Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well not exactly but close enough! We had our first "snow day" of the season, I know in Alabama!! I even took pics to prove it did happen! :) See below!

Isn't it pretty? We got approximately half an inch and some areas got a whole one lol. Ok moving on, now that we have established it DOES snow in Alabama. :)

I went to the dr last Monday for my 16 week check up, and I can't believe how the time is flying by. They were a little concerned I was a bit dehydrated and I just knew I would end up at L&D getting fluids, but bless their hearts, I got to stay home. I just had to drink alot of water and rest, so I have been.

They scheduled my next appointment and my ultrasound appointment! WOOT, I go back Dec 28 & Dec 29- U/S appt. So excited, and hopefully we'll find out what this little bean is! I was only slightly disappointed it wasn't before Christmas, since I was hoping to tell my family while there were here.

So my dad has guessed what gender everyone is going to have and so far he's been right on all accounts...scary eh! So I asked him what his prediction was, he said " I would like for you to have a little boy now, but I think it's a girl". So we'll see if he's on a winning streak lol.

No other news to report, just waiting to drop down some days at work, so I can relax more and get caught up on stuff. I could vent about the bank that we had to deal with but I am not going to bother, it'll just make me mad again!

Until next time...

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Alex said...

haha love your snow fall.

Glad things are going well pretty lady. Any chance of a belly shot?? hee hee.