Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March Means Tornadoes

Well the time has come for tornado season and if you remember my post about snow you know I have slight rants about tornado season.

On March 1, everyone in Alabama was under a tornado watch for pretty much the entire day. This storm system that came thru here was the same one up North dumping ice and snow all over the Northeast areas.

Schools all over Alabama decided to dismiss the children early, between 11 am and 12 pm for most, some were closed all together. The reason behind this is because the worst part of the weather was supposed to hit when the kids were getting out of school. So rather than have them caught on buses, in cars, or walking home they would rather send them home early. Which makes complete sense to me.

Unfortunately the students in Enterprise Alabama were not so lucky. They were in school, though down near Montgomery was supposed to be one of the worst hit areas, and they did not dismiss them at 10 or 11. Instead they kept them there, and close to 1 had decided to let the students go, but then ended up cancelling that because the "approaching tornado" was getting closer to them. This part makes sense, I mean we definitely didn't want these high school students on buses and in cars when the tornado hit.

Around 1 pm the tornado hit Enterprise High School, the kids were in the hallways and some were in the gym, though that was not the place to be. That is not safe, as there is no support in the roof in the gym. The school was pretty much destroyed and 8 students died in the tornado.

This was a sad day in Alabama and now I have to wonder though if they had let those students go at 11 am like most of the state of Alabama would they still be alive today? Yes tornadoes are known to strike at any place any time, so it is possible even if they had been home they may not have made it, however we will never know that.

I just want to say to all of those people that complain Oh I had to miss a day of work, I had to give up my free time to go get my kid out of school, be thankful that you were able to do so and that we didn't get the tornado weather like we were supposed to.

Please take a few minutes and pray for the families in Alabama who lost their children on March 1st.

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