Sunday, September 30, 2007

Babies, Babies Everywhere Babies!

Oh my lol I know about 14 or so pregnant ladies right now in my moms group and more and more keep popping up! We had a baby shower for 6 of our moms last night that's due the next few months and it was great fun! We had 20 ladies and lots of food, games and fun.

I think the shower went well, we played a word search game, find the safety pins in the rice, the clothes pin game and the dirty diaper game. The most fun was the diaper game! If you haven't ever played it, here's the gist of it. You get about 7 to 10 different chocolate candy bars (Twix, Snickers etc) and some newborn diapers. Take the candy bar or a piece of the candy bar and put in the diaper and then nuke it in the microwave for about 15 secs. Check on it and continue to microwave a few secs at a time until melted ooey gooey goodness LOL or messiness. Some of these will LOOK very disgusting. That's the idea! Number your diapers and make a list of the answers for yourself. Pass the diapers around to your guests and have them make their guess. They can open them, look, smell and even taste if they choose. Then they'll write down their guess to which candy bar it is. The person with the most right wins! I suggest having a tie breaker diaper just in case. We had lots of laughs with this game.

I thought for sure with all these babies I would have baby fever and I do to a certain degree but not bad. Hubby and I can't decide if we are done with having kiddos or not. I am about 60/40 right now with yes, but it all depends whether or not hubby gets his promotion and we move next year. We shall see!

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Alexandria said...

Oh god that's too many babies lol. I'm so happy that I'm not having anymore. Two is more than enough for me!