Friday, December 17, 2010


Random post today, but things I find really irritating right now.

1. The fact that our school system is 20 MILLION dollars in the red.  How does that happen? How does no one know this but the superintendent acts like it's easy to find out and everyone should know and NOT be surprised? Are you kidding me?  I bet she's enjoying her 6 figure income and car allowance.  So glad her contract did NOT get renewed.

2. School Calendar/Uniforms: I am not for nor against uniforms, if we have to do it, we'll deal.  The only issue if they say you must buy a specific brand that cost $$$$.  Khaki pants/shorts/skirts are all the same IMO, doesn't need to be a certain store.  People who want to wear brand names will continue to wear brand names because that's what mom and dad buy.  There is also current talk about taking away fall break next school year, and starting school about a week or so later.  Again I am not for or against.  I enjoy the fall break, we can do things as a family when it's a bit cooler.  Would I miss it? Sure. Will I throw a fit if it's gone? No.

3. People who can't drive- enough said.

4. Healthcare Issues- currently going on.  I can't imagine forcing someone to buy insurance and then making them pay a penalty if they don't.  GRRR I will not even go into depth on this one.

5. Rude shoppers---again enough said, it's the holiday season and people seem to lose their minds.

6. Incompetent/Un-informed Doctors- mostly dealing with Spina Bifida and the fact they (drs) are still telling people how bad a life their children will have if they choose to continue pregnancy.  Sure there are worse case scenarios, but how about real ones that happen every day? What about these wonderful babies who are thriving, doing everything the drs said they would NOT do? Yep this should be higher on my list, but this list is not in a particular order.

7. Gossip & Rumor Mills and the people who believe every word they hear.  Can't change it but I can not participate in it.

I knew I would have more to add, so I didn't publish yet.

8.  People who complain about EVERYTHING!!!

9. Being on hold for 45 mins during nap time, like I have nothing better to do? On top of it, the wait time was supposed to be 15 mins.

10. COLD mornings and no coffee!


d e v a n said...

Um, #10? That is downright criminal! ;)

What the gossip? hehe

Tracy said...

what gossip? lol. I'm with Devan. I want to know. (j/k)

I hear you on the rude shoppers. I had someone that let a door slam me in the face yesterday. And I was carrying the baby!

Ambitious Blonde said...

lol nothing new on gossip just in general and the past :)

Ambitious Blonde said...

That's terrible Tracy, people can be SOO rude!