Monday, June 11, 2012


I've been channeling my inner craft goddess lately and I'll say it's been a good thing.  Last year we got two dressers for free via freecycle for the girls, and they've sat in the garage all this time waiting to be refinished. I had found a blog post on how to do it without worrying about sanding and what not and just now got around to buying the supplies. Plus we've just recently had time to actually do it. The dressers are wood ones, and I know the thought of painting any wood makes people want to cry lol but these dressers were old and in rough shape, see pictures below.

So I followed this blog post : and we have gotten one done completely and it turned out great. The second one is still waiting to be finished.

The top drawers are the ones for the dresser we've just finished.

I forgot to take a picture of the dresser and drawers together, rookie mistake!

Look at that ugliness!

Primed! Only 1 coat, no sanding involved.

Done my friends! We spray painted the hardware to give it a kind of rubbed bronze look.

Close up, my daughter loves it!
So dresser 2, the white one you can sort of see in the 1st photo is still a work in progress. You see, H, wanted it to be red, um like blood red, even the color is called something similar. EWWW lol but I didn't really care since we didn't pay for the dressers and it's going in her closet anyway! So we primed it and it has 1 coat of color...but it's going to need 1 i f not 2 more coats of paint.  I should have used tinted primer, but that meant spending an extra $20 and well I didn't want to do that. So we're hoping in the end with a little more paint it turns out fine.

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