Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Growing Up

I don't want to grow up! A little late for that, I know.  How about I don't want my kids to grow up? Will that work? I know they have to, but it is so bittersweet.  We get excited for those beginning firsts, the first words, first steps, first time they go to school (though it is sad) but with all the other first that come later, we decide it's time to slow down!

My oldest who is 12.5 is growing up so fast, I don't feel like it's possible that I've been a mom for almost 13 years.  That means I will soon have a teenager in my house, though her attitude these days makes me feel like she is already one.  ;) Just random times, not all the time thankfully.  She only has 1 year of middle school left....and I already feel like hyperventilating at the thought of her going to high school, learning to drive, having boyfriends, dating, etc.  ACK! Slow down!!!

I am a bit biased as I think all my girls are pretty, but obviously some of the boys at school do too...and I not sure that I am really ready for all that.  Last year for Valentine's Day a boy at school bought her a single red rose.  Awww, so sweet.  Mmmhmm until it's your daughter getting these things!  This year, she got a chocolate rose, a teddy bear and a "I Love You" balloon.  Um yeah, from a different boy.  It was given anonymously, so she doesn't really know, but has an idea of who it is from. 

While I do that it's sweet that these boys have their crushes, it also makes me scared for what the future holds.  She's only 12! Could we please freeze time for a little bit? It would make me feel a little better, even if only for a short time. 

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Devan said...

I would be a bit freaked out too! I wasn't allowed to date officially until I was 16, so obviously my parents were freaked out at the thought as well. lol