Monday, February 7, 2011

A post of randomness

It's been awhile since I last blogged.  I've wanted to but really just haven't had the time. My poor 365 blog, sadly is neglected as well.  I've been taking pictures, but probably not daily and I need to upload them. Maybe this week.  Maybe.

I've been working like crazy, 10 out of 12 days, finally had a day off today. The store opened this past Friday and I worked all weekend plus several more days to go this week.  I miss my family, I miss seeing friends, I miss relaxing.  When I am home, I have been so tired, I've not wanted to do anything but sit around.  I was hoping to spend some fun time with the girls this past Sat since I didn't work til the evening, but nope.  They were in moods and so was I.  I feel guilty for not spending enough time with them. 

On Fri hubby and I had a lunch date at Rosie's. YUM, great food and service this time around.  We also finished up our taxes, so hopefully our refund will hit the bank in the next week.  We will get to pay off these pesky hospital bills. Finally.  I also got paid this past Fri, yay for a nice size check, but boo for the long hours.

Kaitlyn turns 9 months old tomorrow...bittersweet. She's pulling up just about everything.  We're battling eating right now though.  She wants to eat whatever I have, and some stuff I do give her.  However she's also starting to barely take her bottles.  :/ I am not sure what to do about that right now.  I need to start more table foods vs baby foods, but feel lost on what to give her.  I don't recall being this way with the other 2 kids....but maybe I just don't remember. Suggestions?

Jessica got selected to be on the year book staff at school.  She's super excited about that.  Of course it has to be on Thurs afternoons, which is GS day for her.  Thankfully she gets done before GS starts.  She also is now entering some technology event at the VBC via her S.P.A.C.E class at school.  She and a couple girls are building a website, or so I am told. 

Hailey, is rambunctious as ever. She's doing well in school, wants to do everything Jess does, but you know how that goes.  She is also turning 6 soon. EEK, a little less than a month away.  I have got to start planning for her birthday.  She is loving Girl Scouts as well and is excited about upcoming camp this Spring. 

I am worried about my mom and her health.  She's got afib and her Dr recently had her to a heart echo.  We're now waiting on results.  Her blood pressure is extremely high these days due to lots of stress, which in turn makes the heart issue worse.  I hate being so far away, but glad she's not on an island that's an airplane ride away.

I am working on planning a summer vacation for us.  I looked at Disney, Universal and even Gatlinburg but we've decided on Stone Mountain, GA instead.  They have a lot of neat things to do and it's close enough we can take weekend trips.  They have a membership you can get, which as long as you go twice it's more than paid for itself.  My mom is going with us and maybe my sister.  Plus we're already planning on going this winter coming for their Snow Mountain :)

How is that for randomness?


d e v a n said...

It's good to hear from you. :)

If she can handle table foods, I'd give her them. My kids all switched to table food pretty early, and I just tried to give them little pieces or softer stuff. I still have those clothes for you, hopefully I'll see you soon!

Ambitious Blonde said...

:) I really have been MIA, I need to get better at writing posts lol.

Oh yes, we should get together soon! Thanks for hanging on to them for me.