lot of kids. This year, we got back from trick-or-treating at about 7:30pm. No one knocked on our door until 9:45pm and it was stupid ass teenagers who weren't dressed up.

Yeah ... they got told off.

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks! It was alot of fun though they were mad since we didn't make it to the bouncy houses LOL oh well!

I haven't bought candy to pass out in 7 yrs LOL we aren't ever home so no point! :) I can't believe they came that late!!!!