Thursday, February 24, 2011


Once again I am behind on blogging, but this is life these days. I used to be really good at time management and for the most part I do get things done but more often than not, I am sometimes late with it.  That's not good.  So I've been contemplating on how to correct it, I found some great charts that I hope to introduce at home that will help with mundane things such as cleaning etc.  Not only for me, but for the kids as well. 

I have several deadlines coming up for various things and I'm running out of time.  Therefore I've decided to take a facebook break for at least a week, starting tomorrow.  I have to work all weekend anyways, I have a craft project I MUST finish by the 2nd (though I am more than halfway done), I have to finish up shopping for H's birthday (mostly done, just need a few items) plus decide on cake/cupcakes and then add in relay for life, meetup and sb bowl-a-thon.  Let's just say I need a secretary to help me keep on top of things.  So I am hoping that the fb break, will help me. I can spend so much time there, playing stupid games, catching up on my friends lives, looking at pictures, and connecting with old friends.  FB has it's pros for sure but of course it is such a time suck though. I just hope the FB break doesn't cause me to spend the time elsewhere online :/ that would defeat the purpose!

I wish I could take a meetup break..but alas that never seems to work out, so I'll just hang low for a bit, attend when I can, though most things now don't interest me as they are for older kids and/or mno are the nights I have to work.  So I've not really been doing much there either. 

I hope my next blog post is about how I got caught up on so much stuff, well as much as one can with a 9 month old home all the time.

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Devan said...

I hope the FB break does what you hope! I am thinking about deactivating for Lent. :)