Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's the Weekend, Baby!

Finally, it's been a long week! I have been working alot on things with my moms group, so I am behind on a little bit of everything. It's dues time, which means trying to collect $12 from about 100 moms, not an easy task. Today was the cut off, everyone has known since Dec 5, but we still had people paying today! ARGGHH drives me crazy!

Other than that, not to much else going on. Hailey's been sick for a couple days but seems to be a bit better today. Jess and I went to a birthday party at the bowling alley today. She had a blast, it was her first actual time at a bowling alley. She's had her practice though on Wii bowling so she had the concept down already.

I have managed to stay caught up on house work though, laundry is done and it's not normally done until late late Sunday night. We have the dishes done with the exception of tonight's dinner plates. I was hoping for a fun night of playing Wii with the family but Hailey was cranky because she couldn't win. She wants to play Mario Kart but doesn't understand it takes alot of practice to get really play, course then again neither does Jess lol.

We are still slowly unpacking the house, it doesn't seem like it'll ever get done, which is depressing! Alot of this stuff I hope to get rid of at a yard sale this Spring, already planning one for late April before it gets to hot! Nice to have some extra spending money for Disney in May as well.

One last thing before I close my semi update post, don't forget to take a moment and make a small donation to Relay For Life. Click the badge up at the top and make a donation today!

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