Friday, December 2, 2011


I am trying to catch my breath and just breathe, but it's hard.  There is so much going on in my head right now, that I can't seem to focus on just one thing.  We're in the final countdown until surgery day for Kaitlyn, which is this upcoming Tuesday.  This week has been crazy for us, well for me mostly. It started out OK on Monday, but quickly became overwhelming on Tuesday, both good and bad ways. First the good, I have some really really great friends, and I feel like I can't say Thank You enough to them for what they did for my family. They are amazing! 

The day started going down hill though, my mom had a rash, that kept getting worse, come to find out she had something that had some mushrooms in it, which she is allergic too.  Somehow this wasn't on her chart, so they didn't know (GRRR) she was allergic. Thank goodness it isn't a life threatening allergy! They had been trying to treat it, but nothing was helping, so they decided she needed to go to the hospital.  She has been there since Tues afternoon and is scheduled to be released today. The good is they changed the meds and the rash seems to be getting better, the bad, her blood pressure has been crazy high (which she has a problem for and is on meds) so they had a heart dr come in as well.  They put a monitor on (she has issues with AFIB and in general caused the strokes in March) to keep a check, did an Echo etc, came back fine. 

Today she told me last night the monitor went off, because her heart rate kept dropping real low, they had to keep rotating her and making her talk.  This part scares me, in fact yesterday the heart dr told her she could have a stroke within a year if her blood pressure doesn't get under control.  We already knew this since her stroke was so large and affected so much of her brain, that she is more likely to have another one, she has to many risk factors against her. So this is just something else to make me worry more while we are gone next week. 

I am running around like crazy, between the girls basketball practice, team pictures, games and girl scouts, that I can't get anything done, or so it seems. I have a long to do list and haven't crossed anything off yet, since most can't be done until Sunday really (packing etc).  I am dreading leaving the big girls, I know they will be fine, but I hate having to do it again.  I think Hailey is having a hard time with it, she's acting out a lot more right now, so I am hoping to have some quality time with them (somehow) this weekend before we leave on Monday morning.

I am just praying everything goes well next week for Kaitlyn's surgery, that J & H have a good week and that my mom doesn't have to many issues while I am gone.  Since she's been here, I've been to visit just about every day for the last 7 months or so, this is the 1st time she will not have someone come visit for so long, so I am worried.  I know my phone will ring like crazy, because she will forget that I am not here to come see her. I really don't need that extra stress, but I don't see a way to avoid it. 

So if you're inclined, say a prayer for us and/or send some good thoughts our way, they are very much needed and appreciated.


d e v a n said...

So many prayers!

Tracy said...

prayin, Frances!