Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updates a plenty

Well I am finishing up my first 2 weeks of work, and all is going well. It's a really easy job, sometimes busy and sometimes not. Everyone is super nice and helpful and H loves going to school everyday. I sure hope that continues next yr into Kindergarten!

Though I am glad to have a job, I am sure missing all my mom friends and playdates! I really need to start going to some more moms night outs, so I can still be connected to everyone. I haven't been to anything in over 15 days! I need to schedule a dinner out soon and a craft night at my house.

I am now trying to prepare for Girl Scouts, we had our parent meeting today. Everyone showed up and we got all the paperwork filled out and in two weeks the girls will be meeting for the first time. We have alot to cover so hopefully they all are able to come. J was excited to see some of her friends today, she didn't know they were coming over hehe, I like surprises! I am looking forward to a fun year with them and hope they love it and learn as well.

We are in the process of trying to get estimates on our roof, it has hail damage from all the storms that came in early this spring. So far we have had 2 including the insurance adjuster, so we want to get a couple more and go from here....but are having a hard time getting people to call back. I am sure they are busy too, since there is alot of people getting new roofs. I just want mine done sooner than later when even more rain comes.

In other news we need a new a/c unit :( Ours is about on its last leg lol, it keeps freezing up and not working properly. I am sure it needs some freon but that will not fix the issue. I am hoping once tax time comes we can get this done, I hate to wait until then but the money is tied up until then. If it's not one thing going wrong it's another!

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