Wednesday, August 20, 2008

House For Sale....Finally!

Yes you read that right! After months of months of hearing me complain our house is officially up for sale as of last Monday. Sure we have a few touch ups and last minute things to do but nothing you can see or notice when you are looking at the house. Whew, I can't even explain how elated I am to be done with this project although I think my husband is far so more than I am.

Here's a great picture of the house:

Isn't it beautiful? It used to be a darkish gray/blue color (I think it was called charcoal) and yah it wasn't very pretty at all! Everyone who knew what the house looked like before says it looks like a totally different house! I only wish we had more time and money and we would have planted flowers in the beds for the final touch but alas almost 10K later we are done with it.

So ready for my next whine right? I am so stressed right now the house will not sell, we have about 20 other houses in my neighborhood for sale. EEEK! The majority of them are higher priced than ours and a few under but they are smaller or need work. It's been on the market a little over a week now and no showings or calls yet.....I think I'll be hyperventilating in a few more weeks.

If you are in the Huntsville area and need an affordable house check it out! Keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale for us because apparently we are going to need all the luck we can get!

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