Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Time Has Arrived

Holy cow it's hot outside! It has been hot for quite some time but not it's gotten to the high 90's and 100's some days and don't forget to add that big ol' heat index in. Sigh, makes me wish we had a pool here at the house, but of course we would need a fence first. I think that is on the agenda for next year after we pay off my hearing aids. It would be nice to have the backyard fenced in for the kids and the dog to run around.

We have been trying to keep cool by doing mostly indoor things but even that gets old pretty fast. The girls and I have been attending playdates when we can, indoor and outdoor ones, because they are driving me batty when we are inside to long. :) This past Monday we did Fireworks Tshirts, they were alot of fun. The girls will look cute wearing them on the 4th of July at the playgroup picnic. I will be sure to post pictures of them!

Not much else going on, I started Weight Watchers last week, and lost 3.5 lbs! WOOT, so on to week 2 and hopefully more weight loss. I have done WW in the past so I know it works, I just need to stay motivated and work at it. Hubby also joined with me and he has lost 3lbs so far, and he's doing well on the plan too. I will keep everyone posted how it goes and hopefully have weight loss results each week!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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