Friday, October 31, 2008

My hubby the exterminator

SO let me tell you what happened last week. Hubby went out to the garage to get the dog food and it's in the big bag ya know. I am sitting here in the kitchen trying to get some emails and what not done and hubby goes to pour the food into the dish and out runs a damn field mouse!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHH

He says calmly, Frances get up. I am like huh thinking it was just a bug ya know, so I lift my feet up and put in the chair. He's like no its a rat and omg it's a good thing my back was feeling better because I moved like lightening! Thank god we were able to corner it in the kitchen by the dogs dish and he smashed it. I know awww and I was like awww too cause it squealed and squealed but you know what I don't want a rat in my house!!

So before the extermination lol he threw the bag outside and just a min ago he went to go check it out and there was another one in there!!! It ran out across the yard and hopefully that's all! We figure they came in since they cut the fields across the rd last week but man I about had a heart attack!

Oh yes today Terminex is coming out!

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