Monday, August 27, 2007

I love when things come together!

Don't you? I have been trying to work my Tupperware business the best I can considering how busy I have been and really hadn't done any home parties but my grand opening one. So it's a new quarter so time for a party so I'll meet my goals and not become inactive. I posted on my moms group that I was getting ready to plan my next TW party in Sept and wanted to know who might be interested in attending or hosting to email me. Quite a few are interested in attending plus I know the ones from earlier this year are as well. Then two of the girls offered to host a party!! YAY! That's awesome because that means the sales will definitely come!

Now I have to get my butt in gear, I have catalogs on order but I need to put all my party folders together, order forms etc so I am organized for the parties. I am trying to think of some fun games that people will not find boring, especially since they can win free Tupperware! What's better than FREE? Nothing in my book!

I have thought about doing a theme party as well but I need to do some research on the Tupperware forums and see what has worked or not for others. I love that we have somewhere to read all these great ideas and use them. Since they will be weekend parties, I was thinking of a fun girls night out but not sure lol since there's gonna be pregnant ladies there too.

I also had a contact last week from my website who wanted to place an order. That's great because shes local and she works at a doctors office so I left some catalogs for them to look at. Hoping to get more orders or maybe even a party out of it! Keep planting the seeds and they'll come!

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