Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where has September gone?

I can't believe it's already mid September! Ack and I haven't been blogging lately (wow 10 days!), I am sorry about that. Life has been crazy busy here and we are STILL trying to sell our house. We recently lowered the price a bit to make up for our kitchen that is apparently I don't think so but whatever! Luckily we'll still make enough to pay off the bills, have a down payment and have some left over for a vacation or savings lol. I am thinking Vacation!

So let's catch up real quick, FIL and his wife were in town for Labor Day and thankfully it went pretty fast and I only had to endure a couple days. It's hard for me to be around him and so many reasons that it would take me all day to explain lol so we'll just leave it at that. So we are having dinner and he is like so you guys are coming down for Christmas right? I was kinda dumbstruck and just looked at hubby. So it turns out they wanted us to come down for Christmas (which we will not do since there are to many presents to coordinate and our car is small and PLUS its nice to be home!) and then they want to take us all to Disney. Ok that part is great really the girls would LOVE it and they are footing the bill for the tickets and hotel. We still have provide our way down there and food/gas/souvenirs. Which all in all isn't a bad deal (since they live down in FL) but right now every bit of money we had is tied up in this house.

We have told them we need to sell before it can happen, not to buy any tickets etc until we know for sure that we can fork over the money. I guess they seem to think that food for 4 and gas will be el cheapo? Ugh and it has gone up since Ike came thru, we are holding steady at about $4 a gallon right now. Sigh... we shall see and though I don't care about seeing them I would love to take the girls to Disney, hubby and I have been talking about it for a yr now.

My mom, step dad and sis are flying in this upcoming weekend for 10 days since step dad is getting ready to deploy back to Iraq for at least a year if not more. They'll be here for about 3 days, haven't really told the girls yet just in case. It'll be good to see them, though we did just see them in June for our Hawaii trip.

School is going well for Jess and she is excited about her SPACE class (ie. gifted class) every Friday. Brownies has started back as well so we are getting into the swing of things and she still wants to do something else, such as dance, singing etc. Hailey is enjoying her mommy time again and having fun at play dates (ok mommy too lol). She is still doing pretty good on potty training, not great but we'll get there.

Hubby is still working on when he wants to go back to school for his Masters. He has to take a test prior and is about to miss the cut off so I am not sure what is going to happen. I hope he figures out soon what he wants to do.

As for me, I am still plugging along with my home businesses and trying to decide if I want to find a part time job for a bit until the house sales and we get caught up on a few bills. I think I have about covered everything going on here so until next time!


Alexandria said...

Boo for lowering the price on your house. I hope it sells soon.

I hear ya about wanting to be home for Xmas *hugs*

Hope you are safe down there. Miss you!

Ambitious Blonde said...

I know I really didn't want to, but I want it to SELL so we can move while there are still some houses in our price range/school area for sale! lol

We are good here weather wise, we got a little rain yesterday but nothing serious ;)

Havent talked to you in forever, hope life is good!