Monday, February 26, 2007

My New Adventure

After much thought I decided that I needed to find a company that I could represent and one that everyone knows. So I decided that Tupperware was it for me, I love the products and now I get to share those great products with everyone.

I thought long and hard about this before joining because as you have been reading this blog you will see I am quite busy with home businesses. However right now I am only really focused on my mineral makeup business and Diamond Creek Candles to build a team and earn some residual income.

I love parties and want to do parties and tupperware offers such a great selection of products and great prices how could I not want to do it? I ordered my kit and I should get it in about 3 to 5 days, I am hoping for 3!

Tupperware has been around 40 plus years and has some awesome tools for success! Be on the look out for my online launch party starting Mar 3! Great offers and specials for customers.

Host your own online party for 2 weeks, all you do is invite your friends/family and we do the rest! You earn 10% of your party total ($200.00 min party) and you can use it to shop online for yourself!

Ready to start shopping? Go to Tupperware

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