Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get Paid To Blog with Bloggerwave

Bloggerwave offers you the chance to earn money for writing reviews and creating buzz about products and websites. The first thing you'll need to do is start a blog, you can do so free at many places, I use Blogger for my blog host. You will need to come up with a title for your blog and of course topics that interest you and your readers.

Once you have your blog up and running visit Bloggerwave and sign up for free to begin earning money, though it may take a couple days to get approved. If you are approved you will log onto the Bloggerwave site and choose from the jobs that are listed, please be sure to read over the guidelines for the job. If they aren't followed your article will be rejected and you will not earn any money. You will write your article and then Bloggerwave will check your posts and if approved will credit your paypal account the appropriate funds.

What will you be blogging about? It can be an assortment of ideas but the choice is up to you. Once accepted by Bloggerwave you log in and choose an assignment which range from website reviews, perhaps link to the company page or write about certain services or products. We want you to be honest but not negative. If the product for the assignment doesn't look appealing to you pass on it and let another fellow blogger take the assignment.

When you complete your task you will need to submit to Bloggerwave for approval, it may be rejected but it may just be to correct some wording or add more content. You can then rewrite it and submit once again. Make sure that if you are approved you leave the post on your blog for atleast 30 days.

That's it! A very simple process in order to become a Bloggerwave blogger and begin earning revenue on your blog. What are you waiting for? Get started now and sign up at Bloggerwave.

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