Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Belated New Year & Updates

Well as the norm these days I am behind on blogging, last post was before Christmas, almost a month ago now. Lifes been pretty busy since Christmas and I haven't been feeling great, so I haven't been blogging. So I'll start with Christmas and go from there and try to catch up! I hope everyone had a great New Years!

Christmas was nice, the kids got way to many toys (we even cut back) but of course it doesn't matter lol they get gifts from relatives as well. Big wins this yr for them, J got a Nintendo DS in pink, along with 4 games, a carry case and a bling kit from Santa, H got a Leapster with 4 games, case and charger from Santa as well. They both love them and boy did they come in handy on the drive to Florida the next day! They both also recieved various other gifts, games, clothes etc and J got a new bike from her papa, she can't wait for it to warm up so she can ride.

We spent the morning at home and headed over for lunch at my grandmothers house. It was nice, crowded as always lol but its nice to see family we only get to see every blue moon. The only downfall to eating with others, no left overs! We fixed that at Thanksgiving, because we cooked a meal at home for dinner hehe but couldn't do that for Christmas since we were going out of town for a week.

Christmas evening was spent packing for our trip to Florida to go see the Mouse, you know Mickey! Everything seemed good, we were up and ready and on the road by 6 am as I hoped and the girls slept the first few hours which was nice. The drive from here to WDW (Walt Disney World) is supposed to be a 10 hour drive, we figured 12 with stops for lunch/dinner as we planned to drive straight through. The first snafu was traffic near Atlanta, we got stopped for approx 2 accidents, no actual road work going on but they did have lanes closed down for the work. The reason for the real traffic, people trying to get on and off the exits from shopping, arggh!

We finally made it out of there, stopped for some lunch and hoped the rest of the trip would go well. Murphy followed us though, we got to Valdosta GA and sat in traffic for another 2 hours due to shopping traffic and lanes being blocked for non existant construction. Sigh, we still had about another 5 hours to go by this point and its dinner time. We eat and hit the road again, determined to make it to Orlando to our hotel. We FINALLY arrived in Orlando at 11:15 pm or so..yes you read that right, we left at 6 am from home and didn't get there til 11:15 or later at night. So basically a 10 hour trip turned into 16 hours, not fun for anyone, but thankfully the girls did really well.

So one would think that our trip would go much better at this point, except you would have forgotten that Murphy was with us still. Hubby goes to check in the hotel, the kids and I stay in the car so we can park it in a few mins. He comes back pretty quickly, we head up to the room, now there is 4 of us, we booked a room with 2 queen beds. Simple right? not for the Sheraton in Orlando. They gave us a room with 1 queen bed, that was it, no fold out couch, no other beds and boy was I livid! So we head back to the front desk close to 11:45 by now and theres tons of people down there complaining and the jerk at the desk said to us: we don't have any rooms available. You know I went off, I was not in the mood after driving 16 hours to get there only to find out they had overbooked their rooms and had nothing. I told the jerk, he was going to fix this because my kids were NOT going to sleep on the floor and they would give us a room.

I was almost yelling at this point, finally the manager comes up and asks how she can help us, she was quite nice, despite how pissed off I was. I told her she needed to fix the problem NOW and get us a room with queen beds or bigger. She said no problem and don't worry about payment, we'll take care of it. I was like DUH! So they ended up putting us up at the Crown Plaza down the rd about 4 mins, in an Executive Suite. Thus around 12:30 am or so we finally went to bed. Sleep sweet sleep, and a morning wake up call and off we went to find the Mouse!

Stay tuned for my next post about the rest of our trip!

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Alexandria said...

Im glad Christmas itself went well and the kids enjoyed everything.

I am so sorry that the trip started off really really rough. *hugs*