Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I feel like I am doing the skit on Saturday Night Live , here's Frances with your weekend update. Turn and face the camera and start in on some crazy story. Hmm nope not on the agenda today.

So it's been a busy weekend to say the least at our house. Friday night we worked on the house more trying to make sure we get everything done by Sat Aug 9th to put it on the market. Along with staying up way to late wrapping presents for Jessica's birthday on Saturday made for a long and slow weekend.

Her birthday went well though, she woke up surprised with her presents and loved them all. Almost every single item she got was Hannah Montana related or High School Music related, no joke! She is in LOVE with her Hannah Montana electric guitar she got from her Nana. It's pretty cool, it has a headset that has a mic and it does work so she can sing along with Hannah. The only downfall to this is the headset is made for a baby's head. The top part does not expand like normal headsets do so the ear pieces do not meet her ears. So we improvised and she wears it around her neck and bends the mic up to her mouth.

She really wanted a High School Musical party but we couldn't find a store with the cake decorations in stock! UGH I was mad especially since I had already bought some HSM party decor. So she settled for a Hannah Montana meets High School Musical party lol HM cake and HSM decor.

We took her out to dinner at Applebees and it was pretty good, and thankfully Hailey is getting better about eating and being good when we go out! It was dead when we got there at 5 so service was fast and the food hot. The girls had dessert there, though not sure why since we had cake and ice cream at home from the party earlier lol.

Her big finish for the night was to have a movie night complete with popcorn and in the dark lol so we rented Waterhorse and popped up some corn and watched the movie. It was pretty cute, kinda of scary at parts for smaller kids, a couple times Hailey would come hide her eyes. Sad to see my baby turning 8 but she's growing up so fast and it's definitely bittersweet.

Sunday was pretty much same ol same ol, working on the master bedroom now, packed up majority of the stuff and have started painting. Then we'll only have the floors left to finish! Gosh I hope this house sells quickly!


Alexandria said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jessica!
She's such a pretty girl.

Audrey said...

What a pretty birthday cake. Almost too pretty to eat LOL. Happy birthday to Jessica.