Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Fun Weekend

Well despite the upcoming rainy weather for Tropical Storm Fay we had a family fun weekend! Originally we had planned to go to Chattanooga for the weekend but after looking at the cost and bills we decided to opt out of that and spend the weekend here in town. Started on Friday night took the girls out to Bridgestreet and walked around and of course had dinner. We went to Red Robin and mmm I do love their Banzai burger, takes me back to our Hawaii vacation. The girls had a great time and loved the food and the scenery.

Saturday we planned to head to the park that I just found and let the girls play and then out to lunch and go from there. Well the clouds were looming over and we did go thru a brief shower while on the way to the park but it was dry there. So they got to play for an hour or so before the rain moved in. Then it was off to lunch at Zaxby's and over to the mall for some fun! Much to our disappointment Wacky Bear had closed down so then we had to travel back across town for Build A Bear. Oh the girls were over excited when we got there and they had a blast. Jess picked out a pink cheetah and named her Brownie lol and Hailey a nice bunny which we named Fluffy (rather than Floppy??) but anywho. They got to stuff them, name them, dress them and accessorize them lol

From there we headed out to Walmart for some grocery shopping and to let them spend some of their Birthday/Christmas money (good at saving it lately). They each picked a movie out and was satisfied so we came home to unload the car before heading to dinner. Hailey had cried about going to the Apple place as we passed by earlier so that's where we went for dinner. Applebee's that is, we usually have good service and food and it turned out great. Both girls ate well and we headed home for quick bedtime!

Overall the weekend went well, Sunday we relaxed and just tidied up the house in case anyone decided to stop in and see it. We are 2 weeks listed now and no showings yet, making me nervous. I think we are having an open house the weekend after Labor Day..we'll see.

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Alexandria said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Oh my god I love Build A Bear. Seriously! We have ... about 10 build a bears?! One of them is mine, one is Scarlett's. The rest are Keean's lol.

Good luck with your house! I hope it's sold quickly :D