Sunday, September 21, 2008

House Updates!

Well we had 3 showings this past week and on Friday we got an offer on the house! YAY!!!!!! Ok I am a little excited, ok more like Overly Excited but I can't help it. We went in on Friday and signed the papers for the offer, the earnest money has been put down so now it all depends on Mondays appraisal and then the house inspection (still waiting to find out when that is). If those goes well we are in the all clear and will close on it on the 29th of this month. Yep that is right just 8 days away we'll have sold our house and be done.

However during this time I think I about hyperventilated lol because we have no where to go! Hotels were soo expensive, and hard to find one to take a dog for a week. We did find a new apartment complex though in case we needed to do that. So Sat morning/afternoon was spent looking at about 7 or so houses and ugh. The ones that were in the school district in our price range needed sooo much work. To much for me considering all the time and money we put into this house. We finally got to the last house and it was a great feeling. It's a newer house (6 to 10 yrs but I think closer to 6) nice colors, no big updates to be done and about 500 sq ft bigger than what we have now. Downfall its not 4 bedrooms but we couldn't find any that were in good shape so we'll deal.
Here are some pics of the house that we'll be getting if all goes well with the selling of ours.

I'll take more pictures when we go for the inspection hopefully later this week! So excited and can't wait!


Alexandria said...

OMG YAY!! I'm dancing around for you darlin'! That's so excited!! Congrats !!!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks! Its been a long past weekend lol but hopefully we hear the inspection on our house went well, we know the appraisal did and then we'll be able to be happier! lol