Tuesday, December 15, 2009

14 days and counting

Until the "big" ultrasound....that's right two weeks from today, hopefully we'll know that we are having a healthy boy or girl. It doesn't seem possible I am 18 weeks pregnant and almost halfway there. As much as I hate to admit it, I have not really enjoyed this pregnancy thus far. There has been alot of issues off and on, being sick the entire time, and dead tired, not exactly the picture perfect final pregnancy I was hoping for.

In most recent news, I came down with a stomach bug, that lasted 12 hours last Thursday. Oh I was soo very sick, and could not keep anything down. Hubby was worried so he called the dr and they sent me straight to labor & delivery. I was very dehydrated, so much they had trouble finding a vein to give me the IV. After several unsuccessful attempts they finally got it in, my arm is now bruised in several places and it hurts. My dr decided I needed to stay overnight, so I was admitted. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I know it was for the best. Thankfully once I was admitted I no longer was sick, but wasn't allowed anything but ice chips that night and clear liquids the next morning. I was able to progress to jello and soup by mid morning and finally a real lunch and was released around 3.

The rest of the weekend I spent at home trying to recoup and feel better for work this week. I did manage to get a little Christmas shopping done on Sunday, but was exhausted and not feeling well by the time we were done. I am 95% done shopping, just need to get the stockings done for the girls and buy something for some family members. However I still need to wrap it ALL. Well I have 10 days left lol :)

Not much else is going on, just getting ready for the holiday and the last 2 days of work. Then I will be off for two weeks and enjoy some family time. Thankfully when I return to work in Jan, I will only be working two days a week. I am looking forward to it!


Alex said...

Hope you feel better soon and the ultra sound shows a healthy baby!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks girl! I am excited and nervous, we'll see how it goes!