Saturday, September 29, 2007

Follow up with ENT

Well the news not so good... I am apparently pretty deaf in both ears with my left ear being the worst. It seems to be a hereditary issue as my mom is deaf in her left ear (she could have surgery) and also being fair/blonde is another factor per the dr. I had to do a hearing test that lasted about 30 mins between both ears and couldn't hear quite a bit of the sounds etc they were doing.

I have 2 options to "remedy" the situation. I can either have surgery in both ears to try to fix it or I can get hearing aids for both ears. I have not decided what I am going to do at this point, I am a bit down right now as I was worried that my hearing problem was serious. I do have a consultation with the hearing aid specialist in early Oct and then the surgeon in early Nov and once I weigh out all the options then I will make a decision on what to do.

The surgery isn't a "major" one, however 1% of the patients lose total hearing in the ear. If I was to have it done I would start with my left ear since its the worst , literally can barely hear anything at all. The dr showed me the chart on where I tested at, and there is the gray area which is average and anything in that is good, but I can barely hear the "average" on any of the sounds they were all below average and my left ear was way below closer to being zero hearing I think.

The name of the problem is Stapedial Otosclerosis if anyone is curious. I appreciate everyone's kinds thoughts as the last 2 days has been kind of rough.

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